John Oliver Begs Torontonians To Vote For 'Asshole' Doug Ford

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Comedian John Oliver is urging Toronto voters to cast a ballot for that "asshole," Doug Ford.

Oliver, host of HBO's satirical news program "Last Week Tonight," ended his show Sunday with a segment on the race in Canada's largest city.

The host explained to an evidently disappointed audience that Rob Ford is not running for re-election. He did not mention the mayor's battle with cancer.

"But don’t despair for there is another. Rob Ford has a brother, Doug Ford, who is running for mayor," he said.

Oliver focused the segment on Doug Ford's controversial remarks about the Jewish community at a recent debate, in which he attempted to deflect from his brother's reported use of an anti-Semitic slur by rhyming off Jewish professionals he knows.

Oliver also found it amusing Doug Ford claimed his wife was Jewish a day later and showed a cringe-inducing clip of Karla Ford discussing her "Jewish bloodlines"on CityNews.

The host also referenced the recent controversy in which Doug Ford was accused of calling Toronto Star reporter Jennifer Pagliaro a "little bitch." Doug Ford claimed he was talking about someone else.

Oliver ended his show with a plea to Toronto from the rest of the world.

"Please, please elect this man," he said. "Sure, his brother was f*cked, but at a certain point we felt bad laughing at him. Whereas Doug Ford doesn't have a drug problem, he’s just an asshole. A non-chemically assisted asshole. So, please Toronto, I beg you, let us laugh at your asshole for another four years. Yours sincerely, everyone who does not live in Toronto."

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