Some days it seems as if everyone and their brother is moving to Alberta. And it's not hard to see why.

Besides being an economic powerhouse and a showcase of natural beauty, the province actually has some pretty awesome politicians.

OK, OK, we know what you're thinking: Alberta is super-duper conservative -- nothing but old, white dudes in suits talking about oil revenues.

And maybe that was the case in days gone by, but Alberta's economic boom is reshaping the province into a much more progressive place.

Alberta voted in new municipal governments Monday and the two big winners were young, forward-thinking mayors. Naheed Nenshi and Don Iveson are just a couple of the reasons why the rest of Canada should be super jealous of Alberta.

  • This Is Don Iveson, The New Mayor Of Edmonton. He Is 12 Years Old...
  • OK, Just Kidding. He's 34. But Seriously, Dude Is Not Aging
  • This Is His Ridiculously Cute Family
  • He Loves Star Trek
  • Like A Lot
  • Other Loves? French Bulldogs
  • And Star Wars
  • And The Environment
  • This Is The Mayor Of EDMONTON!?!
  • He Might Be A Hipster
  • Look At Those Shorts
  • And He's Into Memes
  • And Reddit
  • He's Not Alone On That One
  • Iveson Has Pride
  • And He's Not Alone On That Either
  • Meanwhile, In Toronto
  • Calgary Mayor Naheed Nenshi And Iveson Are Totally Bros
  • They Are Basically Superheroes
  • I Mean, Nenshi Barely Sleeps
  • And He's Awesome At Twitter
  • Toronto's Mayor? Not So Much
  • Did We Mention Progressive Politicians Just Won Landslide Victories In Alberta's Two Biggest Cities?
  • As If That Wasn't Awesome Enough, There Is NO Provincial Tax In Alberta
  • And It's Canada's Richest Province
  • And This
  • That Is All

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