August 1, 2014

Harper is all Talk and No Action Against Putin

Harper Putin ERIC FEFERBERG via Getty Images

The Department of National Defence is currently being hounded by Treasury Board, which had designed a system that makes it impossible for DND to manage its budget. As a result, the military keeps falling behind in equipment purchases and capacity keeps declining. The government could put an end to this stalemate if it wished to, but instead seems delighted that it is pocketing the unspent money to meet its deficit-fighting promises. Canadians already have a small military and it just keeps shrinking.

NDP's Youth Wing Chides Mulcair For Not Condemning Gaza Attacks

Mulcair Gaza

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Police Chief: 'Doug Ford Is Lying'

Doug Ford Bill Blair

Canadian Migrant Worker Program Rife With Sexism, Union Says

Temporary Foreign Workers Canada Immigration

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Via Rail Train Hits Derailed Train In Ontario

Via Rail New Route

WATCH: First Contact

First Contact

In Toronto, When A House Doesn't Sell, The Price Goes UP

House For Sale Toronto

Employees In This Province Work The Hardest, Longest

Alberta Employee
Corey Hochachka / Design Pics via Getty Images

Alleged B.C. Serial Killer's Trial Wraps After 93 Witnesses Called

Cody Legebokoff

Tory Flyer: Trudeau Lectured Kids On Marijuana 'Benefits'.. Except He Didn't

Julian Fantino Flyer

Pill Smuggling Scheme Discovered In VERY Unlikely Place

Alberta Law Enforcement Response Teams

'Canada's Warren Buffett' Faces Insider Trading Investigation

Prem Watsa Fairfax

More Than 700 Dead


Ottawa Man Faces Nearly 200 Cyberbullying Charges

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Ford May Testify In Sandro Lisi Extortion Hearing

Ford Lisi

'Scary' Fundraising Numbers Show Stall In Trudeau's Momentum

Justin Trudeau

What You Need To Know, Ontario

Burlington Skyway

'People Have Committed Suicide During The Wait Periods'

New Development In 'Slender Man' Stabbing Case

Controversial Guantanamo Policy Upheld By U.S. Court

Barack Obama
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Court Smacks Down Uganda's Horrific Anti-Gay Law

Uganda Gay Law Ruling
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GRAPHIC VIDEO: Police Hunting For Cruel Dog Abuser Caught On Video

Animal Abuse
Spotted in Stevenage

‘A Little Bit Shocking': Canadians Are Bailing On Bacon

Bacon Eggs
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Conservative Government Renews Ad Campaign Promoting Oilsands

Oil Sands
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Cocaine Cut With Pig Deworming Drug

Cocaine Buff Bc

Boy Loses Hand Petting Zoo Tiger

Tiger Bites Boys Hand Off

$914,219 Tax Free

Ron Giesbrecht
Kwikwetlem First Nation

Hospital Employee Fired For Comment About Mike Duffy Heart Treatment

Mike Duffy Crtc
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'Real Housewives' Star Responds To Co-Star's Defamation Suit

Real Housewives Of Vancouver Mary

Paulina Gretzky's Beau Leaves PGA Tour Amid Coke Allegations

Paulina Gretzky Dustin Johnson

All The New Stuff You Should Watch On Netflix This Month

Magic Mike

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Members Of This Religion Live 10 Years Longer Than Most Americans

Church Pew
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Proof Bollywood Women Have The Best Hair

Aishwarya Rai
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Just Go See 'Guardians Of The Galaxy'

Guardians Of The Galaxy 2

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Restaurant Menus Are In Fact Trying To Trick You

Restaurant Menu Tricks
Fuse via Getty Images

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LISTEN: 'Guardians Of The Galaxy' Soundtrack Is Out Of This World

Guardians Of The Galaxy
Marvel Comics

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Couple Abandons One Twin Because He Has Down Syndrome

Surrogacy Twin
Go Fund Me

Iceman Gives Scientists Another Big Surprise

Otzi Heart Disease
Kennis/South Tyrol Museum of Archaeology

WATCH: Kitten Battles It Out With A Ceramic Cat

Kitten Vs Ceramic Cat

Proof That 'Canada' Shirts Should Be Banned Forever And Eternity


Heidi Klum Shows Off 'Designer Shirt' (Literally)

Heidi Klum

WATCH: 'Poison' Frontman Sells Trucks

Bret Michaels

Major Deaths Coming

Rick Grimes

Why This Mom's Stretch Mark Bikini Shot Went Viral

Woman Stretch Marks Viral
HOT 107 Edmonton/Facebook

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18 Saree Truths Only South Asian Girls Understand

Indian Saree Problems
for the love of photography via Getty Images

27 Most Anticipated Albums Of 2014's Second Half

Adele Grammys

Selfie-Obsessed Russian Soldier GeoTags Himself 'Inside Ukraine'