There is much discussion regarding the high availability of high paying jobs in Alberta.

With the oil patch fueling constant economic growth in the province and constantly pushing salaries ever higher, as well as Alberta's low corporate tax rates, workers bound and determined to make a healthy living have a good chance of finding what they're looking for in Alberta.

But, as in any other list, someone has to be in the bottom of Alberta's best and worst paid.

And as such, Alberta does have a long list of people who make very little money plying their particular skills or trade.

The individual low-income cut off (LICO) in Canada, according to Statistics Canada, is $23,298.

Of the 638 jobs and occupations curated by Alberta Learning Information Services using 2011 numbers, more than 10 per cent fall below the (LICO).

Among those that pay a wage lower than that fateful cut-off are occupations - such as waiters, bartenders and cab drivers - that supplement their income with added cash sources such as tips.

But many of these occupations, although ubiquitous and necessary, allow many to pursue a passion - such as musicians - but provide little in the form of compensation.

Click through the slideshow below for a breakdown of Alberta's lowest paying jobs.

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  • Taxi driver

  • Taxi drivers, along with limousine drivers and chauffeurs, make the list of lowest paid jobs in Alberta. According to ALIS, someone entering the occupation can expect to make, on average, $21,242 a year. In this case, the base pay does not tell the whole story, however, as taxi drivers also have a propensity to earn gratuity.

  • Pet groomer

  • Pet groomers, as well as animal care attendants, come next in the list. Although people starting in these fields can expect to make $21,176 a year, tips can pump that up slightly.

  • Personal Trainer

  • Next on the list are personal trainers, sports instructors and group exercise leaders. Those starting out in those occupations can expect to start at $20,912 per year.

  • Golf Pro

  • Golf pro is the first occupation on this list that starts low in terms of pay but has the potential, depending on skill and success, to make the individual quite wealthy. But for those starting in the field, however, an annual wage of $20,912 is what awaits.

  • Telemarketer

  • Telemarketer, as well as those starting off in direct sales, can expect to start off earning an annual wage of $20,606.

  • Sculptor

  • Sculptors, along with painters and art instructors, can expect to earn an average of $20,540 a year when starting off.

  • Gas station attendant

  • Gas station attendants start, on average, at an annual wage of $20,135 to start, according to ALIS.

  • Tour guide

  • Tour guides and tour directors start in the field earning an average of $19,030 per year.

  • Cashier

  • Cashiers, on average, start off making an annual wage of $18,536.

  • Kitchen staff

  • Kitchen staff, food assembler and food service helpers can expect to start off earning $18,363. Depending on establishment, these workers may also supplement their incomes with some gratuity intake.

  • Orchestra/Band Conductor

  • Here's another group that starts quite low, by Alberta standards, but that depending on career path, success and skill can lead to much higher earnings. Orchestra/band conductors, as well as orchestrators, arrangers and choral conductors, can, on average, start off earning $18,241 per year.

  • Composer

  • Composers, like conductors or arrangers, start off very low in the wage scale but depending on career path can bring the practitioner great wealth. The rest of them start earning, on average, $18,241 a year.

  • Support occupations in motion pictures

  • Support occupations in motion pictures, as well as support occupations in broadcasting and the performing arts, start on an average annual wage of $18,241.

  • Maitres dhotel and Hosts/Hostesses

  • Maitres dhotel and Hosts/Hostesses, as other occupations on this list, can supplement their wage with some gratuity but they start earning, on average, $16,883 annually.

  • Retail Shelf Stocker

  • Grocery clerks and store shelf stockers. These occupations start to go into subterranean wage territory. Those entering this field of work can expect to earn an average $16,385 annually.

  • Funeral Attendant

  • Funeral attendants start off making on average $15,924 annually, according to ALIS.

  • Model

  • Model

    Yet another example of a career that, with aptitude and talent, can make someone quite wealthy but that starts off in the basement of provincial wage scales. Models, as well as circus performers, magicians and puppeteers, start off making $15,194 a year.

  • Food and Beverage Server

  • Food and beverage servers start off making an average of $13,992 a year but can supplement that income significantly with tips.

  • Bartender

  • Bartender

    Like servers, bartenders start off very low in terms of wage - $13,619 a year - but can supplement that substantially with tips.

  • Casino dealer

  • Don't let that pressed white tie and bow tie full you. A casino dealer's wage - at $12,739 - is nearly at the bottom of the Alberta pay scale. Depending on the establishment, tips can help supplement that pay.

  • Private Music Teacher

  • These musically-inclined Albertans are at the bottom of the pay scale in the province. According to ALIS' 2011 numbers, the average annual starting wage for a private music teacher is $12,437.

  • Singer or Instrumental Musician

  • Singer or Instrumental Musician

    Singers and instrumental musicians share the bottom spot in the province's list of lowest paid occupations with private music teachers. These individuals can expect to start at $12,437 per year. But there is great room to move up in these fields. Jann Arden, Nickelback and other big Alberta music acts have certainly moved beyond that wage bracket.

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