Royal Tour 2014: Catherine, Duchess of Cambridge And Prince William's Entourage Of 11

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WELLINGTON, NEW ZEALAND - APRIL 07: Catherine, Duchess of Cambridge, Prince William, Duke of Cambridge and Prince George of Cambridge arrive at Wellington Military Terminal on an RNZAF 757 from Sydney on April 7, 2014 in Wellington, New Zealand. The Royal Family have arrived in New Zealand for the first day of a Royal Tour to New Zealand and Australia. Over a period of three weeks the Royal trio will visit 12 Cities in New Zealand and Australia taking part in activities as wide ranging as a yac | Chris Jackson via Getty Images

It may just the best job in the world: Travel with the Duchess and Duke of Cambridge in style, and of course have face-to-face time with chubby-cheeked Prince George.

This year the family of three brought 11 people on their royal tour of New Zealand and Australia, according to Hello! Magazine, including Prince George's nanny Maria Borrallo and the mastermind behind Kate Middleton's gorgeous locks.

Travelling for three weeks can be exhausting for any couple, but imagine having dozens of public appearances, workshops and a baby along for the ride. The Royal family's staff on tour is fully funded by Prince Charles through the Duchy of Cornwall estate, along with Kate's official wardrobe, according to Pop Sugar.

And while some of these names may not be familiar to any but the most dedicated Royal watchers, Will and Kate's entourage have all been with the family for a long time. Working with not only the Duke and Duchess, many of these staff members have worked directly with Prince Harry, Prince Charles and the Queen.

Here are some of the most important faces who work behind the scenes for Will and Kate. Other key players not pictured below include press officers, a tour secretary and a logistics professional:

Will And Kate's Entourage
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Who: Amanda Cook Tucker
Relation to the Royals: Kate Middleton's personal hairdresser/the woman behind Kate's iconic hair
Quick bio: Along with travelling alongside Kate for several public appearances, Tucker is also the Duchess of Cambridge's personal home hairdresser. Most of us probably recall Tucker walking into the hospital with a car seat and a bag of luggage right after Prince George was born in 2013. Fun fact: she even cut Will and Harry's hair when they were kids.

Who: Sir David Manning
Relation to the Royals: Former British diplomat and adviser to Prince William and Prince Harry
Quick bio: Working with the princes since 2009, Sir David Manning also helped mentor Kate Middleton into her new royal life, according to Pop Sugar.

Who: Maria Teresa Turrion Borrallo
Relation to the Royals: Prince George's nanny
Quick bio: Maria Borrallo was hired as Prince George's official nanny in late March. Although little is known about this dark-haired woman from Spain, what we do know is 43-year-old Borrallo is the first foreign nanny chosen to take care of the future British monarch, and her parents are well-known socialites.

Who: Rebecca Deacon (pictured here with Kate)
Relation to the Royals: Kate Middleton's private secretary
Quick bio: Deacon joined the royal entourage in 2009 at the age of 29 as Kate's private secretary/personal assistant. Since then, Deacon has made several public appearances with the Duchess, and helped organize many of her outings. Fun fact: Deacon's own personal assistant is also on the New Zealand/Australia tour.

Who: Miguel Head
Relation to the Royals: Prince William's private secretary
Quick bio: Head is a few years older than Prince William and has been working for the Duke since 2009 as his right-hand man. Employed by the Royals since his '20s, Head has been called a fun guy, and has years of experience and knowledge about the British military.

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