Fox News inadvertently revealed last week that Justin Bieber is actually a reptilian alien bent on world domination.

The proof? Just watch this video. Bieber's eyes totally change.

As the poster on YouTube eloquently put it: "Boom ... I always though that stuff was BS. But COME ON!"

For those unfamiliar with the diabolical plot, a species of reptilian humanoids has long controlled the planet by adopting human form and infiltrating powerful positions. The so-called "theory" was popularized by "so-called" conspiracy theorist David Icke.

During the stress of courtroom proceedings in Miami, Bieber clearly lost control of his shape shifting powers for just a moment. Some heroic Fox editor must have this and risked his very life to bring the footage to air. Usually, Fox is one of the greatest boosters of known reptilians like Mitt Romney, Dick Cheney and Donald Rumsfeld.

Either that, or the whole thing was just a video compression artifact. BUT THAT'S WHAT THEY WANT YOU TO BELIEB.

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  • <strong>The Theory:</strong> Beyonce and her sister Solange, who is five years her junior, are in fact mother and daughter. This one is supported by a theory that Bey is lying about her age, and is in fact seven years older than she presents herself to be.

  • <strong>The Theory:</strong> Beyonce was never pregnant with baby Blue Ivy, who is now almost 2 years old. This theory has many legs, one of which is Beyonce's interview on Australia's "Sunday Night HD" in which <a href="" target="_blank">she sat down in the guest seat and her "baby bump" folded with her.</a>

  • <strong>The Theory:</strong> Tom Cruise is a Scientologist, that is widely known, but theory goes that the church auditions women for him to find possible mates. That's how his ex-wife Katie Holmes was chosen, and the church had even auditioned Scarlett Johansson for the part.

  • <strong>The Theory:</strong> Robert Kardashian is not Khloe's dad, since Kris was having an affair while they were married. A spin-off of this theory states that Khloe's dad is none other than O.J. Simpson.

  • <strong>The Theory:</strong> A rock star as big as Elvis has spawned numerous conspiracy theories, the most famous of which is that he is not really dead but instead faked his death so he could retire in obscurity and fade into anonymity. Another theory states he did not die of a drug overdose but rather from <a href="" target="_blank">chronic constipation</a>. Had he undergone a colostomy like his doctor suggested, he could still be here today.

  • <strong>The Theory:</strong> This one dates back some five decades -- the real <a href="" target="_blank">Paul McCartney died in a car crash</a> and had been replaced by the man who won his lookalike contest, William Campbell. He was then dubbed Faul, "Fake Paul." Evidence of this can be subliminally found in Beatles' lyrics.

  • <strong>The Theory:</strong> Jamie Lee Curtis is a hermaphrodite, as in, she's genetically male but phenotypically female. This theory is further supported by the fact she's adopted her two children instead of conceiving.

  • <strong>The Theory:</strong> Marilyn Monroe did not die of an accidental overdose but was murdered for her ties with the Kennedys. Either the CIA or the Mafia killed her for knowing too much.

  • <strong>The Theory:</strong> Michael Jackson and his sister LaToya are the same person. Never mind the fact that here they are photographed together as two separate entities. Another theory suggests that Michael Jackson was castrated as a teen and thus maintained his high-pitched voice through adulthood.

  • <strong>The Theory:</strong> James Dean faked his own death. Supporters of the theory examined the scene in which Dean's Porsche crashed and have determined he would not have died on impact given the speed he had been driving.

  • <strong>The Theory:</strong> Britney Spears' 2007 meltdown was a cover up, a mere distraction orchestrated by the Bush administration to turn public attention away from the government's doing overseas.

  • <strong>The Theory:</strong> January Jones' son Xander is Michael Fassbender's. The two co-starred in "X-Men" together and, to cover up the baby's father's real identity, Fassbender dated another woman at the time. The theory further explains that the woman he "dated" was actually a lesbian trying to hide her sexual orientation from the public.

  • <strong>The Theory:</strong> Kurt Cobain did not commit suicide but was instead murdered. Supporters of this theory believe his suicide note seems coerced, there was no fingerprint found on the gun's trigger and he had too much heroin in his system to function, let alone shoot himself.

  • <strong>The Theory:</strong> Tupac was never shot to death, he actually faked it and is still alive. Hence the impossibly fast cremation process (his "body" was incinerated less than 24 hours after he was pronounced death) and it also explains why photos of his supposed lifeless body only show his tattoos, not his face.

  • <strong>The Theory:</strong> Jim Morrison also faked his death, thus fulfilling his wish to become an everyman. <a href="" target="_blank">Doors keyboardist Ray Manzarek</a> had even said, "If there was one guy that would have been capable of staging his own death -- getting a phony death certificate and paying off some French doctor... And putting a hundred and fifty pound sack of sand into a coffin and splitting to some point on this planet -- Africa, who knows where -- it is Jim Morrison who would have been able to pull it off."

  • <strong>The Theory:</strong> Megan Fox is subject to the Celebrity Doppelganger Theory (as is John Travolta, as is "Faul") -- stars whose appearance has changed so drastically that they are believed to have been replaced with an Illuminati clone. Fox has supposedly been replaced twice by now.

  • <strong>The Theory:</strong> It is an eery coincidence that Anna Nicole Smith died of a prescription drug overdose -- the same way her son, Daniel, died just months prior.