Laneway House Of Glass Is As Cool As It Gets (PHOTOS)

01/15/2014 02:56 EST | Updated 01/25/2014 04:01 EST
Gair Williamson Architects

Vancouver's "City Of Glass" moniker may bring to mind the condo towers that dominate the skyline, but a new design is set to bring glass houses back down to earth — or at least into our laneways.

Gair Williamson Architects have teamed up exclusively with Smallworks to present possibly the prettiest solution to bureaucracy we have seen in a long time: the "Glass Brick 33 Lane House."

The super sleek design tackles the city's new regulations regarding laneway properties on 33-foot lots, creating what Smallworks decribes as "the ultimate in urban modernism."

Check out the new glass design and other laneway houses in Vancouver:

Glass Laneway Houses Coming To Vancouver

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