Someone steal your valuable stuff and not you're quite sure where to look?

The Edmonton Police Service (EPS) has launched a Pinterest page, posting stolen items they've recovered in the hopes of reuniting people with their belongings.

According to Global News, the page, which EPS launched earlier this week, features some of the more unique items seized by police.

If a user spots their stolen item on the page, they can email police who will ask for specific, identifying information about the item or proof of ownership.

Investigators on the other end will then go through these emails,” Carolin Maran, EPS web and social media coordinator told Global.

“Those emails that have specific details will receive a response, and those that do not will also receive a response indicating that more information may be required."

After police recovered two shipping crates full of stolen goods worth over $100,000 earlier this year, reports the Edmonton Journal, some of those items have been posted to the page, including an alligator head and a jackalope.

Other unusual items include bison taxidermy, fur rugs and dirt bikes.

The Victoria Police Department in B.C. has a similar page, titled "Is This Yours?" were people can find items like wedding photos, power tools and dozens of bikes.

According to Metro Edmonton, Calgary police are looking at a similar project for 2014.

“The reality is that at least they’re trying new methods, new ways to help people get their goods recovered,” Ray Bilodeau, a marketing instructor with NAIT, told Metro.

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  • A hawk

  • A fur rug

  • A tortoise

  • A skull

  • A bear rug

  • A reptile head

  • A jackalope

  • Old-timey weapons

  • Can we please get over these Pinterest trends already?

  • Crazy Cute Food Crafts

    Bento box lunches that look like pigs, cakes that are trains and eggs that look like baby chicks — adorable — until you realize this is why mommy lost one million dollars of earnings potential over her lifetime.

  • Subway Tile With Black Grout

    Dear Thor: if we see another clawfoot tub with “subway tile with dark grout” photo we’re going to scream. Subways are dirty filthy rat-infested places. Why do so many people seemingly wanna bathe underground in a public space?

  • Weddings Weddings Weddings

    Most marriages end in divorce because all people want is the chance to spend all their time and money putting on a Broadway show that only runs for one day because it’s a lame fairy tale.

  • Kids’ Toys And Activities Made With Garbage

    Soda bottle water sprinkler! Cardboard box playhouses! And tons of other hand-crafted junk that tells your kid you want him to grow up to be a dumpster diver.

  • Tablescapes

    Consult the dictionary: it’s not even a word. Tablescapes are just a chance to break out tacky crap and showcase your fetish for matchy matchy colors.

  • White Interiors

    Is this crap related to the wedding obsession? Naw, it’s just mommies dreaming of living in a house they could never ever have, not with actual living children within 20 feet of it.

  • Rolling Barn Doors

    Suddenly living a la barn is all the rage. Do we all secretly long to be cows?

  • Jazzy Throw Pillows

    How hot are jazzy throw pillows? If a throw pillow ran for President right now — it would win.

  • Nails

    Men are not attracted to nails with clever designs. They do not care if your nails have sparkly tips or look like <a href="">candy corn.</a> If they do care, make a bet they’ll soon ask you to do theirs.

  • Upcycled Nature

    Spray painted acorns, seeds taped to candles, driftwood sea glass suncatchers… people, can we please accept the wonder of Mother Nature without getting out the drills and glue?

  • Skinny Chicks In Huge Flowing Outfits

    Yes, models have always been too skinny. But on Pinterest nothing is hotter than a model wearing a giant sexless fabric bag. This is what style would look like if women, and not gay men, ruled the fashion world.

  • Cracked Cocktails

    A bacon and cheese Bloody Mary? Not only is it wrong, it’s just pure food porn.

  • Crap In Mason Jars And Other DIY Gifts That Suck

    Making a jar of lemon hand scrub or layered cookie ingredients will make them very happy… that they can now tell a story about your cheap ass behind your back.

  • Insanely exotic braids

    Women seem to want to punish and contort their hair in the fantasy world of Pinterest. But FYI the only time men ever cared about braids was when they were on slave Princess Leia.

  • Luxury Chicken Coops

    The chickens on Pinterest live better than 96% of people on the planet.

  • Fairy & Gnome Gardens

    Making a mini garden for faeries and/or gnomes is now all the rage — a sure sign the end of days is near. It’s an outdoor dollhouse people. Grow. Up.

  • Inspirational Quotes

    A dream-like picture with a inspiring quote tacked on? Pass the sick bag. Give us “If assholes could fly, this place would be an airport” posters any day.

  • Insanely Long Thin Stacked Images

    They are there to get attention and hog up the page. You got our attention, sure, but now we hate you.

  • Holiday Overload

    OK we know it’s fall, but enough with the pumpkin everything already! At St. Patty’s Day we don’t want to eat all green foods. And at Christmas can we all just chill? Every holiday makes people start imagining their house as a theme park.

  • Star Wars Stuff

    Who left the boys on?

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