Wealthiest People: Canadian Business Magazine Ranks The Country's Richest

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W. Galen Weston, Executive Chairman of grocery giant George Weston Ltd., speaks during the company's annual general meeting in Toronto on Thursday, May 9, 2013. | CP

It's been a good year for Canada's super rich.

According to Canadian Business magazine's latest rankings, the country's 100 wealthiest individuals clock in with a net worth of $230 billion.

As Canadian Business points out, that more than the gross domestic product of entire countries, namely New Zealand, Ireland and Portugal.

That's a cool 15 per cent jump — and the biggest since 2000.

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Canada's Richest People, 2013
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Among the nation's wealthiest, the Thomson and Weston families have seen some of the most dramatic upticks in their fortunes. The Thomsons, who count news behemoth Thomson Reuters in their portfolio, along with a majority stake in the Globe and Mail, have seen double-digit growth in their net worth since last year — weighing in at $26.1 billion this year, compared to $20.1 billion in 2012. That's good for yet another year atop the golden heap that is Canada's richest.

At number two, grocery magnate Galen Weston — whose son Galen Jr. helms the Loblaw grocery chain — saw a jump of nearly a quarter, bringing the Weston worth to a tidy $10.4 billion.

In all, the individuals on Canadian Business magazine's Rich 100 are worth $230 billion.

It's a trend, of course, hardly confined to Canada.

Earlier this year, in a Forbes ranking of America's 400 richest people, the magazine noted total wealth surged 19 per cent in the last year to $2.02 trillion, up from $1.7 trillion. The average net worth of each person in the ranking was $5 billion. That's a solid gain from last year's $4.2 billion.

"Basically, the mega rich are mega richer," Forbes senior editor Kerry Dolan told the Associated Press.

Although, even Canada's richest have a ways to go before they crack this list:

World's Richest Billionaires 2013
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In America, 400 of the country's wealthiest people are worth more than the entire bottom half of the country combined — or around $2 trillion.

The top 25 wealthiest people in Canada according to Canadian Business are:

1) The Thomson Family, Toronto - $26.1 billion
2) Galen Weston, Toronto - $10.4 billion
3) The Irving Family, Saint John - $7.85 billion
4) The Rogers Family, Toronto - $7.6 billion
5) James Pattison, Vancouver - $7.39 billion
6) Saputo Famiy, Montreal - $5.24 billion
7) Estate of Paul Desmarais, Sr., Montreal - $4.93 billion
8) Jeffrey S. Skoll, Palo Alot, Calif. - $4.92 billion
9) Richardson Family, Winnipeg - $4.45 billion
10) Carlo Fidani, Toronto - $4.08 billion
11) Dennis "Chip" Wilson, Vancouver - value not disclosed as the Lululemon founder sells shares
12) David Azrieli, Montreal - $3.54 billion
13) Fred and Ron Mannix, Calgary - $3.46 billion
14) Harrison McCain Family (excluding Wallace), Florenceville, N.S. - $3.45 billion
15) Bernard Sherman, Toronto - $3.27 billion
16) Clay Riddell, Calgary - $3.26 billion
17) Daryl Katz, Edmonton - $3.15 billion
18) Estate of Wallace McCain, Toronto - $3.12 billion
19) Frank Stronach, Oberwaltersdorf, Austra - $3.12 billion
20) Sobey Family, New Glasgow, N.S. - $2.95 billion
21) Zekelman Famiy, Windsor and Bloomfield Hills, MI - $2.91 billion
22) Bombardier Family, Montreal - $2.8 billion
23) Lalji Family, Vancouver - $2.56 billion
24) (Norman) Murray Edwards, Calgary - $2.5 billion
25) Charles Bronfman, New York and Palm Beach - $2.46 billion

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