Green Smoothie Recipes: 11 Healthy Drinks Made With Fruits And Veggies

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If you get queasy at the sight of people drinking green smoothies, we're so sorry, but we're about to convert you to the green side.

Not only are green smoothies high in nutrients, vitamins and fibre, they can also make any vegetable you probably don't like (be it kale, spinach or broccoli) taste great. The secret behind blending the perfect smoothie is using sweet fruits or even seeds to give your drink a unique taste.

There's a reason why kale and spinach seem to be the main ingredients in almost every green smoothie. Not only do they give smoothies their verdant colour, they are also packed with calcium, protein and iron. Talk about your super vegetables.

And while these smoothies below pretty much all look the same, we promise you each one is unique in ingredients. And pro tip: all you need to do is blend.

11 Green Smoothie Recipes
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For Seriously Sneaking In Veggies
The smoothie: Banana And Spinach Smoothie
Simple: mix your bananas with spinach and you have yourself a nutritious smoothie. Check out the recipe on Fantastic Food here.

For Breakfast
The smoothie: Blueberry Avocado Smoothie
There's actually another green vegetable hidden in this smoothie — can you guess which? Get the full recipe from Sweet Treats and More here.

For Heart Health
The smoothie: Parsley, Kale And Berry Smoothie
If you don't like to eat your greens, blending them with tangy fruits like berries will help disguise the taste. The parsley adds a little more folic acid, which is excellent for cardiac health. Get the full recipe from Bon Appetit here.

For A Tropical Taste
The smoothie: Kale Smoothie With Pineapple and Banana
To make things a little more interesting, this smoothie recipe uses coconut milk. Get the full recipe from Real Simple here.

Literally Instead Of A Salad
The smoothie: Sweet Punch Romaine Lettuce Smoothie
Blending fruits, veggies and seeds, this drink is a great starter smoothie. Get the full recipe from Green Thickies here.

If You're Feeling Under The Weather
The smoothie: Kale Ginger Smoothie
Adding ginger to your smoothie is a good idea. Ginger helps regulate the circulation of blood and strengthens your immunity. Get the full recipe from Oh My Veggies here.

For Your (Fruity) Sweet Tooth
The smoothie: Mango, Kiwi, Peach And Spinach Smoothie
if you're a fan of sweet fruits like mangoes and peaches, you'll love this green smoothie. Get the full recipe from Yummly here.

For Total Refreshment
The smoothie: Cucumber Apple And Ginger Smoothie
If you're wondering, the cucumber isn't the only thing that makes this smoothie green — spinach plays a huge role too. Get the full recipe from Tales of a Kitchen here.

For Chia Seed Lovers
The smoothie: Lemon Celery Smoothie
Can you make your smoothie even healthier? Yes. Top it with chia seeds. Get the full recipe from Spinach For Breakfast here.

For A Change In Greens
The smoothie: Banana Broccoli Smoothie
This smoothie uses almond milk and maple syrup for sweetness. Get the full recipe from Tasty Yummies here.

For Dessert
The smoothie: Chocolate Mint Green Smoothie
We couldn't let you go without a chocolate-infused smoothie. Luckily for you, dark chocolate has a ton of health benefits. Get the full recipe from Oh My Veggies here.

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