Best Netflix Streaming Browser May Not Be The One You Think It Is

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If you use Google Chrome or Firefox to watch Netflix, then you could be missing out.

On Wednesday, Microsoft released data arguing that its Edge browser is the best option for streaming Netflix content.

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Netflix logo on a device. (Photo: Bloomberg via Getty Images)

The computer giant said Edge was a better option for two reasons: it can stream high-definition video at a higher resolution, and use up less battery power while doing so.

A chart provided by Microsoft shows just how much power is used while playing a video on the Edge browser:

microsoft edge

Microsoft said this is possible because Edge was designed to "take advantage of Windows 10 platform features that keep the CPU in low power states during video playback."

Meanwhile, another table shows just how high-res material you can enjoy while watching Netflix on Edge, compared to other browers like Firefox and Chrome:


"Content owners that stream premium video on the web need to make choices that balance providing the best quality possible, while also ensuring that the content is protected," Microsoft's blog post said.

That said, Business Insider noted that the browser won't make a difference if you just watch movies on your laptop.

But if you hook up your personal computer to a bigger monitor, there'll be a noticeable difference between 720p and 1080p.

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A promotional photo for Netflix series "Orange is the New Black." (Photo: Netflix)

PC World confirmed Microsoft's claims after testing Netflix on all four browsers, though it added that Edge isn't the only way to stream content in seamless 1080p.

The website said that users can get the same experience using the Windows 10 Netflix app, as well as using Apple's Safari.

Internet Explorer also streams video at 1080p, although that browser is being replaced by Edge.

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