Pushing the boundaries even further of what pregnant woman can do is Kristi Olivares, who hit the water to surf throughout her pregnancy.

The Vancouver-raised woman, who now lives in Manly, Australia, has been surfing for around four years and wanted to share her love of the sport with her unborn son.

"I wait for a wave with my hand on my belly and know that my growing baby can feel the magic too," she wrote in a blog post for SheSurfs.com.

Some incredible video accompanies the post, which chronicles Olivares hitting the water at every stage of her pregnancy, even at nine and a half months.

Olivares said she adjusted her surfing approach, hitting the waves four days a week throughout her pregnancy and shifting her stance in order to stay on the board.

She brushed off criticism about her activity, saying that everyday situations such as crossing the street or driving a car pose more risks to a pregnant woman than surfing.

Even her doctor — a surfer himself — said she should keep surfing so long as she did it sensibly and carefully, Today.com reported. Olivares heeded that advice, avoiding the water on days when the waves were too high.

She gave birth to her son Alexander Bobby, on Sept. 10, 2013. The baby has been to the beach almost every day since he was five days old.

"I believe that he recognizes the sound of the crashing waves and the motion of walking on the sand from when he was in my belly," Olivares said.

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