Ezekiel Elliott Wears Crop Top To The 2016 NFL Draft, Wins Us All Over In The Style World

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Ezekiel Elliott will wear a crop top if he wants to, dammit!

On Thursday, the 20-year-old Ohio State running back donned a cropped dress shirt underneath his tuxedo, proving that men can rock the style just as well as women.


The checkered dress shirt (which looks like it was folded up to appear cropped) was worn underneath a pastel blue tuxedo jacket. Ezekiel, who was selected fourth overall in the 2016 NFL Draft to the Dallas Cowboys, paired the top with a white bow tie and matching white trousers.

Draftee Ezekiel Elliott of Ohio State arrives with his mom Dawn and father Stacy to the 2016 NFL Draft.

According to Sports Day, the crop top is an ode to Elliott's past, as he had a reputation for showing off his abs by folding up his shirt while he was a student at Ohio State.

"I wanted to be a little different than everyone else," Elliott told Sports Day. "I'm known as the hero in the half-shirt, so I had to go out on the red carpet with a crop top."

But Elliott's choice of attire wasn't purely for aesthetic purposes — according to NFL Networks' Ian Rapoport, it was also meant to make a political statement against the NCAA's ban on crop-top style jerseys during the 2015 season.

And Elliott's Twitter account seems to back this theory:

We mean, if we had a six-pack like his, we'd be doing the same!


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