We may love our superfoods, but when the Huffington Post Canada had a chance to interview Dr. Oz, we wanted to know what his least favourite trendy food was. And his response was immediate: gluten-free foods.

In the video above, the TV host calls them a "scam" and says most people don't need them. Oz followed through on his tips for living healthier by pointing out that white bread should be eliminated from your diet anyway.

Although many people have claimed to be gluten intolerant over the past few years, recent studies have questioned whether it's actually gluten in products causing the problem, or FODMAPs (fermentable, poorly absorbed short-chain carbohydrates), which are in many products commonly associated with gluten.

Watch the video for Dr. Oz's explanation of exactly what gluten is, and why only a select part of the population should remove it from their diet.

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  • Because I could never eat this foccacia,

  • This bowl of ramen,

  • Or this BLT.

  • Because I'd never again be able to start your morning with English muffins,

  • Buttery biscuits,

  • Doughnuts from Doughnut Plant in New York,

  • Or everything bagels.

    (Those are pretty much pure gluten, let's be honest.)

  • PORK BUNS!!!!

  • Because I'd never be able to order aloo paratha at an Indian restaurant,

  • Pita bread at a Middle Eastern restaurant,

  • Or scallion pancakes at a Chinese restaurant.

  • Because I'd never again experience chocolate chip cookies that look like these,

  • Or chocolate babka that looks like this.

  • Because there's nothing as American as apple pie,

  • As French as a boule from Poilâne,

  • Or as comforting as matzo ball soup.

  • Because I could never celebrate your birthday with this cake,

  • This brioche French toast,

  • Or these soup dumplings.

  • BEER!!!!

  • Because spaghetti cacio e pepe exists,

  • And so does linguine con vongele,

  • And so does this 100-Layer Lasagne from Del Posto in New York.

    (There are literally 100 layers. LITERALLY.)

  • Because I'd never be able to satisfy my sweet tooth with these palmiers,

  • These shortbread cookies,

  • Or these brownies.

  • But most importantly: PIZZA!!!!!

    I rest my case.