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We trust the HuffPost Canada Style Contributors — beauty and fashion gurus from coast to coast, to translate Canadian and international trends. That hot new beauty collection? They tested and reviewed it before it hit shelves. The latest "it" item was hanging in their closets long before the buzz.

"The Weekly Review" is a roundup of the latest looks, trends and products they're loving. This week, they share menswear trends for F/W 2016, tips for wearing the off-shoulder trend, a DIY turmeric mask, and more! Check back each week for more reviews from the HuffPost Canada Style Contributors.

  • Trends: Menswear trends for F/W 2016
    Stephane Cardinale - Corbis via Getty Images
    Alexander Cao, VULKAN Magazine: Military opulence - From Balmain's campy Rococo regalia to Saint Laurent's golden brocade, it's a celebration of wealth and bragging rights. Because we probably can't afford coats and jackets in the four-digit range, try incorporating gold accessories to your look for a similarly luxe feel." Alexander shares nine more menswear trends for F/W 2016, here.
  • Review: Mary Kay Gel Semi Matte Lipsticks
    Samantha Jane
    Samantha, Samantha Jane: "The texture on the Mary Kay Gel Semi Matte Lipsticks feels creamy and comfortable. They do not leave your lips feeling dry or cracked. They contain jojoba esters and sunflower oil, which will help to condition your lips. As for the amount of shine, semi matte is true, similar to classic cream formula, but with a little less shine." Read Samantha's full review, here.
  • Trends: Tips for wearing the off-shoulder trend
    Edward Berthelot via Getty Images
    Brandon Leibowitz for "There are many key trends that define the S/S 2016 runways. The off-shoulder silhouette is among the hottest of them. This trend is perfect for the warmer summer months as you get to stay comfy and cool while channeling the chicest look. Yet there are things that could go totally wrong with your off-shoulder outfit. Here are some tips on how to rock the look."
  • DIY Beauty: turmeric face mask
    AD077 via Getty Images
    Caroline, Style On The Side: "In India and China and throughout much of the East, turmeric has been used as both a spice and a beauty aid for hundreds of years. As I delved into my research, I realized just how amazing this spice truly is (it has more than 300 antioxidants and powerful antibacterial properties). I'm now convinced that it should be in everyone's kitchen and beauty cabinets." Caroline shares her recipe for a turmeric face mask, here.
  • Interview: Miriam Baker, designing for bigger busts
    Miriam Baker
    Stephen-Thomas Maciejowski, STM: "Women are dissatisfied with the current clothing sizes offered by retail outlets and we felt inspired to find a solution. The average bust size has increased to a D over the past 30 years, so we developed a specialized fit to cater to those curves. I like to say we are changing women's sizing one dress at a time." Read Stephen's full interview with Miriam Baker, here.
  • Review: Neutrogena Oil-Free Acne Correct & Cover Pink Grapefruit Moisturizer
    Canadian Beauty
    Henna, Canadian Beauty: "Neutrogena’s Oil Free Acne Correct and Cover Pink Grapefruit Moisturizer is made for providing light coverage for acne-prone skin. It's oil-free and made for people who are worried about clogging more pores. It's great for evening out skin, but because it's water-based, it feels like nothing on. It has a refreshing feel when applied and the fresh smell of grapefruit is great for waking up the senses." Read Henna's full review, here.
  • Trend: Lace Culottes
    Allure Of Simplicity
    Aney, Allure Of Simplicity: "Introducing... my first pair of culottes and the most beautiful pair I've seen. Culottes have been around for awhile, but these calf grazing pants took awhile to grow on me. I'm around 5'4" so they actually fall at a weird place on me, making me appear shorter than I already am. But after giving the trend some time, I started to fall in love with them and decided to give a pair a try." Find out more about Aney's look, here.
  • Travel: Makeup travel essentials (Vegas edition)
    Planning a Vegas getaway with the gals? Kaitlyn Delano of Kaitlyn Elisabeth Beauty shares her makeup travel bag essentials for Vegas in the video above.
  • Trend: tassel + beaded earrings
    Amanda, Latest Wrinkle: "Tassels are a lovely trend, and are perfect for a statement earring. I love mixing up my feature accessories, especially when I can wear an attention-grabbing earring, and no necklace — these are those earrings."
  • Travel: 7 DIY travel outfits
    In the video above, DIY fashion guru, With Wendy shares the seven DIY travel outfits she wore on the west coast. Visit Wendy's YouTube channel for tutorials on how to make each DIY piece.

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