Calgary Police Look For Distracted Driving This Holiday Season

11/24/2013 02:09 EST | Updated 11/24/2013 02:26 EST
Christopher Futcher via Getty Images

Calgary police say they are on the lookout for distracted drivers as winter driving conditions deteriorate and a busy holiday season arrives.

Both plain clothed and uniformed officers will be watching for traffic infractions including using a handheld device or grooming while driving.

The fine for a distracted driving offence is $172. Traffic violations that may be signs of distracted driving, such as failing to signal lane changes, could result in a fine ranging from $115 to $575.

Police say a "concerted effort will be taken to curb distracted driving" in upcoming weeks to keep roads safe.

Here's a list of violations police are looking out for:

Violations Police Are On The Lookout For: