George Clooney had Vancouver social media users buzzing after a fan tweeted a picture of him out on the town on Friday.

Twitter user @hamhuishipcheck snapped a photo of the "Syriana" star sitting at the bar at Joey's on Burrard. She conveyed her excitement in a series of subsequent tweets.

Clooney is in Vancouver filming "Tomorrowland," a big-budget Disney picture about a teenage girl, a middle-aged man and a robot trying to unravel what happened to a fantastical world that exists in another dimension, Virgin Radio 95.3 reported.

Vancouver isn't the only place that's gotten excited about Clooney's arrival. "Tomorrowland" also filmed in the Okanagan and had the area's residents issue a "Wanted" poster for the Hollywood superstar, according to Castanet.

Check out what Twitter users had to say about the George Clooney sighting in Vancouver:

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