Yep, it's been a cold couple of days in Alberta.

The bitter temperatures have meteorologists comparing parts of Alberta to Mars, the snow and wind have made many of the roads in the province unsafe and we're guessing that hot cocoa supplies are running low across the province!

To prove that misery loves company, we asked our readers on Facebook to share their cold weather stories. Is this week the coldest you've ever been or have you been through worse?

We got plenty of bone-chilling stories:

Nathan Naz wrote about his cold day at the Edmonton airport. "-60 YEG airport a few years ago. Was the coldest place on Earth. All airlines cancelled flights except for Westjet cause they have their planes winterized for those temperatures. You can't honestly tell when it's colder than -40 what the temperature is though," he wrote.

Jay Crag wrote about having to work in some extreme temperatures.

"70 c with the wind in cigar lake sask. we got offered a choice, either get paid nothing and watch tv in camp or go and work. we went to work. out of the 7 guys, 4 got frostbite. outside for 10 minutes and inside for a half hour. was hell on the guys and tools," he wrote.

And some people willingly went outside despite the cold temperatures.

"-50f wind chill. So cold that all ops at my Air Force Base (near sault ste. marie, Michigan) were cancelled. So me and my buds loaded up the van and drove across the border to Ontario to go skiing. Yes skiing. I ended up in the emergency room with frost bitten ears. Brilliant," Mike Thoma wrote on Facebook.

What's the coldest temperature you've ever experienced? Tell us on Facebook or in the comments below

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  • "A good laugh! Nothing like a good laugh." - Cecilia Latorre via Twitter

  • Having a grown-up beverage to warm you up. - Ryan Bolin via Twitter

  • Make sure you moisturize, as the cold quickly dries out the skin. - Eric Petersen via Twitter

  • "Merino wool everything!" - Eric Stevenson via Twitter

  • I've had my @icebreakernz long johns on all week! Makes standing waiting for a bus tolerable! - Eric Stevenson via Twitter

  • "All food consumed must contain at least a bit of Sriracha Sauce." Hey, if you can't warm up your body you can at least warm up your belly! - Eric Domond via Twitter

  • "Getting outside. Nothing beats the cold better than getting bundled up and enjoying the crisp, cold air!" - Eric Petersen via Twitter

  • Taking a dip in a hot tub (just make sure your hair doesn't turn to icicles!) Heather Townsend-Finkbeiner via Facebook

  • "Stay in the house" - Brandy L Shott via Facebook

  • "7 layers on every body part and an extra 30mins to get dressed..." - GF Kristie via Facebook

  • Keep your car plugged in - Marlene Stobbart via Facebook

  • "Spend it in bed with your significant other?" - Neil Fotoman Young via Facebook

  • "3 pairs of socks, legwarmers and fleece-lined leggings underneath your jeans." - Jacquie Lycka via Facebook

  • "Don't let your children outside or walk to school." - Marlene Stobbart via Facebook

  • Check out some of the items you should keep in your emergency weather kit.

  • The Alberta Red Cross recommends you keep the following items on hand in case of a weather emergency...

  • A Whistle

  • Sleeping Bag

  • Extra Blankets

  • Canned Food

    canned tuna

  • Bottles Of Water

    At least one litre per person per 72 hours.

  • A Change Of Clothes

  • An Extra Pair Of Shoes

  • An Extra Set Of Car Keys

  • Extra Cash

    Don't rely on debit and credit cards. An emergency situation may render then useless.

  • Portable Radio

  • A Flashlight

  • Extra Batteries

    For flashlight AND radio

  • Driver's License And Personal Documents

  • First Aid Kit

  • Manual Can Opener

  • Medications And Prescriptions

  • Toilet Paper

  • Other Personal Items

    Like razors, feminine hygiene products, etc...