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Building The Look: Fashion Tips For Creating 5 Iconic Looks

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BARCELONA, SPAIN - APRIL 29: Angeles, bag detail, wears Tiffany sunglasses, BCBG jacket, Etxart&Panno dress, Casa Dei shoes, Birkin Hermes handbag and a Rolex Golden Rose during the 63rd Barcelona Open Banc Sabadell at the Real Club de Tennis Barcelona on April 29, 2015 in Barcelona, Spain. (Photo by Miquel Benitez/Getty Images)

We all know the classic Iconic “Looks,” and we know why they work. But that doesn’t mean they’re beyond improving or tweaking to fit your personal style. We’ve rounded up five classic ensembles, and we’ve added some tips on how you can make them your own through the clever use of accessories, and your personal sense of style. Now get out there and make these looks your own!

Tips For Building An Iconic Look

Dare to be Denim – The Perfect Fitted Jeans

Who can say no to a good pair of jeans? The very first pair of denim blues may not exactly have been intended for daily wear, let alone fashion, but decades later it has become the most common and popular item for all people of all ages. A good pair of strong jeans will last you almost a decade, so treat it like an investment piece. Wearing with a white shirt and a black leather jacket will give you that ‘50s greased lightning vibe, while matching it with a flowery top and nude heels give it a feminine yet classy touch. Experiment with different colours and styles of jeans, especially in Spring! To avoid the plague of frizzy spring hair that many of us struggle with, give quick spritzes of leave-in hair conditioner before you leave the house. The conditioner hydrates your hair, and keeps the shine on that lasts for the better part of your day!

Too warm, yet not too cold — The Spring Jacket

Time to kiss the brutal Canadian chills goodbye and the shapeless, bulky jackets along with it. With winter nearing its end, it can be exciting to pick out a fresh jacket that screams sun rather than snow. Aim for something that is fashionable and will go with any combination of pants you own maybe you’re looking for a camel coat, a light-coloured peacoat, or a double-breasted jacket. But aim for practicality, as Canadian springs can be a lot chillier than you anticipated. Coordinate your new jacket with light scarves and fresh makeup, aiming for an earthy look with neutrals and pastels that light up your face! Make sure to hydrate your skin with a season-appropriate lotion, so you’re glowing right alongside your popping pastels. And with gloves no longer needed, you could show off your matching manis if you’re feeling more creative than usual.

Prints to match a whimsical summer — The Bohemian Skirt

It’s not just for the love children of the ‘60s anymore; flowing floor-length skirts that sweep the tops of your toes are back with a modern twist, and what better way to welcome warmer weather than with airy skirts? Match a solid colour top with wild printed skirts, load up your arms with bangles; maybe even top it with a headscarf to match or a wide-brimmed hat to complete your casual, attention-grabbing look. And don’t forget to protect yourself with sunscreen during this time of year! A summery golden tan is nice and goes beautiful with printed skirts, but failing to shield yourself from prolonged, harmful UV rays can take a harder toll on your skin later in life.

Business in the office, party after work — The White Collared Shirt

Nothing makes someone look cleaner cut than a white collared shirt (this goes for both men and women). It is practically the LBD of office workers, as you can dress it down with an office blazer or a vest to keep it formal. The versatility of the white collared shirt does wonders for your daytime and evening looks, and is easy to transition from a professional to casual look with minimal effort. For the night life, shed the office wear and glam up the collar with a pair of black leather pants for a bit of edge, or wear them with your best pair of jeans for a casual night out at the bar. And when you’re shedding your clothes off at the end of day, also let your skin breathe by removing every inch of your makeup before you hit the hay with some makeup wipes or toner. Your glowing morning skin will thank you as you get ready for work the next day.

Making your everyday look into The Look — Your Beauty Essentials

While every iconic look we’ve listed above is sure to be a stunner, there’s a surefire way to make any everyday outfit into a Look To Remember, and that’s by keeping your beauty essentials close at hand. Owning your Look is just as much about feeling good and comfortable in your own skin as it is about finding the perfect clothes. By nailing down your favourite beauty essentials, from the perfect mascara; to the lipstick that goes with absolutely everything; and even to the body lotion that makes you feel healthy and literally makes you glow, you’ll be able to turn any outfit into an iconic Look. Just make sure to always keep your essentials close to hand, and you’ll be good to go.