What Is A Cragel?

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Is the cragel the new cronut for 2014? | The Bagel Store/Facebook

The hyperbole has begun. After the spectacular success of the Cronut last year, the latest Franken-pastry to take the media by storm is the Cragel which is already being touted as the pastry of 2014 less than a month into the new year.

Created out of Brooklyn bakery shop The Bagel Store, the Cragel is half bagel, half croissant and has gone viral after being picked up by major media and broadcast outlets including USA Today, The Daily Mail in the U.K., and The Late Show with David Letterman.


The brainchild of bakery owner Scot Rossillo, the Cragel is described as “a delicate, flaky, buttery croissant” baked into a bagel and costs $2.95 each.

But while the pastry has picked up steam, so far the Cragel doesn’t seem to have inspired the same kind of pre-dawn lineups and black market mania seen by pastry chef Dominique Ansel’s Cronut, the hybrid croissant-donut which took the world by storm spawning copycats from Europe to Asia.

It seems the foodspotting diviners at Andrew Freeman & Co. called it when they predicted that mash-up foods would become a major trend in 2014.

Also look out for crezels -- croissant-pretzels -- and piessants (pie croissants) to try and share some of the hybrid pastry spotlight.

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