With the anniversary of the bombing at the Boston Marathon approaching on April 15, photographer Robert X. Fogarty invited survivors and responders to return to the finish line to spread a message of love as part of his "Dear World" project.

The subjects had messages such as "Less leg, more heart" and "Love is stronger than terror" written on their limbs as they posed for powerful photos.

Celeste Corcoran, one of the subjects, lost most of her legs in the bombing that killed three people and hurt 200 others.

Her message? "Still standing."

"I wrote still standing because the bombers hurt me—they took my legs—but I can still stand on them," she said.

For more, check out Fogarty's website Dear World: Boston Marathon."

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  • Celeste Corcoran

    Photographer Robert Fogarty took a series of photos of Boston Marathon bombing victims at the finish line as part of his "Dear World" project.

  • Heather Abbott

  • Lee Ann Yanni

  • Sydney Corcoran

  • Mikey Borgard (centre)

  • Nick Yanni

  • Dave Fortier

  • Mike Lawn

  • Alyssa and Brittany Loring

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