The Vancouver Aquarium is hailing what may be the world's most ocean-friendly sushi restaurant, located in Toronto.

Just Sushi is the world's first sushi bar whose complete menu meets the Ocean Wise standards for classifying sustainable seafood.

"The ocean produces up to 85 per cent of the oxygen that we breathe," Just Sushi owner Evan Clifford told The Huffington Post B.C. "So when you have an ecosystem that's essentially sustaining life on land, and we're here completely wiping out that ecosystem, we need to stop and think, I care about the fish, I care about the aquatic life."

Check out some of Just Sushi's menu. Story continues after slideshow:

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  • Just Sushi Selection

    Just Sushi in Toronto is the world's first restaurant to offer a menu made completely of <a href="" target="_blank">Ocean Wise, sustainable seafood</a>.

  • Garden Chirashi.

  • Skin and Carrot Tamaki

  • Sashimi selection

  • Spring Salmon Nigiri

  • Just Sushi_Sushi & Sashimi Combo

    Sushi and Sashimi Combo

  • Sushi Tartare

  • Toro Nigiri

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Ocean Wise, which is administered by the Vancouver aquarium, is designed to help restaurants, suppliers and consumers choose environmentally friendly seafood.

Many restaurants across North America already offer Ocean Wise items but no sushi resturants have menus that are 100 per cent dedicated to it.

“We applaud the all-inclusive commitment of Just Sushi to sustainability," said Robin Poirier from the Ocean Wise program.

It took Just Sushi six months to develop its selection. Clifford said the menu includes the world's only black tiger prawns to be produced through sustainable farming methods, and that it may soon serve the world's first sustainable farmed salmon.

Missing from the menu is unagi (eel), which Clifford says is impossible to source in an ocean-friendly fashion.

"We want to show people that you can have a sustainable sushi business using sustainable seafood," he said.

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