10 Books Every University Student Should Read

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The University of Alberta's top 10 books every student should read. | Getty

As post-secondary readers across the country hit the books, students at the University of Alberta aim to cut through the clutter.

As learners tackle text books, history books, how-to-books, self-help books and books of fiction, the U of A students association blog, youalberta.blogspot.ca, has whittled down the immense collection of written material available to students today and compiled a list of 10 books every student must read before graduation.

The list may include two U of A-centric selections - Leading U: Stories from Inspirational UAlberta Alumni and Students, and I Was There - but as a whole, it is an eclectic collection of must-reads that don't really require a degree, or a progression towards one, to be of benefit to the reader.

The ranking, which is equal parts deep reflection and light reading, is made up of books about success, the secrets - and ironies - of leadership, on how to be an object of change, on cause and effect and even a how-to cookbook.

Click through the slideshow below for the '10 Books Every Student Should Read'

Hat tip to youalberta.blogspot.ca

10 Books Every Student Should Read, According To The U Of A
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