Slang Words 2016: 13 Words Teens Loved To Use In 2016

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In a teenage world of snaps and texts, there are certain words that stick out in the pack.

When it came to the slang word department in 2016, teens recycled words, came up with new definitions and used plenty of emojis to describe them.

And while we can't capture all the popular words this year, some do deserve honourable mention. "The dab," a popular dance craze made even more trendy after rapper Migos' "Look At My Dab," instantly became a meme this year and last.

Phrases and memes like "damn Daniel," were also popular.

slang words 2016

But 2016 in general has been quite the rocky year, even in the world of words. In November, announced "xenophobia" as their word of the year, following events like the Brexit vote, police violence against people of colour, and the U.S. presidential election.

The Brexit vote and U.S. election also lead to the Oxford Dictionary's word of the year: post-truth.

But in the name of fun, we asked Canadian high school students to tell us some of their favourite words and phrases of the year. And no, these words aren't particularity new either – some of them have been around in communities for years.

  • What it means: You're someone who is flashy, or overly confident. It was made even more popular in Future's hit "Too Much Sauce."
  • What it means: A play on the art of persuasion; basically when you are talked out of a situation or when someone manipulates you to do something.
  • What it means: Someone who loves to show off, is intimidating or shows off their money.
  • What it means: A badass who is just blunt and/or straight up. If you have a great comeback, for example, you would be labelled as a savage.
  • What it means: Two meanings: If someone is lit, they could be drunk and if a situation is lit, it is turned up or a lot of fun.
  • What it means: Short form of "as fuck."
  • What it means: A very curvy woman.
  • What it means: Someone who is excessive or over-the-top.
  • What it means: Something that makes you feel offended.
  • What it means: When something is extremely great.
  • What it means: The same definition as the actual word, but according to Canadian teens, it was used a lot this year.
  • What it means: Someone who is bitter or angry at you or a situation.
  • What it means: Your crew or squad.