The Words Of 2015 Look Very Different From 1995

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15 words that mean very different things now than 20 years ago | Jamie Grill via Getty Images

It's no surprise that language will evolve as society does, but sometimes, it happens even more quickly than we realize.

When (which celebrates its 20th birthday on Thursday) launched, the Internet for the public was in its infancy, and people used terms like "World Wide Web" to try to describe the enormity of what they were seeing.

Now, we have technology literally everywhere we look, and the words to go with it. But instead of necessarily inventing new phrases to help us navigate these digital waters, people have often instead opted to usurp previously mundane terms — like say taking "tweet" right out of the mouths of birds and into our fingertips.

Take a look at these 15 words that still mean what they meant 20 years ago — plus a whole lot more.