When we found out on Tuesday via ET Canada that "Big Brother Canada" Season 2 contestants Jon Pardy and Neda Kalantar were officially a couple, we could hardly contain our joy.

Now that it's all out in the open, let's relive all the "Big Brother Canada" cuteness that we knew was a thing. It's so much more gratifying to enjoy Jeda's hugs, flirting and affection now. Don't believe us? Check it out for yourself.

ika wong
So, I woke up from my nap and realized that I no longer have to keep the secret of and being in Lurve

We can all agree with "BBCan2" contestant Ika Wong, right? Let's revel.

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  • 'Big Brother Canada' Season 2 Cast

    The whole cast -- minus the mystery houseguest.

  • Ika Wong

    <strong>Age:</strong> 29 <strong>Hometown: </strong>Born in Montego Bay, Jamaica (lives in Thornhill, ON) <strong>Occupation: </strong>Hair Stylist <strong>Describe yourself in three words:</strong> Extra, witty, and charming.

  • Adel Elseri

    <strong>Age:</strong> 27 <strong>Hometown: </strong>Edmonton, Alberta <strong>Occupation: </strong>Welder, Inventor <strong>Describe yourself in three words:</strong> The. People’s. Champ.

  • Anick Gervais

    <strong>Age: </strong>28 <strong>Hometown: </strong>Hanmer, ON <strong>Occupation:</strong> Reiki Master <strong>Describe yourself in three words:</strong> Eclectic, outgoing, and spiritual.

  • Andrew Gordon

    <strong>Age:</strong> 27 <strong>Hometown:</strong> Calgary, AB <strong>Occupation: </strong>Restaurant Manager <strong>Describe yourself in three words:</strong> Outgoing, energetic, and intense.

  • Arlie Michael Shaban

    <strong>Age:</strong> 25 <strong>Hometown: </strong>Claremont, ON (currently living in Stouffville, ON) <strong>Occupation:</strong> Unemployed, but I’m treating this experience like a job. <strong>Describe yourself in three words:</strong> Passionate, energetic, and conniving.

  • Heather Decksheimer

    <strong>Age:</strong> 23 <strong>Hometown:</strong> Barrhead, AB (currently living in Edmonton, AB) <strong>Occupation: </strong>Model Agency Coordinator <strong>Describe yourself in three words:</strong> Fun, outgoing, and bubbly.

  • Jon Pardy

    <strong>Age:</strong> 23 <strong>Hometown: </strong>Clarenville, NL <strong>Occupation:</strong> Student <strong>Describe yourself in three words: </strong>Fun, energetic, and goofy.

  • Kenny Brain

    <strong>Age: </strong>25 <strong>Hometown: </strong>Grand-Falls Windsor, NL (currently living in Montréal, Quebec) <strong>Occupation:</strong> Model <strong>Describe yourself in three words:</strong> Ambitious, confident, and intelligent.

  • Kyle Shore

    <strong>Age:</strong> 24 <strong>Hometown: </strong>Porter’s Lake, NS <strong>Occupation: </strong>Personal training and picking up the ladies downtown. It might as well be an occupation. <strong>Describe yourself in three words: </strong>Jacked, charming, and athletic.

  • Neda Kalantar

    <strong>Age: </strong>22 <strong>Hometown:</strong> Vancouver, BC <strong>Occupation: </strong>Freelance fashion stylist <strong>Describe yourself in three words:</strong> Blunt, sassy, and clumsy.

  • Paul Jackson

    <strong>Age: </strong>43 <strong>Hometown: </strong>Born in Cape Town, South Africa (lives in Toronto, ON) <strong>Occupation: </strong>Consultant, Motivational Speaker <strong>Describe yourself in three words: </strong>Analytical, funny, and creative.

  • Rachelle Diamond

    <strong>Age:</strong> 20 <strong>Hometown:</strong> Edmonton, Alberta <strong>Occupation: </strong>Student <strong>Describe yourself in three words:</strong> Loud, talkative, and funny.

  • Sabrina Abbate

    <strong>Age:</strong> 25 <strong>Hometown: </strong>Montreal, QC <strong>Occupation:</strong> Hair dresser and make-up artist <strong>Describe yourself in three words:</strong> Fun, big-hearted, and big-mouthed.

  • Sarah Miller

    <strong>Age:</strong> 32 <strong>Hometown:</strong> Osgoode, ON (currently living in Langley, BC) <strong>Occupation: </strong>Mortgage Broker <strong>Describe yourself in three words: </strong>Fun, outgoing, and kind.

  • Plus ... One More

    "Big Brother Canada" will be introducing a mystery guest during the premiere on March 5. You have to tune in to find out!