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The Best European Cities To Visit When It Is Spring (PHOTOS)

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An aerial shot shows a colourful field of flower bulbs in Lisse, on April 24, 2011. Tourists traveling in mobile homes can be seen parked on the side of the field. AFP PHOTO / ANP / ROBIN UTRECHT ***Netherlands out - Belgium out*** (Photo credit should read ROBIN UTRECHT/AFP/Getty Images)

Canadians' love-hate relationship with winter tends to teeter on the "hate" side once spring has sprung in other parts of the world. While Canucks still soldier on with down-filled coats, Europeans are packing away their winter gear and soaking up the sunshine.

From London to Athens, locals are already out on their patios enjoying a glass of wine, while their neighbours across the pond sit miserably beside their fireplaces with hot cocoa.

It may not be fair – especially after this year's horrendous winter – but if you can’t beat them, you may as well join them! If you're sick of the country's fluctuating temperatures playing tricks on your mind, hop on a flight and head over to sun-filled Europe and get a head-start on spring.

Not sure where to start? Here's a collection of 12 European spring escapes to solve your weather woes. From gorgeous gardens to vast plains (with a handful of beaches thrown in for good measure) these spots encompass everything a European spring has to offer.

So stroll, bike or ride your way through these 12 cities and be sure to leave the boots and coats at home: You won't have space for them with all the light sweaters, sandals and sunglasses you'll be packing.

The Top 12 European Cities At Spring

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