Fitness Trends From 2015 (To Try In 2016!)

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Every year brings its fair share of weird and wacky fitness trends, which, let's be honest, become less strange and more mainstream the longer they're around. After all, CrossFit was once considered some sort of extreme fitness, and now everyone from your teenage cousin to retired dad is doing it.

In 2015, plenty of workouts came on the market that promised new ways to tone, sculpt and improve your body. To that we say, it's not likely that anyone has found new muscles to hit, but if you have discovered a type of exercise that appeals to particular personalities and interests, we are all for it.

After all, if we've learned anything from our Lost It weight loss stories, it's that you'll only do the exercise if you enjoy it — so why not make it as fun as possible?

Check out these 10 workouts that seem like they could just take the work out of working out. If they're not already available near you, hopefully they will be in 2016!

  • OrangeTheory Fitness
    We all remember our junior high gym class lesson on the "target" heart rate, and these classes (located all over the world) take that to the next level. The 60-minute workout hands you a heart rate monitor and takes you through intervals, of which 12 to 20 minutes will be spent in the 84% maximum heart rate (or "orange") category. The theory goes that this prompts an "afterburn" effect that will keep your body burning calories for up to 36 post-workout. But best of all for competitive types, the classes have a leaderboard at the front, to see who exactly is keeping it in the "orange" zone. (Also to let participants know how they're doing, of course.)
  • Woodway Curve Class
    These classes are based on a piece of equipment — specifically, the Woodway Curve treadmill, a treadmill that has a slope at the top, and won't work unless you're running on it. That's right, it's basically a hill that never ends, and it claims to burn 30 per cent more calories because of it. Plenty of athletic programs (as shown here) are already using them, and classes at gyms are popping up everywhere. Keep your eyes peeled for one near you.
  • Cheerobics
    Cheerleading fitness isn't brand new, but more and more classes are being offered around the world. It combines aerobics with cheerleading techniques, with pom-poms thrown in for a serious arm workout. It promises a big calorie burn, and there are online videos available for home workouts.
  • Punk Rope
    These classes are reclaiming the jump rope from boxing gyms and doing their best to make it fun again. Of course, there are plenty of drills that will leave you sweating, but classes are built on a community feel and often have themes (St. Patrick's Day jump, anyone?). It's currently only on offer in the U.S. and parts of Europe, but we have no doubt it will be more widespread in the coming months.
  • Doonya
    Doonya reminds us of the Bollywood dance class we tried out a couple of years ago, but it seems more structured and geared towards a full body workout. The at-home DVDs have become incredibly popular, and it's marketed as a workout the whole family can do together.
  • SurfSet
    You've always known surfers have strong bodies and excellent balance, but unless you live near an ocean, you probably haven't considered trying to exercise like them. SurfSet classes, which have spread across North America, give clients a board, and then focus on strengthening core muscles, as well as building stability and balance. People who try it have been known to get a bit addicted — and yes, sign up for real surf classes when they can.
  • Zombies, Run!
    If your regular jogging routine is getting a little boring, or if you're just interested in fulfilling missions, download this app and voila — you're defeating zombies as you're exercising. A fun way to gamify your run, there are 200 missions available, and plenty more you can create for yourself. Now go get some zombies!
  • Zuu
    The "primal" workout has been around for a while, and uses the same principles as HIIT or CrossFit — lots of sprints, lots of lifting heavy things. Zuu is basically a brand name for a company that's opening across the world. Created by Australia Nathan Helberg, it combines aerobic and anaerobic exercises in classes that are gaining followers everywhere. Look for one near you soon.


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