It was a schlong spree, a rod rampage, a member bender -- but that's all over now. Or is it?

Windsor's now-infamous penis shrub bandit struck again last week, spelling out "PENIS" in shrubbery on the city's waterfront.

It wasn't the first time the dick desperado has laid topiary waste to Windsor's well-manicured waterfront bushes. His two previous outings also made headlines, and even caught the eye of Jimmy Kimmel.

But now the shaft shenanigans may be at an end. The city has removed the remaining shrubs, leaving nothing but a barren pile of dirt behind.

But it may not have all be for naught. Windsor’s executive director of parks and facilities told the National Post he might just give the phallus pirate a job if he comes in from the cold.

Now, that's something we can all stand behind.

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