In the midst of a brutal ice storm that wreaked havoc on parts of Canada, causing power outages and travel headaches, there were a few things that warmed our hearts this weekend.

So while communities try desperately to defrost, we’d like to take a moment to appreciate the friendly neighbours who are checking in on the elderly or people who are sharing their power with those in the dark.

And if you saw or heard of something that warmed your heart during this devastating storm, share it in the comments below.

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  • Neighbours Helping Neighbours...

    @fitcheerldr: <a href="" target="_blank">Here's a pic of our neighbourhood working together to clear the downed trees.</a>

  • Who Lent A Hand To Those In Need...

    @scubafantoo: <a href="" target="_blank">Good people helping! #icestorm2013 #onstorm </a>

  • And Assisted Seniors, Who Could Use Some Extra Help...

  • Or Even Tiny Creatures

    @WanderingOff: <a href="" target="_blank">Put some snacks out for our feathered friends, all their food will be frozen. #icestorm2013 #icestorm @CBCNews</a>

  • Also, People Coming Together...

  • Even If They Don't Live Around Here

  • Stay Safe And Warm, Everyone!

    Spring will come eventually, right? Right?!

  • MORE: Ice Storm 2013 Photos

  • @scubafantoo

    @scubafantoo: <a href="" target="_blank">#ONSTORM @StormhunterTWN @StormhunterTWN @vaughanweather @JdeQuebec Brampton, Ont!</a>

  • @fitcheerldr

    <a href=""><img style="float:left;padding-right:6px !important;" src="" /></a><a href="">fitcheerldr</a>:<br />The neighbourhood coming together to help clean up after the ice storm of 2013.

  • @LoveRadollCats

    @LoveRadollCats: <a href="" target="_blank">#icestorm2013 Kitchener Ontario</a>

  • @ar09

    @ar09: <a href="" target="_blank">tree down in #icestorm2013 #darkTO #680storm #icestorm24</a>

  • ‏@elanacamille

  • ‏@fitcheerldr

    ‏@fitcheerldr: <a href="" target="_blank">Here's a pic of our neighbourhood working together to clear the downed trees.</a>

  • @diego153

  • @MattBellissimo

    @MattBellissimo: <a href="" target="_blank">Normally I'd blame lightning for something like this...</a>

  • @randy_mcneil

  • Don Mills

  • @canuck10001

  • @cylonchloe

  • @cylonchloe

  • @rebzam

  • @sasha_nagy

  • @sasha_nagy

  • @yumke

  • @yumke

  • @yumke

  • @yumke

  • @yumke

  • @Ilona_TO

    @Ilona_TO: <a href="" target="_blank">At least the trees look festive #darkTO</a>

  • @yumke

  • @yumke

  • @rebzam

  • @AdamDeRocco

    @AdamDeRocco: <a href="" target="_blank">Happy to know that I started a string of skating and hockey on my street! #ygk #icestorm @Krock1057 @cityofkingston</a>

  • @markzohar

    @markzohar: <a href="" target="_blank">No power. Our road closed due to fallen trees. Wires down. Ice, ice, baby! #darkTO</a>

  • ‏@ReginaSturrock

    @ReginaSturrock: <a href="" target="_blank">Think I'll stay in and bake today #icestorm</a>

  • @peterbasl

    @peterbasl: <a href="" target="_blank">Woke up to find this city tree smashing my car in the driveway #HamOnt #IceStorm @weathernetwork</a>

  • ‏@shawnayvonne

    @shawnayvonne: <a href="" target="_blank">‏@TorontoHydro branch pulled the hydro line down from our house. Its still active. Yonge & StClair #darkTO</a>

  • @stilez

    @stilez: <a href="" target="_blank">Fallen trees everywhere on Bathurst St. #Toronto #iceTO #darkTO #icestorm2013 #citystorm</a>

  • @stilez

    @stilez: <a href="" target="_blank">Huge transformer explosion @ Bathurst & Lytton #iceTO #darkTO @TorontoHydro @stephaniesmyth bunch of fallen trees too</a>

  • @the3dogs

    @the3dogs: <a href="" target="_blank">‏Where are we supposed to go potty if the trees keep falling from the sky!? Woof! #icestorm #darkTO</a>

  • @timboo_drow

    @timboo_drow: <a href="" target="_blank">My neighbours two 20' trees flattened by ice #IcestormBrampton #darkTO</a>

  • @timboo_drow

    @timboo_drow: <a href="" target="_blank">Ice storm in Brampton. Lots of people without power in the GTA (about 250k) but we still have power here #darkTO</a>

  • @35Lauren

    @35Lauren: <a href="" target="_blank">#HamOnt #IceStorm And this is why I'm going to be late for work</a>

  • @1049JFfm

    @1049JFfm: <a href="" target="_blank">How do things look outside your front door this morning? #Brockville #icestorm</a>

  • @amykmac

    @amykmac: <a href="" target="_blank">Lots of branches down in June Rowlands Park :( #toronto #icestorm</a>

  • @daniellebochove

    @daniellebochove: <a href="" target="_blank">When the wind stirs, even a little, the branches crackle. When a limb breaks, a rifle shot. Terrible. #icestorm</a>

  • @earthlandscapes

    @earthlandscapes: <a href="" target="_blank">Although so beautiful the #icestorm will be devastating to many #toronto trees.</a>

  • @fitcheerldr

    @fitcheerldr: <a href="" target="_blank">Oh no! My poor tree :( #icestorm #halton #gta #torontoicestorm</a>