09/17/2015 04:10 EDT | Updated 09/17/2015 06:58 EDT

Fine Dining Etiquette: Words Of Advice For Your Fancy Dinner

"Here we have our 36-hour braised kurobuta pork belly. It's braised in a hibiscus gastrique, and we have a sauce of cabbage, tomatillo and jalapeno. It's dotted with a little bit of coconut green curry. We take that same flavor of coconut green curry and represent it in the salad that comes on top. So we have a julienne of tomatillo, young coconut meat and jalapeno, as well as an herb salad of lavender, mint, shiso, thai basil, and cilantro. We have one red-wine braised pearl onion, as well as a little bit of braising liquid and the natural jus." -- Pairing: green apple juice with cinnamon and clove

When it comes to table settings, we've all heard the term "start from the outside and work your way in." But what about other fine dining rules?

Recently, Quora users asked each other for their fine dining don'ts and we couldn't agree more with some of the responses.

Below, we've listed 17 of our own do's and don'ts for fine dining, and they cover everything from what to do before you arrive to how much to tip when you're done your meal.

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