Superfoods 2016: 15 Healthy Picks To Try

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A new year means a new set of food trends to look forward to — some of them kind of ridiculous, sure, but plenty of them exciting. And in 2016, healthful trends are taking centre stage.

“The big buzz word for 2016 is 'clean foods’,” says trends expert Daniel Levine. “Specifically what that refers to is short ingredients lists — the shorter the list, the more trendy it seems to be.” And of course, the shortest ingredient lists of all belong to whole foods. "You’ll see more products that don't have product names or trademarks,” Levine says. “An apple instead of packaged apple sauce."

Key words like artisanal, foraged, handcrafted, local, and fresh are going to be used more and more widely this year...

The food trends that have dominated in Brooklyn and Portland are continuing to have wider influence, Levine says. Key words like artisanal, foraged, handcrafted, local, and fresh are going to be used more and more widely this year, he says, in restaurants and supermarkets. “It's moving into the mainstream,’ he says. And of course, these words often refer to foods that are made with whole ingredients and aren’t overly processed, which is a nice bonus.

There's more to life than quinoa

Among that overall trend of healthful, whole eating, several specific foods and trends stand out. There’s an excitement for ancient grains that’s moving beyond quinoa. Exotic fruits are being embraced for their new tastes and great nutritional profiles. And the push to use local foods and think about sustainable eating is leading to the increased popularity of foods that might normally go in the cash.

These 15 foods are great ones to add to your shopping list in 2016, both because they bring something new to your diet and because they’re great for your health. And hey're just plain delicious.

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