This Is How Much It Costs To Live In Calgary Versus Edmonton

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Alberta may be facing a less-than-ideal economy, but people are still coming to the province in search of employment.

Despite a loss of 5,000 jobs in June, over the past year Alberta has still gained 22,800 jobs, up 1 per cent, according to the latest employment figures from StatsCan.

Bank of Montreal economist Robert Kavcic told the Huffington Post most of Alberta's job losses have been in the oil patch, so far, with the cities "somewhat insulated."

So we decided to compare what it costs to live in Calgary versus Edmonton, as a newcomer to the province.

Using data provided by, a company that crowdsources average prices for everything from toothpaste to apartment rent and generates a cost of living index for major cities around the world.

A recent crunch of the numbers reveals Calgary is the 50th most expensive city in the world to live, while Edmonton ranks 69th. Overall, it costs nine per cent more call Calgary home.

Based on their data, Calgarians pay 32 per cent more for clothing and 24 per cent more for entertainment, while Edmontonians pay 10 per cent less for transportation and seven per cent less for housing.

Check out the cost comparisons for a variety of items and activities in Calgary versus Edmonton:

Cost Of Living - Calgary vs. Edmonton
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