02/04/2014 06:39 EST | Updated 02/04/2014 06:59 EST

Facebook Turns 10: Things We Couldn't Do Without Facebook

Martin Barraud via Getty Images

For those of you who remember first creating a Facebook account in the early 2000s, it's time to understand exactly what a decade means — today, Facebook celebrates its 10th birthday.

The idea that started in a Harvard University dorm room has now turned into one of the world's most consumed social media sites for hundreds of millions of users worldwide. Whether it's reconnecting with childhood friends, ranting on your wall or dealing with the number of design changes the site has made year after year, it just makes sense to celebrate this site that truly has changed how we live our lives.

For his part, creator Mark Zuckerburg has put together an album reminding us what our profiles used to look like. You know, in the good old days at the start of the millennium.

But for the public, we've realized there's a lot we couldn't do without Facebook, from making connections to posting photos to playing addictive games. So now, instead of the the usual cake, candles and birthday cards, we've rounded up some GIFS to honour its lasting impact.

  • By Now Everyone You Know Probably Has Or Had Facebook And If You Don't...
  • And Since Making An Account, Your Life Has Become Simpler
  • Now You Can Now Stalk Anyone And Almost Everyone
    Because it's important to know on what's going in your crush's life ... and how you can be a part of it.
  • But You Often End Up Stalking Your Exes (And Their New Gfs/Bfs) Instead
  • You Can Reconnect With People From High School
    Even if you really don't want to. (Refer back to slide one.)
  • Remember People's Birthdays
    Because we all know how special they feel when they see a message on their wall.
  • POKE
    Because you would never do this in real life.
  • Catch Up On Everybody's Life
    If you've self-diagnosed with FOMO (fear of missing out), never fear: Facebook has every single wedding, child, break-up, new job and vacation update ready to go.
  • Use Your Wall And About Me Sections To Sell Yourself
    You have the best work experience, degree, oh, and just won an award. Add it to your life events.
  • Follow People You Don't Know ... And Get Super Jealous
    Maybe I shouldn't have followed them...
  • Relive All Your Embarrassing And Drunk Moments
    Over and over again.
  • But Also All Those Amazing Vacation Memories
    Add that to your map.
  • You Love How Your Approval Of Something Can Be Expressed In One Single Click
  • Similarly, So Can Hate
    Can I unfriend you?
  • You Can Wear Your Heart On Your Sleeve
    Tumblr Tumblr
    Let everyone know your favourite TV shows, movies, clothing companies and all the books you read in a year.
  • And Ultimately, Use Facebook As A Verb