Hate your parents but still live at home without paying rent? Leh. Spend a ton of money on designer things, but still have a hefty amount of student debt to pay off? Leh. If you're unfamiliar with the term "leh," it's time you got up to speed, because you'll be hearing a lot of it.

In a hilarious music video by Canadian YouTube comedian Superwoman (Lilly Singh) and Canadian rapper Humble the Poet (Kanwar Singh), the duo use the phrase (which basically means disapproval or "pfft" in Punjabi and other South Asian slang) to sum up the reality (and ridiculousness) of many young people today.

You know, those kids who roll around in their parents' cars pretending they own them, or those drama queens who post duckface pictures on Instagram without filters. Leh.

In the music video, which is made to look like a stereotypical rap music video (think hot car, hot people and making it rain), the video goes from the two rappers singing on a glossy and glamorous set, to kicking it back in lawn chairs and eating pizza with their friends — reality, folks.

And while it goes over everything you probably did in your 20s (or still do), like drunk text your ex and OMG those days when you constantly gossiped, the video is a funny reminder of how simple life could be before adulthood.

Let us know what you think in the comments below:

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  • Soof

    <strong>DEFINE IT:</strong> Simply, "swear on our friendship" or the new "say word" of the year <strong>SAY IT:</strong> Person A: "Holy crap, my phone bill for the month is over $200..." Person B: "I don't believe you." Person B: "Soof!"

  • Cray Cray

    <strong>DEFINE IT:</strong> Someone or something that is really crazy <strong>SAY IT:</strong> "You're planning on shovelling that snow after midnight? You're cray cray."

  • Salty

    <strong>DEFINE IT:</strong> Someone or something who is overly pissed off, angry or annoying <strong>SAY IT:</strong> "I can't stand his attitude sometimes, he's so salty."

  • Turn Up

    <strong>DEFINE IT:</strong> Getting loose, getting wild and getting the party started <strong>SAY IT:</strong> "What? Beyonce is performing at Brian's party tonight? Brian's place is about to turn up!"

  • Swerve

    <strong>DEFINE IT:</strong> Swerve has several meanings, according to Canadian teenagers. It can mean telling someone to go away, a replacement for the word "swag," or if you're using game to win someone over. <strong>SAY IT:</strong> Person A: "Seriously, did you get my text last night?" Person B: "Yeah, I didn't reply." Person A: "Ugh, swerve. You aren't worth my time."

  • Dead

    <strong>DEFINE IT:</strong> When a situation is so incredibly funny, hard to believe or you have no other words to express yourself, you say dead. Usually, preceded by a hashtag if you're using it on Instagram or Twitter: #dead. <strong>SAY IT:</strong> <a href="https://twitter.com/QueenTaargaryen/status/413614526907424768" target="_blank">What we saw on Twitter</a>: "He only sold 2,000 records off his new album... that stuff went negative platinum...that stuff went aluminum foil #DEAD."

  • Hashtag

    <strong>DEFINE IT:</strong> Yes, this comes directly from using the "#" symbol on Twitter or Facebook. In everyday conversations, you can express your emotions or attitude towards something or someone by saying hashtag followed by the feeling. <strong>SAY IT:</strong> "I can't even believe how long I had to wait in the Tim Hortons' line this morning. Hashtag not impressed."

  • Down

    <strong>DEFINE IT:</strong> To do something with someone or agree to doing it. <strong>SAY IT:</strong> Person A: "'Girls' marathon tonight?" Person B: "Down."

  • Wheeling And Dealing

    <strong>DEFINE IT:</strong> Yes, this term has been around for years and it can mean a variety of things. These days, wheeling and dealing means you're in an relationship with someone, but you're not boyfriend/girlfriend. However, just to make things a little more complicated, you're still considered in a relationship — just without that specific label. Wheeling usually happens in the flirting stage and dealing is your non-defined relationship. <strong>SAY IT:</strong> "I've been trying to wheel this girl for weeks now, but I can't see myself dealing with her."

  • Beauty/Beaut

    <strong>DEFINE IT:</strong> Yes, this means beautiful, but it is often used by bros to compliment each other. It can also refer to someone who is cool. <strong>SAY IT:</strong> "Your new car? Beauty."

  • Duster/Dusty

    <strong>DEFINE IT:</strong> Originally a term used by hockey players to describe a player who didn't have much ice time and "collected dust on the bench," it is now used to refer to someone as sub-par or when someone does something dumb. <strong>SAY IT:</strong> "Bro, did you just send a private tweet publicly? You're such a duster."

  • Lace Up

    <strong>DEFINE IT:</strong> This phrase comes from rapper <a href="http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=BERMbbZUPLM" target="_blank">Machine Gun Kelly's "Lace Up Movement"</a> and as the word implies, it means lacing up your kicks and doing whatever it is you have to do. It also implies stepping up your game and taking on whatever life throws at you. <strong>SAY IT:</strong> "In five days I'll be sitting on a beach! Yeah! Lace Up!"

  • Catfish

    <strong>DEFINE IT:</strong> Made popular by the documentary and recently the MTV TV series "Catfish," this refers to someone who is pretending to be someone they're not. <strong>SAY IT:</strong> "I met this extremely hot guy on a dating site but it turned out to be a catfish."

  • Hella

    <strong>DEFINE IT:</strong> Again, not a new term but hella has become quite popular with teens these days. Hella replaces really. <strong>SAY IT:</strong> "I can't even deal with how many 'likes' my photo has, this is hella cray cray."

  • Soft

    <strong>DEFINE IT:</strong> Someone who is weak (doesn't have to be physically), tired or is too afraid to do something. <strong>SAY IT:</strong> "So he won't come out tonight because it's too cold? Soft."

  • Rocket

    <strong>DEFINE IT:</strong> When someone is really attractive, often a female. <strong>SAY IT:</strong> "Kate Upton is on the cover of Sports Illustrated. What a rocket."

  • Selfie

    <strong>DEFINE IT:</strong> Probably one of the most commonly heard words of 2013, selfie refers to taking a picture of yourself. The <a href="http://www.huffingtonpost.com/2013/08/28/new-words-dictionary_n_3829770.html" target="_blank">Oxford English Dictionary even made it an official word this year.</a> <strong>SAY IT:</strong> "Just give me a second, I need to post this selfie of this outfit on Instagram."

  • Dafaq

    <strong>DEFINE IT:</strong> This one isn't particularly new either, but teachers and students tell us they've been hearing it a lot. Dafaq is short for the fuck. <strong>SAY IT:</strong> "Did he just miss that basket? Dafaq."

  • Guap

    <strong>DEFINE IT:</strong> A lot of money. Lots of it. <strong>SAY IT:</strong> "Did you hear tuition's going up? That's a lot of guap!"

  • Molly

    <strong>DEFINE IT:</strong> The pure form of MDMA (ecstasy). It's also been linked to <a href="http://www.dailymail.co.uk/tvshowbiz/article-2435179/Miley-Cyrus-drugs-Coke-gross-Molly-weed-happy-drugs.html" target="_blank">Miley Cyrus's alleged drug use and lyrics of "Can't Stop." </a> <strong>SAY IT:</strong> "Did you see those out-of-control guys at the festival? I think they were on molly."

  • Top Slang Words of 2012

  • Merked

    <strong>WHAT YOU'RE SAYING: </strong> "Merked" has several definitions — it can mean anything from being drunk, high, tackled, knocked out and even if you just had great sex. And yes, them be fightin' words. <strong>USED IN EVERYDAY LIFE: </strong> "I passed out this weekend at the bar, I got merked." or "Did you see the Raptors get merked last night? We suck."

  • YOLO

    <strong>WHAT YOU'RE SAYING: </strong> An acronym for "You Only Live Once.' We can thank <a href="http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=64J32SpkCJY">rapper Drake for this phrase</a>, so live life to the fullest people. YOLO is often used before taking a risk or questioning a situation. YOLO <a href="http://www.huffingtonpost.com/zoe-triska/worst-word-2012-_b_2257280.html">has also been named the worst word or phrase of 2012</a> by our very own associate books editor Zoë Triska. <strong>USED IN EVERYDAY LIFE: </strong> "Hey, should I chop off all my hair?" "YOLO"

  • Swag/Swaggy

    <strong>WHAT YOU'RE SAYING:</strong> Nothing surprising or new about this one. "Swag," from the slang word '"swagger," means being or having something cool. <a href="http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=4GuqB1BQVr4">"Swaggy" in particular was used by Justin Bieber</a> when he whispered it while singing his song, "Boyfriend." How swaggy. <strong>USED IN EVERYDAY LIFE: </strong> "Check out this blazer I found at the thrift store." "Swag."

  • Reach

    <strong>WHAT YOU'RE SAYING: </strong> When you "reach," you are literally reaching somewhere or attending an event. <strong>USED IN EVERYDAY LIFE: </strong> "Are you heading to this party tonight?" "Yeah, I'm reaching" or "I'll reach tonight."

  • Styll

    <strong>WHAT YOU'RE SAYING: </strong> "Styll" is pronounced like still, but it means agreeing with someone or the truth. <strong>USED IN EVERYDAY LIFE: </strong> "That episode of 'The Vampire Diaries' was good, styll."

  • Cray/Cray-Cray

    <strong>WHAT YOU'RE SAYING:</strong> "Cray" or "cray-cray" is just a shorter (kind of) word for crazy. "Cray" was also used in rapper <a href="http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=gG_dA32oH44">Jay-Z's 'N*ggas in Paris,'</a> where Kayne West repeatedly tells Jay 'that sh*t cray.' <strong>USED IN EVERYDAY LIFE:</strong> "You're going to do all your holiday shopping on Christmas Eve? That's cray."

  • My Mains

    <strong>WHAT YOU'RE SAYING: </strong> "My mains" also refers to my close group of friends or my family. <strong>USED IN EVERYDAY LIFE:</strong> "Jay and I go way back, he is one of my mains."

  • Yute

    <strong>WHAT YOU'RE SAYING:</strong> "Yute" is another word for youth. <strong>USED IN EVERYDAY LIFE:</strong> "All these yute these days keep thinking they're cool, saying things like YOLO."

  • Rachet

    <strong>WHAT YOU'RE SAYING:</strong> "Rachet" is when someone is rude, loud or obnoxious. It can also be used to describe someone who is acting like a diva. <strong>USED IN EVERYDAY LIFE:</strong> "I can't believe that guy just dissed his mom, how rachet."

  • Flex

    <strong>WHAT YOU'RE SAYING:</strong> "Flex" could mean both having cash on you or someone who loves to show off ... possibly show off their cash. <strong>USED IN EVERYDAY LIFE:</strong> "I hate when my best friend thinks she has to wear all her designer clothes, she keeps flexin'."

  • Boost

    <strong>WHAT YOU'RE SAYING:</strong> "Boost" or "boast" can mean bragging or exaggerating a situation. <strong>USED IN EVERYDAY LIFE:</strong> "It only took me 30 minutes to finish my work report." "Stop boosting."

  • R-Bomb

    <strong>WHAT YOU'RE SAYING:</strong> This is tech lingo exclusively. An "R-bomb" is when someone receives and reads a message on BlackBerry's messenger system (BBM) but doesn't respond. Hey, we'd be cheesed too. <strong>USED IN EVERYDAY LIFE:</strong> "You wrote her after your date and she never got back to you?" "Nope — total R-bomb."

  • SMH

    <strong>WHAT YOU'RE SAYING:</strong> "SMH" stands for shakes my head. You'll see it often used in text messages, Facebook chatter and in memes. <strong>USED IN EVERYDAY LIFE:</strong> In a text: "I just spilled coffee all over my white shirt." Reply: "SMH."

  • Derp

    <strong>WHAT YOU'RE SAYING:</strong> A derp is another name for a dumbass, while a derpina is a female dumbass, according to some high school students we talked to in Toronto. <strong>USED IN EVERYDAY LIFE: </strong> "Ugh, he lost my keys again, such a derp."

  • Bless Up

    <strong>WHAT YOU'RE SAYING:</strong> "Bless up" is another way of saying goodbye or hello. <strong>USED IN EVERYDAY LIFE:</strong> "Bless up my friend," or, "It was nice seeing you, bless up."

  • Dip

    <strong>WHAT YOU'RE SAYING:</strong> If you "dip" or you're "dipping," it means you're leaving the joint. Maybe the party was boring or maybe it was getting close to your curfew. <strong>USED IN EVERYDAY LIFE:</strong> "Are you reaching [see what we did there?] her party tomorrow night?" "Yeah, but I gotta dip by 11 p.m."

  • Moss

    <strong>WHAT YOU'RE SAYING:</strong> It might have nothing to do with the green fluff that grows on walls, but similar to that type of moss, this word means to chill out or relax. <strong>USED IN EVERYDAY LIFE:</strong> "Why are you always working? You need to moss."

  • Hundo P

    <strong>WHAT YOU'RE SAYING:</strong> "Hundo P" is just the sexier way of saying one hundred per cent. We approve. <strong>USED IN EVERYDAY LIFE:</strong> "I just merked my test, I got hundo p."

  • Chirp

    <strong>WHAT YOU'RE SAYING:</strong> "Chirp" is what you're doing when you insult or "diss" someone. We get it, birds can get annoying. <strong>USED IN EVERYDAY LIFE:</strong> "My older brother can be such a jerk, he's always chirping at me."

  • Scrilla

    <strong>WHAT YOU'RE SAYING:</strong> Scrilla is another word for cash money. It has been used by rappers E-40 and Celly Cel. <strong>USED IN EVERYDAY LIFE:</strong> "I just got paid. I'm rolling in scrilla."

  • Top Slang Words of 2012

  • Flop

    <strong>WHAT IT MEANS:</strong> A flop is when a planned event doesn't end up happening. A flopper is someone who often cancels last minute.<br> <strong>REPLACES:</strong> Bailing/Bailer

  • Photobomb

    <strong>WHAT IT MEANS:</strong> A photobomb is when a person or object is in a picture accidentally or intentionally and as a result, ruins the photo. <br> <strong>REPLACES:</strong> This did not exist before the digital era.

  • Fail

    <strong>WHAT IT MEANS:</strong> A fail is a fail in life. It can be anything from falling off your bike, walking into a glass door or overcooking your holiday dinner. Fails can also happen online if you write on someone's Facebook wall by accident, for example. <br> <strong>REPLACES:</strong> This sucks.

  • Epic Fail

    <strong>WHAT IT MEANS:</strong> Now if a fail is a fail in life, then an epic fail is a fail of giant proportions. An epic fail can also refer to a task that is meant to be easy, but still wasn't carried out properly. <br> <strong>REPLACES:</strong> This <em>really</em> sucks.

  • Lipdub

    <strong>WHAT IT MEANS:</strong> A lipdub may not be as common among all teens, but a lot of libdubs have been popping up on the Internet. For example in this one, <a href="http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Dpp3quce1Vo" target="_hplink">students at the University of British Columbia sing their way through campus with Pink's "Raise Your Glass</a>." Essentially, a lipdub is a music video done in one take with a variety of people singing along. <br> <strong>REPLACES:</strong> Lip syncing.

  • Noob

    <strong>WHAT IT MEANS:</strong> A noob refers to someone who doesn't have the basic knowledge when it comes to pop culture, tech terms or just generally what seems to be "in" that week. (And don't worry, after you read our guide, you will no longer be a noob when it comes to popular words among teens).<br> <strong>REPLACES:</strong> Newbie.

  • Pwned

    <strong>WHAT IT MEANS:</strong> No, this is not a typo, pwned is spelled with a "p" and is pronounced 'owned.' History suggests it originated in an online game called "Warcraft," where a map designer misspelled "owned." (Just look how close "p" and "o" are on your keyboard). When the computer beat a player, it was supposed to say, "has been owned." Being owned means someone just proved you wrong, but it could also be positive. If you did well on a test, guess what? You pwned that test. <br> <strong>REPLACES:</strong> You got served.

  • POS

    <strong>WHAT IT MEANS:</strong> Now kids aren't going around saying "POS" out loud -- nor would they say LOL (laugh out loud), WTF (what the f--k), BRB (be right back) or SMH (shaking my head) --but this one is just for texting and chatting. If you ever happen to look over your son or daughter's shoulder while they are on instant message sites or Facebook and you see "POS," it refers to: parents over shoulder. <br> <strong>REPLACES:</strong> Did not exist before the digital age.

  • Sick

    <strong>WHAT IT MEANS:</strong> Sick doesn't refer to being ill or literally sick. It usually refers to something that was awesome, cool or surprising. <br> <strong>REPLACES:</strong> Wicked.