October 22, 2014

Harper's 'Revenge Porn' Bill Agenda Does Very Little To Protect Innocents

Cyber Bullying Carri Keill via Getty Images

It's not cyber-bullying, it's cyber-rape. Imagine you receive an email containing a naked picture of you in a sexual position. You remember, that one that you sent your lover. The email is linked to a site where more images of your naked and vulnerable body are displayed followed by hateful comments, complete strangers tearing you apart, a cybermob virtually raping you. The site includes your full name, your home address, your contact information. Some of the commenters threaten to come to your home and rape you.

Trudeau: 'Our Marriage Isn't Perfect'

Trudeau Marriage

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'Anti-Harper Hysteria'.. Tories Eye Change To Tax Vow.. Voters' List Numbers In Question

Legendary Editor Who Led Watergate Coverage Dead At 93

Ben Bradlee
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Food Prices May Jump If Canada Makes Good On U.S. Trade War Threat

Gerry Ritz

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McDonald's Profit Plunges.. Mac Sales Surge.. Netflix, Rogers Team Up.. Drill Quebec?

On This, Canada Is The Worst

Stephen Harper Climate Change

Minimum Wage Hike Won't Kill Jobs, Might Create Them

Canadian Dollars
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Canada's Terror Threat Level Was Quietly Raised 1 Week Ago

Terror Threat

WATCH: 12-Year-Old Girl Gives Harper A Piece Of Her Mind

12 Year Old

Suspect's Relatives In Contact With Cops Before Quebec Attack

Gilles Rouleau

Peladeau: 'I Don't Have To Answer Reporters' Questions'


Next Time Someone Says 'White Privilege Isn't Real,' Show Them This

Social Mobility
Reeves and Sawhill

Flight Makes Emergency Landing

Westjet Profits Q3

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Looking Good, YEG.. Menthol Smokes Ban?.. Best Haunted Houses.. Pesky Elk Spared Cull

Ferguson Protesters Brace For Bad News In Michael Brown Case

Scott Olson via Getty Images

Dead Babies Found In Storage Locker

'Tragic Beyond Belief'

MP's 1-Minute Security Delay Sparks Breach Of Privilege Hearings


U.S. Captures Mexican Drug Kingpin

Mexico Drug Violence

McDonald's Profits Plunge

Sad Meal
AP Photo/HuffPost

The Toronto Star Endorses Tory

John Tory
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No Charges In B.C. Girl's Crash Death Involving 11-Year-Old Driver

Hands On Steering Wheel
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LNG Tax.. Sexualized Costumes Pulled.. Fake Campaign Video.. Expensive Chalet

Sentenced For Killing Girlfriend

Oscar Pistorius

Soldier's Death Strengthens Resolve: Defence Minister

Rob Nicholson Cf18

NBC Freelancer Now Free Of Ebola

Mukpo Pic

Cases Rise Sharply In Sierra Leone

Sierra Leone

Teen Dies After Heart Stops In Haunted House

Christian Benge

Jacob Is History

Jacob Fashion Store

What Canadians Really Think About His 'Whip Out' Joke

Justin Trudeau
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Quebec MP Quits NDP To Form Party With Ex-Bloc MP

Jeanfranois Larose Thomas Mulcair

Trudeau Blames Harper's Ego For Iraq Combat Mission

Justin Trudeau
HuffPost Canada

CMHC Admits It Doesn't Know Who's Buying Canada's Condos

Evan Siddall Cmhc

Swarm Of Snakes Invade Family Home

Landlord Slapped With Fine For Comments On Tenants' ‘Big Boobs'

Court Gavel
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Video Appears To Show Islamic State Militants Stoning A Woman To Death

Islamic State Fighters Raqqa

Kate Goes Glam In Sexy Gown

Kate Middleton
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Renee Zellweger Doesn't Look Like This Anymore

Renee Zellweger Oscar Dress 2013

WATCH: Girls With Potty Mouths Are The Best Kinds Of Feminists

F Bombs For Feminism

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Girl Writes Heartbreaking Letter To 'Tooth Fairy'

Tooth Fairy Letter

Heading Up 'Schitt's Creek' – Soon

Schitts Creek

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Canada's Walk Of Fame +2 Biggies.. Sheen Breaks Engagement.. Khal Drogo's 'GoT' Audition Tape

WATCH: Why You Should Not Stop To Gawk At Bears

Bear Trap

Heftier Fines For Texting Drivers

Texting Driving

This Can't Be Anything But Photoshopped

Kris Jenner Gordon Ramsay

7 Master Chefs Reveals The Dishes They've Mastered

Chef Hat
Dorling Kindersley via Getty Images

LOOK: Stupid Sexy Vancouver

Jan Kozderka

5 Plot Holes You Never Noticed In 'Star Wars'

Terry O'Neill via Getty Images

Pierced Nips Hit The Runway

Getty Images

Mom Asks Son To Wait Until Commercial To Come Out

I'm From Driftwood/YouTube

WATCH: We Need To End The Stigma Around Mental Illness

Mental Health Video
Roger Maunder/YouTube

Teen's Drastic New Look After Losing 13 Per Cent Of His Body Fat

Lost It Andy
Andy Mazzucco

A Drunk Girl, A Beloved Jacket, And The Power Of Social Media

Roy Abraham
Courtesy Roy Abraham

Vancouver Man's Unbelievable Tale

BLOG: My Friend Dated My Rapist

PeopleImages.com via Getty Images

Chickens Really Don't Look Like They Used To

Poultry Science

These Music Celeb Halloween Costumes Are Rocking Our World

Music Celeb Costumes

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► Want To Break The Cycle Of Poverty? Start With This

Spencer West We Day Video
Arthur Mola/Invision/AP

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Solange Makes Surprise Appearance At Toronto Fashion Week

Solange Knowles

Doug Ford Gets Punked Hard In Extra-Awkward Photo

Doug Ford Folks Photo
Michael Dunbar Jr./Twitter

Nine-Year-Old Delivers Baby Sister – For A Second Time!

Francesca Goodby

Cinema's Top 10 Sexiest Movie Scenes (NSFW)

The Notebook Ryan Gosling
New Line Cinema

Rediscoveries Upon Rewatching 'Pee-Wee's Playhouse'

Pee Wees Playhouse
Shout Factory

Mindy Kaling Defends Controversial Anal Sex Episode

Mindy Kaling
Ray Tamarra via Getty Images