While it's certainly of the unintentional variety, this may very well be the most ironic Tim Hortons fail ever .

The photo was posted to Reddit by user StJohnsFog, who had a sense of humour about the Timmies employee who decided to insert a customer-service survey into the bag containing his donut.

"I laughed hysterically when I pulled it out as well. Happy to be of service, enjoy the rest of your day."

The thread on the donut incident is also pretty hysterical, with current and former Tims employees debating the finer points of letting icing cool and mixing fondant.

And for those of you who are tempted to go Alanis here, the definition of irony is as follows:

"A noticeable, often humorous, difference between what is said and the intended meaning."

We're pretty sure this wasn't Tim Hortons' intended meaning and we're positive this is humorous.

Check out the most frustrating Tims problems in the slideshow below and share your funniest fails in the comments.

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  • When The Icing Comes Off Your Boston Cream

  • When A Variety Pack Is Basically All Plain

  • Having To Dig For All The Good Timbits At The Bottom Of A Snack Pack...

  • Or Fight Over The Last One

  • Ordering A Double Double And Getting A Regular

  • When They Don't Have The Doughnuts You Like

    Chocolate with toasted coconut? Strawberry-filled with white frosting? Good luck with that.

  • And Sometimes You Get Stuck With The Stale Ones

  • Uggghhhhhhh The Lineups Get So Long

  • Heck, Even THIS GUY Thinks So

    <a href="http://www.huffingtonpost.ca/2013/09/17/tim-hortons-ceo-us-growth_n_3941673.html" target="_blank">Tim Hortons CEO Marc Caira admits Timmie Hos lineups are too long</a>. Coooooome on vending machines!

  • The Lids!!!

    <a href="http://www.huffingtonpost.ca/2013/08/14/tim-hortons-lids-letter-photo_n_3757416.html" target="_blank">Arg!!!</a>

  • (Although There Are Some Easy Fixes To That Tims Problem)

    Try folding the flap down. Timmies also <a href="http://www.huffingtonpost.ca/2013/08/21/tim-hortons-lids-letter_n_3790819.html" target="_blank">suggests asking for one of the specialty drink lids</a>.

  • When All That's Left Of The Iced Capp Is Ice

    You basically need a spoon to eat it.

  • Having To Ask For A Bagel To Be Double-Toasted To Get It Just Right

    Even then, sometimes it's <em>still </em>not toasted… or it's burnt around the edges.

  • The Powder From Powdered Doughnuts Is Impossible To Get Off Your Clothes

  • Smile Cookies Aren't Always So Smiley

  • (But They're Still Tooootally Worth It)

    The proceeds <a href="http://www.timhortons.com/ca/en/difference/smile-cookies.html" target="_blank">go to local charities, hospitals and community programs across Canada</a>.

  • When There's Too Little Cream Cheese...

    Or WAY too much.

  • It Sucks When You Haven't Won Roll Up The Rim In A While...

  • Or When You Throw Out The Cup By Accident

  • Or When They Don't Give You A Roll Up The Rim Cup At All


  • When An Extra Large Just Doesn't Do The Trick

  • OK, Tims Has Its Problems. But No Matter How Many There Are...

  • We Just Can't Give It Up

  • Seriously, Timbits Are Basically Happiness In Dough Form

  • And The Coffee Is Pretty Decent

    Although not everyone agrees.

  • And Some Employees Really Make Your Day

  • Timmies For Life

  • MORE: Canadian First-World Problems

  • First Day Of Spring Finally Arrives... Snowstorm hits.

  • Just Got Netflix... U.S. Selection Is WAY Better.

  • Rogers Or Bell... Take Your Pick.

  • When I Travel Abroad, Locals Think I’m American.

  • When I Type '?,' It Comes Out As 'É'

  • Watched The Super Bowl... Didn't See The Good Ads.

  • Loonie Is At Par With U.S. Dollar... Prices Aren’t Adjusted.

  • Uses Canadian Spelling... Gets Corrected By U.S. Spell-Checker.

  • Forget Shipping Fees... Seller Won’t Even Ship To Canada

  • Goes To Buy A Chocolate Bar... They're Out Of Coffee Crisp.

  • Asks For A Double-Double... U.S. Cashier Doesn't Understand.

  • Tried To Watch Video Online... Geoblocked!

  • Paid $1.98 Charge With A Toonie... Got No Change.

  • Site Asks For ZIP Code And State... What, No Postal Codes?

  • Next: Most 'Canadian' Slang

  • Double Double

    <strong>WHAT IT MEANS:</strong> A Double Double refers to a coffee (often from Tim Hortons) with two creams and two sugars. <strong>IN A SENTENCE:</strong> "Yes, hi, I'd like to order a Double Double."

  • Gut-Foundered

    <strong>WHAT IT MEANS:</strong> When food, however unappealing it is, is all you <a href="http://www.huffingtonpost.ca/2013/05/10/newfoundland-tourism-video-gutfoundered_n_3254578.html" target="_blank">crave at the end of the day. Or, you're just very hungry.</a> <strong>IN A SENTENCE:</strong> “Your mind wanders when it’s gut-foundered. Is it going to be take-out? Is it going to be pizza?”

  • Shit-Kickers

    <strong>WHAT IT MEANS:</strong>Shit-Kickers are nicknames for cowboy boots. Hee Haw! <strong>IN A SENTENCE:</strong> "I can't go to the Calgary Stampede without my shit-kickers."

  • Kitty-Corner

    <strong>WHAT IT MEANS:</strong> Something that is in a diagonal direction from something else. <strong>IN A SENTENCE:</strong> "The grocery store is kitty-corner to the school."

  • Chinook

    <strong>WHAT IT MEANS:</strong> A warm wind that blows east over the Canadian Rockies, warming up Calgary in the winter. <strong>IN A SENTENCE:</strong> "This chinook is giving me a headache."

  • Darts

    <strong>WHAT IT MEANS:</strong> A slang term for cigarettes <strong>IN A SENTENCE:</strong> "Get your darts out."

  • Stagette

    <strong>WHAT IT MEANS:</strong> Stagette is another name for bachelorette party. <strong>IN A SENTENCE:</strong> "Are you heading out to that stagette this weekend? There's going to be a stripper."

  • Cowtown

    <strong>WHAT IT MEANS:</strong> Cowtown is a nickname for Calgary. <strong>IN A SENTENCE:</strong> "I've been living in Cowtown my entire life."