07/13/2016 03:12 EDT | Updated 07/13/2016 03:59 EDT

Toddler Asks Kim Kardashian How She's Famous

One curious toddler named Sid has asked Kim Kardashian the question many have been wanting to know the answer to for years: "How are you famous?"

Surprisingly, Kardashian didn't really give him a straight answer.

The reality star documented the short conversation with her friend's toddler son on Snapchat.

"Are you famous?" Sid asked, to which she replied, "Am I famous? Umm... I don't like to use that term, but I..."

The toddler then followed with, "How are you famous?"

"That's up for question, too," the 35-year-old star responded, which leaves us questioning if even she knows the answer herself.

While the mother-of-two has been a reality star since 2007,many still aren't convinced that Kardashian deserves her public platform.

And although Kimmy may be quite used to getting the question, she probably wasn't expecting it from a toddler!

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