Miley Cyrus pretty much owned 2013, landing the year's two most-watched music videos, dominating the pop cultural conversation for months and inspiring countless thinkpieces and open letters. Oh, and she was the most googled person in 2013 and "what is twerking?" was the most googled question.

But while the Grammys decided to snub the pop star, her celebrity colleagues have been considerably more supportive.

Sara Quin of Canadian indie-pop duo Tegan and Sara, recently paid the "Wrecking Ball" singer the highest compliment we could imagine. "The controversy around her shouldn't distract from her being a quintessential pop star," Quin told the NME. "She's this generation's Madonna -- a hugely talented pop star with agency over her body and sexuality, which terrifies people. And she's constantly switching up between sounds. 'Bangerz' is part electro, part country, part rap, all incredible."

And Quin is not alone. There may have been much virtual (and actual) ink spilled bashing Cyrus' antics in 2013, but here are a host of singers, musicians and producers -- ranging from Kanye, Jay Z and 50 Cent to Courtney Love, Katy Perry and Britney Spears to Paul McCartney, Stevie Nicks and Elton John -- who can't stop saying how much they support Miley.

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  • Jay Z

    After rapping about Miley twerking in "Somewhereinamerica," Jay Z <a href="" target="_blank">told Billboard</a>, "I like what she’s doing right now. She's fearless. Just watching the situation, people want her to be something and she’s like, 'I'm not that. I was six years old. You want me to be six years old forever?' And this is her reaction to it. Maybe it's loud, but it's understandable."

  • Courtney Love

    “I liked Miley, frankly. I’m gonna be honest, Katy Perry bores the [bleep] out of me. She's a nice girl, she just really bores me. You know, that hillbilly Miley Cyrus is sort of punk in a weird sex way." -September 11, 2013 interview with <a href="" target="_blank">New York Post</a>

  • Paul McCartney

    "I don't think it was explicit at all. You couldn't see anything. I watched it just as an experiment to check, but you look at it and you say 'What's everyone shouting about?' She's a young girl, she's only 20 or something, she's just having a go." - October 17, 2013 <a href="" target="_blank">interview with Sky News</a>.

  • 50 Cent

    In an interview with <a href="" target="_blank">Huffington Post</a>, 50 Cent made a surprising reveal: "I'm a Miley Cyrus fan. You can’t have artists just sitting in a box. Sometimes you build your own restraints and you prevent yourself from doing the things you truly want to do."

  • Katy Perry

    "I have heard her sing ‘Wrecking Ball' before that single came out and I tweeted about it a long time ago before it even came out and I was just sooo excited about it for her. She's got a set of pipes that are incredible." - September 21, 2013 interview with <a href="" target="_blank">EOnline</a>

  • Kanye West

    In a <a href="" target="_blank">Rolling Stone cover story</a>, Miley said Kanye watched her VMAs rehearsal and paid a visit before her infamous performance. <blockquote>He came in and goes, 'There are not a lot of artists I believe in more than you right now,' she recalls. 'The whole room went quiet. I was like, 'Yo – can you say that again?!'" She laughs. "I just kept repeating that over and over in my mind, and it made me not nervous.</blockquote> Afterward, Miley skipped her own post-VMA party to record a Black Skinhead" remix with West.

  • 4) Niall Horan (One Direction)

    "Sick! @MileyCyrus was incredible tonight, what a voice." -November 17, 2013 tweet as <a href="" target="_blank">published</a> by The Mirror.

  • Cher Lloyd

    "I'm a huge fan. I would [collaborate with her] because, do you know what, she's fearless. There's something I respect and adore about her. When someone can be like, 'Do you know what I'm going to do what I feel like doing.' I love her. She's twerking it!"- November 9, 2013 interview with <a href="" target="_blank">Capital FM</a>.

  • Elton John

    "Listen, I've been in the business a long time. Let me tell you what worked at the VMAs - Miley went on and performed like she did. And the whole purpose of the VMAs, when you've got all these big artists competing against each other for attention, is to flatten the opposition. She flattened the opposition. Nobody talked about anybody else except Miley. She has two records in the top 10. She has a number one single. And even though I thought it was a weird performance... I've known her for a long time. She's a big supporter of the Elton John AIDS Foundation. She's a terrific girl... It was a controversial performance that got everybody talking and that's what it's supposed to do." - September 24, 2013 <a href="" target="_blank">interview with Ellen</a>.

  • Nicki Minaj

    "She looks very sexy and sassy in her new video. I love it! I love her new look, she is really all grown up. I love that she cut her hair. Some people were iffy that she cut it, but I love people that have the balls to do whatever they want. I can tell now Miley is really developing into her own self. I love her twerking moments. That's what is all about being an artist." -July 5, 2013 <a href="" target="_blank">interview with EOnline</a>.

  • Stevie Nicks

    "I happen to think that she -- unlike some of the other rock and roll 'slash' actresses that we are really worried about -- has the possibility and the ability to be a great actress, a great singer and probably a great songwriter and go on until she's my age. I think that she will not be very happy with what just went down two weeks ago. When you're really young, you don't think about even ten years from now or five years. I actually didn't either. I was really focused. I was really focused on who I wanted to be and what I wanted to be and I knew I was going to be in this business for a long time." - September 12, 2013 interview on Australian television.

  • Hilary Duff

    "Honestly, it can be intimidating. I'm not comparing myself to (Miley Cyrus) but a lot of the things that go on in pop music or not me or who I am....But I think what Miley Cyrus is doing is really cool and I think she's being who she wants to be and that is important. And so I respect that." - December 4, 2013 <a href="" target="_blank">interview with Toronto Sun</a>.

  • Justin Timberlake

    "I think she's really smart, and I think she's really talented. I'm not saying I agree with the presentation, but I also feel like every 10 to 15 years we pick somebody that this is what we're going to do with them, is we're going to make them the model of who we want our daughters to be or not be." -- September 19, 2013 interview on <a href="" target="_blank">NBC's Today</a>.

  • Tinie Tempah

    "She's branding herself as Miley Cyrus, she's picking the right moment to do the right thing. It's not like you ever catch her off camera or hear about her in a private club. That never happens. It's only when she's on TV, at an awards show. She picks the right moment to do things to get people talking... she clearly has a plan. She's clearly trying to get everyone talking about her. And everyone is talking about her so therefore she's getting what she wants out of it and her album is selling really well and people are buying her music so it seems like the plan is working." - November 30, 2013 interview with <a href="" target="_blank">The Daily Express</a>

  • Pharrell Williams

    "I'm not worried about Miley. I've seen her soul in action. I know her voice, her voice is crazy. I keep saying it to everybody: You gotta remember, she's [21] years old and enjoying her life. She's enjoying her freedom. Now, when she goes on stage, she's expressing something else," he went on. "You know, when she's making her music she's expressing something else. She's expressing where she is in her life and her freedom. So while everybody else is being judgmental, they're not taking into account that she's been basically locked behind a camera all her life. And by the way, for good reason. All them years with Disney, and all them years with Billy Ray Cyrus as her dad and Dolly Parton as her godmother, did some good on that voice. But, you know, people are just watching her evolution of a young mind, but an old soul." -December 3, 2013 <a href="" target="_blank">EOnline report from Complex magazine interview</a>.

  • Britney Spears

    "I think any time you do a performance that is<em> that </em>memorable, you're going to have criticism," Spears told Good Morning America. "I think she's doing her thing. She's being herself. So, I give props to her."

  • Lady Gaga

    “I just think everybody needs to lighten up and leave her alone,“ Gaga says at about the 8-minute, 30-second mark. “Because it’s pop music; everybody’s entitled to their own artistic expression and if you have a problem with it just change the channel.” “I don’t understand the obsessive need to constantly go on and on about hating things all the time because, what, she’s 20 years old and, if anything, I give her props," Gaga said on<a href="" target="_blank"> "Watch What Happens Live."</a> "She’s growing up in front of the entire world and maybe she’s not so happy with the things she did in her career when she was younger and she wants to be free. So let her do what she wants.”

  • Dolly Parton

    OK, this is a cheat since Parton is Miley's godmother, but still, she's Dolly Parton. "I've loved her through the years and watched her grow up, and I’ve seen how smart she is and how talented she is," Parton told the <a href="" target="_blank">London Evening Standard</a>. "I don’t think people really realize yet what a great singer and writer she really is. She’s just trying to find her own place and wings and learn to fly."

  • Lily Allen

    Though her "Hard OUt Here" video has been seen as a direct slam on Miley's twerk-fueled antics, Allen says she's a fan. "I'd never met her before so I couldn't say we are really great friends but I do really like Miley," she said of their first meeting in the <a href="" target="_blank">Daily Mirror</a>. "She's funny, witty and clever, I love what she does. I think her and Lorde's album have had the most plays in my car this year. I never went on record saying the video was a direct pop at her – it wasn't."