Canada Post Mailman Freaks Out At Woman For Complaining About His Bike Lane Parking (NSFW VIDEO)

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She told him he couldn't park in the bike lane. It wasn't what he wanted to hear.

Canada Post is apologizing after Diane Jansen captured footage of the Toronto mailman shouting obscenities and throwing things at her after she confronted him about his parking.

"The behaviour demonstrated by the employee in the video is completely unacceptable," Canada Post spokesman Jon Hamilton told CBC. "We reached out to the individual who posted the video online to apologize and thank her for bringing the matter to our attention. We were able to quickly identify the employee and take the appropriate action."

No word yet on what that "appropriate action" might be.

Jansen told Postmedia that she didn't do anything to warrant the kind of reaction she received.

"It’s hard to believe that this driver wasn’t provoked, but the truth is that he began swearing at me as soon as I pulled out my phone to call parking enforcement. That’s what prompted to me to take the video," she said. "I never spoke to him before or after the video was taken."

Delivery vehicles are not allowed to block bike lanes in Toronto. The fine is $150.

Nevertheless, all manner of vehicles are regularly photographed parked in Toronto's bike lanes and cyclists often complain on social media that little is done by police to stop the practice.

It's a contentious issue in a city with a mayor who has raged against bike lanes and who once said that cyclists killed on the road have only themselves to blame.

Do you think police should do more to crack down on vehicles parked in bike lanes? Share your thoughts in the comments.

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