Happy 24th birthday to the Simpsons. Today in 1989, the first episode of the now iconic animated show aired on Fox.

More than 500 episodes later, the show is a touchstone of contemporary comedy and animation. It probably even introduced more than one word to our language (Cromulent, Meh).

It's also virtually impossible to pick a favourite episode but we thought we'd sorta try anyway. We asked our readers on Facebook and Twitter to tell us the one Simpsons episode they would watch RIGHT NOW.

Here are some of our favourite responses. Perfect for a Simpsons binge-watching session after work ("not tonight honey, I'm watching 12 Simpsons episodes back-to-back").

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  • #OneSimpsonsEpisode

    We asked HuffPost readers what Simpsons episode they would watch in honour of the show's 24th anniversary. Some of their responses

What's the one episode you would watch RIGHT NOW. Tweet us with the #OneSimpsonsEpisode tag or tell us below in the comments.