Please alert Homer Simpson: I am ready to laugh.

And who isn’t? After a year that trumped its own bleakness week after week, we were in dire need of cheering up (or at the very least, jokes at the expense of something or someone we hated) throughout the last 52 weeks.

Now, with end-of-year stress at an all-time high, we figured you needed laughter the most. So here are 20 of our favourite laughter-inducing videos of 2013. If we missed any, toss the link in the comments and tell us why it should’ve made the cut.

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  • 20. “It’s Fully Ironic” By Rachael Hurwitz

    It’s like a song about irony but misunderstanding the concept. It’s like a song called “Ironic” being considered post-ironic. It’s like we missed the whole point of “Ironic” all together. It’s like . . . wait, what?. Well, whatever, it’s a great video anyway.

  • 19. “I Knew You Were Trouble” By Taylor Swift And A Goat

    I mean, I like Taylor Swift as much as the next person who really likes Taylor Swift, but what did she expect from a goat, honestly.

  • 18. “The Magic Clap” By Patton Oswalt

    Did you not know about “The Magic Clap,” too? Well, calm down; relax -- Patton Oswalt not only demonstrated it for us lowly plebs, he and The Coup put stop motion to shame. (So take THAT, Vine artists.)

  • 17. “Wishes” By Beach House

    Fans of Tim and Eric probably never thought they would be moved to tears by the images of Eric Wareheim lip syncing Beach House, but those were obviously not true fans since real ones would tell you that Eric is just that talented. Also, please pass the Kleenex.

  • 16. “YOLO” By The Lonely Island

    Believe it or not, there are actual human beings on this planet still using “YOLO” in a legitimate way. (So if you see Drake, please tell him you prefer “HYFR” and ask if “the bottom” really does mean “upper-middle class.”) But to help put an end to the madness, The Lonely Island demonstrated the true effect of the term: unbridled douchebaggery, of which we are all carriers.

  • 15. “Blurring Pains” by Robin and Alan Thicke

    Now if “Blurred Lines” sounded anything like this, the original video wouldn’t have seemed as creepy as it was. Still creepy, yes. But not <em>as creepy</em>.

  • 14. “The Harlem Shake” By The U.S. Military

    If you weren’t sure what “The Harlem Shake” was before, congratulations: you will still have no idea what it is after watching this video. But if you’re going to be confused by something, it may as well be by a few people wrapped in blankets and jumping around in the snow.

  • 13. “Wrecking Ball” By Miley Cyrus (Chatroulette Version)

    Oddly enough, this was “Wrecking Ball” director Terry Richardson’s original version. But unfortunately for the star, he wasn’t enough of a nude woman.

  • 12. “Get Lucky” By Barack Obama

    What you know now and didn’t last year is that when Daft Punk takes off their helmets, both look exactly like Barack Obama.

  • 11. “We Can’t Stop” By Jimmy Fallon, The Roots, Miley Cyrus, Everybody Else In The World

    So when a friend or family member tries talking smack about Miley Cyrus over the holiday, simply sit them down, play them this version, and then tell them to try and sing as good as she can. (Before which, make sure to buy a mic so you can drop it accordingly.)

  • 10. “Perfect Night” By Sarah Silverman Feat.

    Or: Taylor Swift’s “42.”

  • 9. “Start A Mumford Band!” By Key Of Awesome #71

    Just because Mumford and Sons have gone on hiatus doesn’t mean you need to leave steam punk, getaway music, and lack of electricity behind. (You didn’t buy all those top hats for nothing.) So fortunately, here’s a guide. Here’s hoping you have a few jugs of moonshine left over from the "Sigh No More" tour.

  • 8. Postal Service Audition (Directed By Tom Scharpling)

    Listen, we don't mean to ruin the music business for anybody, but it’s gritty. It’s real. In moments, dreams are dashed, hope is gone, and Robin Thicke lands a number one single. Thankfully, Tom Scharpling had the courage to give us the real story. Or at least: the story of why it’s taken so long for us to get another Postal Service album.

  • 7. “Saturday” By Rebecca Black

    She warned us in “Friday” that “Saturday” comes afterwards. And in the two years since she pondered seating arrangements in an (almost) at-capacity automobile, Rebecca Black has grown up. Or at least inched closer to a life that resembles Conan O’Brien’s early 20s.

  • 6. Conan O’Brien Responds To Taylor Swift’s Video For “22”

    I don’t know about you, but I’m feeling like “22” didn’t accurately depict what life for an actual 22-year-old is like. Fortunately, we have Conan O’Brien on our side, who agrees that these claims of happiness and general contentment are dangerous, false, and miss the harrows of living on canned pasta for weeks at a time.

  • 5. Benedict Cumberbatch Reads R. Kelly's "Genius" Lyrics On Jimmy Kimmel

    And now the upcoming season of "Sherlock" has us even more intrigued.

  • 4. “(I Wanna) Channing Tatum All Over You” By Channing Tatum, Jamie Foxx, And Miley Cyrus

    He can dance, he can joke, he can . . . dance. And more! Supported by Jamie Foxx, Miley Cyrus, Olivia Munn, and Gabourey Sidibe, Channing Tatum helped us better understand why men and women across the world have been Channing all over their Tatums. (Or at least why some of us paid actual money to see The Vow.)

  • 3. Jimmy Fallon, The Roots, And The Cast Of Sesame Street Sing The Sesame Street Theme Song

    I know I grew up watching Susan Sarandon guest star on Sesame Street in the '80s, but at some point, Sesame Street got even cooler. (“At some point” of course means “upon Questlove’s involvement.”)

  • 2. “What Does My Girl Say” - Kerry Washington And Jay Pharaoh

    Kerry Washington was the perfect example of how to host Saturday Night Live like a smart, capable person, so naturally her digital short with cast member Jay Pharaoh was ringtone and quote-worthy. Not that we should’ve expected anything less from Olivia Pope -- she did teach Julia Stiles to say “slammin’” in "Save the Last Dance", after all.

  • 1. "Bound 2" (Feat. Seth Rogan And James Franco)

    <a href="" target="_blank">Vulture may have had a point</a> about why Rogan and Franco’s tribute to Kanye and Kim didn’t deserve as much praise as it earned, but for those of us pining for a "Freaks and Geeks" reunion, a "Pineapple Express" sequel, or genuinely liked summer’s "This is the End", this was just enough Rogan-Franco to tide us over until their next endeavor. (And there will be one -- these people are act-ors, for heaven’s sake.)

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