Nicole Kidman is reportedly going through a "rocky patch" with husband Keith Urban.

The Oscar-winning actress and her country singer beau have been married for eight years, but recently have been spending long periods of time apart due to their individual work schedules. A source close to the Australian believes she is finding the current situation hard.

"Keith and Nicole fall out a lot. He's always away and blames some of their problems on Nicole, saying she can be difficult," the insider revealed to British magazine Closer. "Nicole has found it tough on her own for the past few months and thinks Keith has been distant."

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The couple have two daughters together, Sunday, five and three-year-old Faith. Keith currently splits his time between LA, where he is a judge on 'American Idol,' and Australia, where Nicole, 46, is currently filming 'Strangerland.' Nicole had reportedly hoped that they would get to spend the summer together as a family, but their relationship has been placed under further strain now Keith, also 46, has added more dates to his Light the Fuse Tour, which will go on until September.

"She's told friends they are going through a rocky patch, but she says she won't let it get so bad that they divorce – she'll fight to save her marriage," the source continued.

Nicole has been through a divorce once before, after her ten-year marriage to fellow actor Tom Cruise ended in 2001. The "Moulin Rouge!" star has recently spoken about her feelings on love, saying, "It envelops you and keeps you safe. If you find it, you don't let it go."

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