October 26, 2016
Frame Of Mind
Frame Of Mind is a new blog series focused on teens and mental health. Let’s ensure teens who are struggling with mental illness get the help, support and compassion they need.

No Need For Consultations, Canadians Clearly Want Bill C-51 Gone

Ralph Goodale Chris Wattie / Reuters

Canadians have spoken out loudly against Bill C-51. Last year, hundreds of gatherings took place across Canada, and Canadians clearly showed and expressed their concerns about its contents and the extensive, unjustified powers it grants to security agencies. So, why is the Liberal government conducting consultations?

Payday Lending Doubles In Canada As Debt Loads Soar

Cash Money Payday Lender
Canadian Press/Bayne Stanley

More Business
U.S. Drags Canada's Economy.. Cineplex Ticket Price Hike.. WestJet London Flights Grounded

Trade Minister Reminds Critic She's 48 After 'Adult' Quip

Chrystia Freeland
Adrian Wyld/CP

More Politics
Teen Running For Tories.. Senator's Health Problems.. Protester Hits PM With Seeds

Canada Is The Top Country To Visit In 2017: Lonely Planet

Canada Lake Banff
Sara Winter via Getty Images

Women Won't Earn As Much As Men For 170 Years: Report

Gender Pay Gap
Brigitte Wodicka via Getty Images

Migrants Set Fire To Calais Camp During Evacuations

Calais Migrant Camp Fire
Getty Images

Canadian Grocery Prices Drop For The 1st Time In 8 Years

Loblaws Grocery
Steve Russell via Getty Images

Canadian Malls Need More Than Clothing Stores To Survive: Experts

Quebec Mall
Jean-Pierre Lescourret via Getty Images

Canadians Charged With Drug Smuggling In Australia Denied Bail

Melina Roberge Isabelle Lagace

National Geographic's 'Afghan Girl' Arrested In Pakistan

National Geographic Afghan Girl
Getty Images

NYC Principal Beaten After Asking Student To Turn Down Music

Teen Boy Headphones
Getty Images

Ontario Nurse Charged With Murder Of 8 Seniors From Care Homes

Elizabeth Tracey Mae Wettlaufer

No Charges After Woman's Deadly Fall From Vancouver Party Bus

Chelsea James
Vancouver Police Department

More British Columbia
500 Deadly Overdoses In 9 Months.. Rogue Cheese Breaks Toddler's Leg: Lawsuit

Cord-Cutting Is Denting, Not Killing, Canadian Cable Profits

Remote Control Tv
Images by Fabio via Getty Images

The Canadian Dollar Could See Big Gains If Hillary Wins

Hillary Clinton Donald Trump
Mike Blake / Reuters

MPs Vote Unanimously To Bring Yazidi Refugees To Canada


'World's Saddest Polar Bear' Lives Inside A Mall

Pizza Polar Bear
Animals Asia/YouTube

Canada's Former Finance Minister Returning To Politics

Joe Oliver

‘Employment Catastrophe' 4 Years Away As Driverless Truck Launched

Driverless Truck

5 Reasons Belgium's Walloons Blocked Free Trade With Canada

Paul Magnette
Francois Lenoir / Reuters

Beaver Beaten To Death With A Chair In Sask.

Dietmar Heinz via Getty Images

Trudeau Jeered, Booed At Youth Forum

Justin Trudeau
Fred Chartrand/CP

Calgary Mom Killed Daughter In Self-Defence, Court Hears

Woman Handcuffs
fotoember via Getty Images

More Alberta
1,000 Oil Hires.. Top Gas Stop Bathroom.. Haunted Edmonton.. Lab's New Lease On Life

Trudeau Speaks To EU Parliament President In Bid To Save CETA

Justin Trudeau Martin Schulz
Adrian Wyld/CP

Liberal MP Apologizes For Flippant 'Eat Less Fish' Quip

Nick Whalen

Calgary Police Subjected To Sex Assault, Bullying By Their Own: Report

Flesh-Eating Bacteria Kills Man In 4 Days

Michael Funk
WJZ Baltimore/Screenshot

Shoppers Drug Mart Applies To Distribute Medical Marijuana

Shoppers Drug Mart Marijuana

Federal Carbon Tax Plan Dominates Yukon Election

Darrell Pasloski Justin Trudeau
Adrian Wyld/CP

99 Protesters Held By RCMP After Pipeline Protest On Parliament Hill

Trans Mountain Pipeline Burnaby


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This Dog Just Took Your Dream Vacation To Banff

Crusoe The Celebrity Dachshund

More Alberta
1,000 Oil Hires.. Top Gas Stop Bathroom.. Haunted Edmonton.. Lab's New Lease On Life

Country Star Dean Brody: 'My Failures Have Made Me Better'

Dean Brody
Chris Bolin / Reuters

How To Choose The Right Underwear For Your Outfit

Pascal Broze via Getty Images

More Style
Harry Potter 'Dudeoir' Shoot.. Hijab Line For All Skin Tones.. High-Waisted Jeans..

Last-Minute Halloween Costumes Perfect For The Fashion Girl

Choupette Lagerfeld

5 Foods For Stronger, Longer Nails

Healthy Nails
grinvalds via Getty Images

New Study Busts Deadbeat Dad Stereotype

Liam Norris via Getty Images

More Parents
Kid-Friendly Snack Recipes.. Funniest Kids' Notes.. Royal Baby News

What Not To Say To Someone After A Miscarriage

Upset Friend
PeopleImages via Getty Images

John Candy's Kids Remember Last Time They Spoke To Their Dad

John Candy 1988

10 Easy Halloween Kids' Costumes Even Lazy Parents Can Make

Diy Halloween Costumes
Acasarella/Sports Mom Survival Guide

22 Dating Anniversary Gift Ideas For Him Or Her

Anniversary Gift
Eric Audras via Getty Images

Watch How To Make Your Own $895 Yeezy Sock Boots With This Easy DIY

Diy Sock Boot

This Is Why You Shouldn't Let Your Dog Lick Your Face

Dog Licking Face
Mother Daughter Press via Getty Images

Dude Dressed Up As Tree Gets Arrested

Tree Man Arrested

New SIDS Prevention Guidelines Include Keeping Babies In Our Rooms

Baby Sleep
Maskot via Getty Images

'Exemplary Canadian' Bus Driver Helps Senior Out In Viral Video

Guelph Bus Driver
Dan Kochkovski/YouTube

Signs Your Teen Is Mentally Healthy

Teen Happy Mom
Thomas Barwick via Getty Images

Shannen Doherty On Cancer: 'Feels Like You Aren't Going To Make It'

Shannen Doherty

Miss Iceland Quits Pageant After Being 'Told To Lose Weight'

Miss Iceland

Nunavut Boy With Rare Illness Gets To Live Out Every Kid's Dream

Victor Uluadluak
Inside Edition/Screenshot

Many Canadian Parents Still Think Car Seats And Winter Coats Mix

Winter Car Seat
SbytovaMN via Getty Images

Lululemon's New Leggings Will Cost You A Whopping $298


How To Avoid Raising A Mean Girl

Mean Girl
Radius Images via Getty Images

The Internet Just Found Kendall Jenner's Russian Twin

Kendall Jenner
Stefanie Keenan via Getty Images
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