Sun News Ridicules CBC's Pronunciation Of French Canadian Names At The Olympics (VIDEO)

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Brian Lilley and Sun News aren't big fans of the way CBC's Olympic team is pronouncing the names of French Canadian athletes.

In a segment Monday night, Lilley questioned why CBC hosts aren't anglicizing their pronunciations. He called their attempts "ridiculous."

"They are used in English and have a certain English pronunciation" Lilley said. "But if you listen to CBC you wouldn't even know that Charles Hamelin had won a gold because he Charles Hamelin, oui."

“Broadcasters in this country think that they have to go all native and speak a foreign language just because they’re pronouncing somebody’s name.”

UPDATE: Sun News pulled the video from their website Tuesday afternoon and subsequently posted a video apology from Lilley.

Trust us, the questionable commentary didn't stop there.

CBC and Sun News have long been at odds and the network that is often referred to as "Fox News North" has regularly criticized Canada's public broadcaster.

The segment has sparked outrage in Quebec and around Canada amid a spectacular Olympics for French Canadian athletes. Here are some of the best reactions on Twitter.

Twitter Tears Into Sun News
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This isn't the first time Lilley has taken on the issue of pronouncing names. In 2011, he ran a segment criticizing people who attempt to say words as a native might. Around 5:30 he talks about pronouncing French Canadian names and his guest specifically mentions that names are still an area where you might want to use the native pronunciation. You can watch that clip below.

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