Every now and then we come across words that grind our gears.

And no, we're not just talking about a list of really derogatory and sexist words and phrases — because that list can go on forever. It's about the things we hear or say in everyday conversation by both men and women.

Status updates with words like "baby bump" on Facebook, someone calling you out on "PMSing" when you're pissed off, or constantly reading about "leaning in" is kinda getting old.

It gets worse if you've ever been labelled things like "tease," "gold digger," or "buttaface" (which means everything about you is attractive except for your face).

We recognize that defining specific words, especially slang, has always been a complicated thing. Bitch for example, is used against women who express controversial opinions, but if outspoken women define themselves as bitches, all the power to them.

Flattering or not, even seemingly benign words like "exotic" and "fashionista" are just getting tiring.

The women here at The Huffington Post Canada put together a list of some of the most annoying, cringe-worthy and offensive words that make us want to tune out.

Besides the obvious, what are you sick and tired of hearing? Let us know in the comments below.

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  • Baby Bump

    We get it, Kate Middleton's pregnant belly was just a cute little baby bump, right? Please. Maybe it's just way too obvious, but we're not sure why we need to constantly refer to larger portions of our bodies to bumps, humps and lumps. It's called pregnancy. And as an honourable mention related to all things baby, we also want to see "push-present" and "babymoon" disappear. Forever.

  • Tease

    If a woman (or man for that matter) isn't interested in you, they aren't being a so-called tease — they just aren't interested in you.

  • Lady Lumps

    You know, we can deal with boobs or breasts but lady lumps sounds like something a 10-year-old kid would say. Grow up.

  • Plus Size

    This isn't about the term plus size but more about the conception. When a woman who is a size 12 or over lands a huge modelling gig or designer runway, we <em>must</em> ensure to mention she's plus sized. Can't we just stick to model?

  • Mompreneur

    Because what, a mother who is an entrepreneur needs a special label? No.

  • Buttaface

    This one really pisses us off. Buttaface refers to talking about how sexy and attractive a woman is...besides her face.

  • Wifey

    "She's so wifey material" — how many times have you heard that one? Maybe she's just a good cook or an organizational freak, this doesn't necessarily mean she likes being labelled the perfect trophy wife.

  • Adding 'Female' In Front Of Words

    For some reason, we tend to add the word male or female in front of certain occupations because we tend to confuse genders. No, just kidding. There really is no reason to be terms like female CEO or female editor when we refer to someone's position.

  • Biological Clock

    Tick-tock, your time is running out. Or so they say. We're also sick and tired of constantly being reminded we're over 30 and how our bodies will probably fail us when it's time to have babies. Again, let this word be used (if ever) between you, your partner and possibly your doctor. We don't need the whole world involved.

  • Girls

    No, we're not talking about the show, we're just wondering why a full-grown adult woman needs to be called a "girl." And offensive sayings like "crying like a girl" or "throwing like a girl" aren't really helping anyone.

  • Sideboob

    After being banned on red carpets (<a href="http://www.huffingtonpost.com/2013/02/06/grammys-nudity-cbs-wardrobe-policy-grammy-awards_n_2632619.html" target="_blank">that's a whole other story</a>), sideboob became one of the buzziest words of 2013. We just can't wait for "topboob," and "underboob" to get more popular too.

  • Yummy Mummy

    All mummies are yummy and it doesn't matter if it's during their pregnancy, post-baby-body or in between. Embrace your yumminess ladies, all the time.

  • MILF/Cougar

    MILF (mom I'd like to f**k) and cougar (a woman over 40 who likes younger men) are also just getting a little too <em>old.</em>

  • Gold Digger

    Maybe it was love. Maybe it was money. Who cares. We all go into relationships for different reasons and just because a woman may not be making the same amount as her partner, this doesn't mean she needs a nasty money-hungry label.

  • Camel Toe

    Again, this takes us back to high school. Since when was it so important to point out every nitty gritty line visible around a woman's vagina? Let a woman wear whatever she wants to and feels comfortable in.

  • PMS-Ing

    Sometimes, you have a long and stressful day at work or have to deal with an annoying situation. Whether you're on your period or not, there's nothing more frustrating than being called out on "PMS-ing" every time you decide to show any emotion.

  • Lean In

    Talk about being the most over-used phrase in 2013. When it comes to getting ahead in your career, we’re tired of leaning in or trying to at least. <a href="http://www.huffingtonpost.com/2013/07/30/sheryl-sandberg-lean-in-blogher_n_3676942.html" target="_blank">As HuffPost Women writer Julie Zeilinger</a> points out, the idea of "lean in" (coined by Facebook COO Sheryl Sanberg) should be about inspiring women of all classes to define their own means of success.

  • Exotic

    Ooh, she's from another country, we might as well point fingers and make her wear a sign. Exotic has to be the most over-used word when it comes to describing any woman who's not "white."

  • Diva

    As much as <a href="http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=U1rL9h8ApUw" target="_blank">Queen Bee likes to refer to herself as a diva (aka a female version of 'hustla')</a>, some women <em>really</em> don't. Just because a woman is outspoken, opinionated or just a little over-the-top, it doesn't mean this label (or any) is appropriate.

  • Fashionista

    It seems like everyone who calls themselves creative, trendy or up to the latest fashion is suddenly a full-blown fashionista. But sometimes, this term implies ditzy or pretentious — either way, fashion is an art and if you call yourself a fashionista, own it.

  • Man Hater

    Sure, haters gonna hate, but just because you're a feminist it doesn't mean you're a man hater. This isn't only offensive, it's just plain ignorant. Oh and as a side note, we are also tired of man eater, man user, mansplaining and man whore.

  • Booty Call

    This word feels so retro and seems to be replaced with other common phrases like "friends with benefits" and "hooking up." If you want to have sex and you're not in a committed relationship, you really need to stop justifying yourself and calling it a booty call.

  • Lady Bits

    Bit or parts, just STOP.

  • Soccer Mom

    Well this one doesn't really offend us, but it's still annoying. We can't wait to start hearing trendy terms like lacrosse mom and after-school extra curricular activities mom. We rest our case.

  • Food Baby

    Remember that one time you ate a burger with fries and gave birth? No, it didn't happen and associating pregnancy with being full is not really funny. And besides, who doesn't take just a bit of pride in their bloated tummy after an awesome meal?

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