Sometimes, it's not about going through hundreds of gift guides or guessing what Dad could really use on June 15. Sometimes, it's just about the basics.

Dads have been the creators of all dad jokes, the go-to handyman to fix your toys and the type of person who seems to know the answer to every question ... whether he is right or wrong. For Father's Day, if you're still trying to figure out what the dad in your life really wants, do what we did: ask.

From spending quality time with their kids, to fishing on the lake and getting back some of their youthful hair, a dad's ultimate Father's Day wishlist varies from the "aww" to the "awwww." We hope all dads out there can squeeze in some of these wishes for 2014.

We asked dads across the country what they REALLY wanted for Father's Day this year. If you want to participate, please add your own slide below or email us at

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  • Christopher Craig, Montreal "I have two sons, Finnegan and Cameron. For Father's Day I want to spend time and go fishing with my boys."

  • Kim Chen, Toronto "This Father's Day my Dad would like his hair back." <em>From the left is Kim Chen, Emzhei Chen, Yuna Chen, Agnes Chen and M.C Chen. </em>

  • Andrew Bisson, Ottawa "What I really want for Father's Day is a promise that my daughter will always be willing to hold hands with me in public, no matter how much I embarrass her. If this is not a realistic wish, I will just continue to cherish these present days where she is willing to do so -- and the pride and joy it brings to me."

  • Stephan Howard, Toronto "My ideal Father's Day gift would be a full size authentic stormtrooper costume... but I would also settle for a full day with the kids and my husband enjoying the day, good food and good fun."

  • Sanjay Patel, Etobicoke, Ont. "What I want for Father's Day is to spend the day with the kids on 'Minion Island' from 'Despicable Me 2'"

  • Jon Packer, Toronto "For Fathers Day I would like lawn seats to a summer music festival (preferably in London) with my daughter and wife by my side. Oh, and for the next 19 years to go much slower than the last!"

  • Jeffrey, Toronto "Nothing more than to watch a World Cup game with his little girl, England's biggest fan!"

  • Jayesh Parmar, Vancouver "All I want for Father's Day is to spend whole day with my little guy and wife, topped off with bouts of little-guy giggle."

  • Etienne Lavigne, First soloist with the The National Ballet of Canada, <a href="" target="_blank">next performing in <em>Romeo & Juliet</em></a> "For Father's Day, I would like to spend the entire day with my son doing everything he wants to do. Then I would get a new gadget that slows down time and stops him from growing up so fast. Maybe Best Buy has something?"

  • Oren Weichenberg, Toronto "For Father's Day, I would like a hug and a kiss from my daughter and a picnic at the park where we eat hummus together all day long."

  • Justin Kozuch, Toronto "For Father's Day, I have one wish: my son Sam has a sensitivity to noise. So much so that it's sometimes hard to take him out to public places, like a restaurant or a mall. My hope is that we can find a quiet playground on where he can play in peace. It's an odd wish, I know ... but it would make Father's Day that much better."

  • Adam Shona, Toronto "The best Father's Day gift would be to see my son get excited by James Brown and want to dance to the music."

  • Keiichi Hirano, First soloist with The National Ballet of Canada, <a href="" target="_blank">next performing in <em>Romeo & Juliet</em></a> "I just want a simple day with my family."

  • Geoffrey Sura, Toronto "A steak dinner (with no traces of kale), snuggles with baby and for his wife to play Watch Dogs with him."

  • <a href="" target="_blank">Andrew Bockner</a> of Andrew Richard Designs, Toronto “Wake up to my kids laughing and playing... and hang out with my wife and kids all day either at home but more ideally at the cottage while taking in a beautiful Muskoka summer day. Having time for every question they ask and and being able to give them all of myself... all day long! That would really be the BEST Father's Day.”

  • Josh Guttman, Toronto (currently living in Chicago) "What I want for Father's Day is three hours for a long run and/or bike ride, an awesome running/cycling stroller, and a DJI Phantom 2 drone."

  • Joshua Ostroff, Toronto "It's tough to beat my now-four-year-old son's present from last year, which was a Yo Gabba Gabba double-vinyl album, but this year I'm hoping for Simpsons Lego. He's obsessed with Lego and I'm obsessed with the Simpsons, so we could spend hours together building their house at 742 Evergreen Terrace. (Or maybe days, it's got over 2500 pieces!)"

  • Patrick Lavoie, First soloist with The National Ballet of Canada, <a href="" target="_blank">next performing in <em>Romeo & Juliet</em></a> "As my son is away for three weeks in Romania, what I would really love for Father's Day is to be all together on a nice vacation somewhere by the ocean with my wife Andreea and my two kids."

  • Jordan Fogle, Toronto "I would like to spend the first half outside with my family and dogs at the park near our home. For the second half, I wouldn't mind booking myself in for a massage for a little R&R."

  • Joshua Friedman (dad), with 15-month-old daughter Olive, Los Angeles, CA "To take Olive to a Blue Jays game at the Rogers Centre."

  • Aaron Elliott, Peterborough, Ont. "For Father's Day I would like a quiet day at the lake, fishing with my best friends."

  • Even MORE DADS!

  • John, Toronto “After her treatment was over, my daughter's resilience resolved my greatest fear, but the fear never goes away. For Fathers' Day, I want the fear to go away. I'd like to wish all the childhood cancer dads out there more Fathers' Days.”

  • Mark, Toronto "Like most people, I used to wish for winning the lottery. After living at a hospital for a 1/2 year treating my daughter Sarah’s cancer, the only thing I wish for this Father's Day is health."

  • Ken and Owen "My wish for Father's Day would be to return the childhood that cancer has stolen from my children. It’s a tall order I know, but that's my wish. One that I know cannot be fulfilled.”

  • Allen Davidov, Toronto "To continue to cherish every moment we have together and make wonderful memories each and every day that they will always fondly look back on and remember. That when they grow up, they both shoot for the stars and follow their dreams and know I will always be here to support them along the way."

  • Jonny Stevens, Halifax, N.S. "What I want most for fathers day is to know what he is saying and thinking and to have a conversation with him."

  • <a href="" target="_blank">Brodie Fenlon, Toronto</a> "For just a moment, I want my two boys to stop growing, for time to stop racing by, for life to slow to a crawl, so I can hug my kids tightly and, in that moment of stillness, truly appreciate the gift they are to me."

  • Patrick Charles, Montreal, Que. "What I REALLY want, is more ice cream weather."

  • <a href="" target="_blank">Jonathan Hay, Montreal</a> "While I can chat about any topic under the sun, my mechanical knowledge can fit in a tiny thimble. For Father's Day, I would love to be transformed in to Bob Villa."

  • Steve Wienburg, Waterloo, Ont. "For Fathers Day I would like one FULL day of my beautiful girlies not fighting with each other and listening to me the FIRST time. ONE. FULL. DAY....oh and a new computer"

  • <a href="" target="_blank">Jim Clayton, Toronto, Ont. </a> From his wife: "I just asked an unsuspecting Jim what he really wanted and he made a face. Then he said 'Eggs. Get her to help you make eggs.' It's the little things, I guess."

  • Marty, Edmonton, Alta "Go out for dinner to <a href="" target="_blank">Famoso</a>…lol. With the kids!"

  • <a href="" target="_blank">Michael Cusden, Halifax, N.S.</a> "What I really want for Father's Day is a 35 hour day for more play time with my two boys, a plate of smoked ribs and a long nap."

  • Duane Swift, Etobicoke, Ont. "To be around for many more with my little girl."

  • <a href="" target="_blank">Joshua Ostroff, Toronto </a> "More of my three-year-old saying stuff like this: 'Oh Daddy, you're so comfy and cozy and nice. I love you, and I also like your earrings and your eyes and your eyelashes, but I have bigger eyelashes than you do. Good night.' That, or a new BBQ."

  • <a href="" target="_blank">Neil Morton, Peterborough, Ont. </a> "Twenty minutes of peace and quiet to curl up with a book."

  • Mica Knibbs, Kelowna, B.C. "For Father's Day, I want an opportunity to create some new memories with my girl and to make her laugh. She is the absolute best part of my life."

  • Peter Creighton, Vancouver Island "All I want for fathers day is another 15 years with my kids that are as fun as the past 15 years have been!"

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