We can't believe that Rachel Green is 45 years old!

That's right "Friends" lovers: Jennifer Aniston celebrated her birthday on Tuesday, Feb. 11 and while we're sure she's downing cocktails and tanning in Cabo, Mexico, we're going to analyze (what else?) her incredible hair history. (Cause that's what we do.)

Of course, we're all familiar with her hair hits from the iconic 'The Rachel' to her sun-kissed wavy tresses and blunt bobs but we've never really poured over the hairstyles that we'd truly like to forget.

They may not be as plentiful as their prettier sisters, but these hairstyles are still worth noting because of their frightful appearances.

So, to celebrate Jennifer Aniston's 45th we take a look back at the hairstyles we wish she never sported.

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  • Dreadlocks

    At the 1999 Emmy Awards, Jen surprised us with this, um, interesting look.

  • Ponytail

    No one should wear a ponytail after the age of 20 unless they're at the gym or at home. At the very least, she could have made it a sleek, high-pony.

  • Bo-ring!

    We've seen this cut countless times before on Jen so when she repeated it yet again in 2001, we were already tired of it.

  • Beach Waves

    We love a good beach wave but Jen's locks just look tired here.

  • Lots Of Volume

    Jen's hair looks as if it's trying to hide something, it's so thick.

  • Side Bangs

    There's nothing special about this haircut. Nothing at all.

  • Limp Locks

    Jen's hair needs a stylist, STAT! It looks as if she just rolled out of bed.

  • Bad Updo

    This updo makes the actress looks older than she really is. She looks much better with her hair down.

  • Wavy Bob

    It's too short and too wavy. She should either make the bob blunt or grow her hair out to make the waves look more natural and full.

  • Blunt Bob

    She sported a <a href="http://www.allure.com/hair-ideas/2011/the-11-hottest-haircuts-right-now#slide=1" target="_blank">sexy lob in 2013</a> but this blunt bob doesn't suit her face.

  • Roots Are Showing

    It's never cool to show that much of your roots. You may as well just go ombre.

  • Messy Waves

    It she had combed it out more, this messy hairstyle would have looked way better.

  • Too Dark

    This is totally our bias but we think Jen looks way better as a blond. A lighter shade of brown would have worked.

  • Low Chignon

    It almost worked but it would have been more chic to pull it up into a high chignon.

  • The Old Standby

    Yawn! We've seen this a thousand times before and done better.

  • Nothing New

    Sometimes we think Jen really doesn't care what she does with her hair.

  • Prom Hair

    That's exactly what it is. We expect better from you, Jen!

  • Coming Undone

    It looks like Jen tried to go for a bedhead look but it just fell flat.

  • Too Many Shades

    Between the blond highlights and darker hues, Jen's hair looks all over the place.

  • The Faux Skrillex

    Not even Skrillex himself can pull off his signature hair.

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