Canadians pride ourselves on our calm, cool and collected manner in handling the winter weather. A little snow (usually) doesn’t shut down our cities; we go about our daily lives, business as usual.

We expect the snow and equip ourselves with the right warm gear, winter tires, and snow blowers to ensure everyone and their neighbour live to see the next round of the Stanley Cup finals.

But, sometimes we get caught off guard.

There was that one time Toronto called in the army to help dig the city out of a snowstorm. Years later, Quebec, the Maritimes and Ontario -- particularly the Greater Toronto Area -- saw an ice storm unlike anything it's endured before.

Winnipeg even recorded temperatures so cold this winter, scientists deemed it colder than that of Mars.

However, this isn’t nearly as bad as it gets. There are places, not only in Canada but, around the world where it gets colder. These are places where the temperature dips so low that frost bite occurs in less than ten minutes if you’re outdoors -- and that's not even factoring in the wind chill.

So to help us feel better about how many layers we put on to make it across a parking lot to our car without turning to ice, here's a roundup of the world’s ten lowest recorded temperatures in history.

And yes -- there’s more than one in Canada, of course!

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  • 10. -61.1 C | Fort Vermilion, Alberta, Canada

    On Jan. 11, 1911, the temperature <a href="" target="_blank">dipped down to -61.1 C</a> in Fort Vermilion. The area is also known as <a href="" target="_blank">the oldest settlement in Alberta,</a> located on the banks of the Mighty Peace River.

  • 9. -61.7 C | Fort Good Hope, Northwest Territories, Canada

    On Dec. 31, 1910, the people of Fort Good Hope endured a low of <a href="" target="_blank">-61.7 C on New Year’s Eve</a>. This community is located on a peninsula between <a href="" target="_blank">Jackfish Creek and the east bank of the Mackenzie River.</a>

  • 8. -62 C | Prospect Creek, Alaska, USA

    On Jan. 23, 1971, Prospect Creek set the record for the <a href="" target="_blank">lowest temperature recorded in the USA at -62 C</a>. This settlement is best known for its gold and quartz mining and lies near Alaska’s Gates of the Arctic National Park.

  • 7. -63 C | Snag, Yukon, Canada

    Holding the record for the lowest recorded temperature in Canada is Snag, Yukon with a low of <a href="" target="_blank">-63 C recorded on Feb. 3, 1947</a>. Snag is located in southwest Yukon near the Alaska Highway and is not far from the Alaska-Yukon border. Pictured here is the Alaska Highway, which runs through Snag, Yukon.

  • 6. -64.4 C | Yakutsk, Russia

    In the month of February in 1891, the people of Yakutsk, Russia experienced temperatures that <a href="" target="_blank">dipped to as low as -64.4 C</a>. Yakutsk is also the<a href="" target="_blank"> largest city built on continuous permafrost</a>.

  • 5. -66.1 C | North Ice Research Station, Greenland

    At the North Ice research station of the British North Greenland Expedition on the inland ice of Greenland, the station recorded a temperature of<a href="" target="_blank"> -66.1 C on Jan. 9, 1954.</a> Photo Credit: <a href="" target="_blank">NASA Goddard Photo and Video </a>

  • 4. -67.7 C | Verkhoyansk, Russia

    On Feb. 5. and Feb. 7, 1892, Verkhoyansk, Russia<a href="" target="_blank"> recorded a temperature of -67.7 C</a>. However, there has been some controversy about this record low temperature as spirit thermometers were used then, and they are less accurate than the mercury thermometers used now.

  • 3. -67.7 C | Oymyakon, Russia

    Oymyakon, Russia recorded the same low temperature as Verkhoyansk, <a href="" target="_blank">-67.7C, on Feb. 6, 1933</a> when a mercury thermometer was used. Regardless of which thermometer was used, both of these places make our top ten list because they've recorded the type of cold temperatures we never want to experience.

  • 2. -89.4 C | Vostok, Antarctica

    Currently holding the world record for the lowest temperature ever recorded is the Vostok Research Station in Antarctica where a temperature of<a href="" target="_blank"> -89.4 C was recorded on July 21, 1983</a>.

  • 1. -94.7 C | East Antarctica

    According to newly analyzed NASA satellite data, there was a new record set for the lowest temperature ever recorded at <a href="" target="_blank">-94.7 C in Aug. 2010 in East Antarctica</a>. However, because the temperature was recorded by a satellite, it will not be included in the Guinness Book of World Records. Therefore on paper, Vostok, Antarctica will still hold the top spot.

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