Rogers says its cellphone and SMS messaging services have been fully restored after a cross-country outage left many Canadians in the mobile dark for hours Wednesday night.

Earlier, the wireless giant stated service was "gradually resuming" and warned some customers might experience blackouts for an unspecified amount of time.

Rogers could not say why customers spent more than three hours without talk or SMS service.

"We continue to investigate the root cause," said Rogers spokeswoman Patricia Trott.

"We apologize to our customers and thank them for their patience."

Trott said in an email if customers in some areas continue to experience service outages, the company encourages people "to use a wireline telephone if they need to reach emergency services."

Rogers has some nine million mobile customers across the country, but it did not say how many were affected by the blackout.

The significant service outage prompted Rogers and Fido customers to unleash their frustration about the company on Twitter - data transmission has not been affected.

Here's how some Twitter users reacted:

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  • Slow Times

  • Catch 22

  • Tell You What Rogers, I'll Mail It To You

  • It's S*** Like This, Bell/Rogers/Telus

  • Customer Service

  • Rogers, Your Service Is Bad And You Should Feel Bad

  • 100 MB for $750/Month

  • I'm Paying $86 A Month For This. Not Cool Rogers

  • If Bell/Rogers Are Going To Cap Our Internet So Much, Could They At Least Have The Decency Not To Do This S***?

  • F*** Rogers Or The Problem With Internet Billing And Overcharging

  • Oh How I Love Rogers Customer "Support" Willing To Help You Out In Your Time Of Need. Needless To Say I Still Need Support

  • Rogers, Bell, Etc. -- You Can Do Better. Stop Being So Tight

  • Rogers Wants Me Back, And They're Willing To Give Me $70. Oh, And A Contract

  • F*** You Rogers

  • Well If Rogers Is Going To Gouge Me, At Least They Have Their Bandwidth Tracking In Order... WTF?

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  • 166: Iran

  • 145: Afghanistan

  • 143: India

  • 134: Iraq

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  • 73: Greece

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  • 39: Israel

  • 36: Austria

  • 34: Canada

  • 33: France

  • 31: United States

  • 26: Russia

  • 23: United Kingdom

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