The modern parent is possibly the most widely documented type of person on the Internet, so it's always impressive when someone can take a new approach to the topic. In "Fatherhood," Hank Azaria's new web series with AOL On, the actor comes at the subject with a bit of refreshing ambivalence — and a healthy dose of celebrity.

Positioned initially as a query into why anyone would want to have children, Azaria discovered during filming that he and his girlfriend were going to have a baby, and the entire project took a different track entirely. Come to think of it, it's a bit like being a parent in general.

As shown in the first episode above, Azaria's no B.S. approach to questioning fellow dads and celebrities — and his frustration with "vague, poetic answers" — allows for nuggets of true wisdom to shine through, or just putting into words moments every parent can recognize.

"Having a kid will be like falling in love for the first time when you're 12, but like, every day," explains Mike Myers.

Check out the video above for some seriously great tips (hats off particularly to Kevin Bacon), and keep your eyes on the site for future episodes.

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