Hold on to your pearls, everyone: meggings is officially a trend.

The men's pants (a.k.a. leggings for men) burst onto the scene last year when American entrepreneurs Andrew Volk and Adam Freck created Meggings Man, an online-only company devoted entirely to selling the form-fitting pants.

And now, meggings have come to the Great White North (hooray!)

During Toronto Fashion Week on Wednesday, Canadian clothing icon Joe Fresh showed comfy-looking grey meggings on their models, which captured the attention of a few fashionistas.

If grey isn't your steeze, have no fear; they come in a variety of colours and prints including galaxy print, navy, skull print and camouflage (there's meggings for every guy!)

But meggings aren't exactly new. Celebrities such as Russell Brand and Justin Bieber have been caught wearing them and fashion designers such as Givenchy and Armani have recently sent the stretchy pants down the runway.

They even go back to the days of the Bard, when William Shakespeare himself reportedly wrote his famous plays wearing the unforgiving pants.

What do you think, guys? Would you ever wear meggings?

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