November 24, 2015

The West Must Accept Its Share Of The Blame For Paris Attacks

Nathan Phillips Paris Roberto Machado Noa via Getty Images

Whether our numerous interventions are justified or not, we cannot continue to let our self-imagined grand delusions make us blind to the fact that our actions abroad can come back to haunt us here at home. The problem with this admission, however is that it forces us to look in the mirror to confront our very own imperfections. Yet until we're able to do so, peace in our times will continue to remain an elusive fantasy and the carnage is destined to continue.

Liberals Won't Meet Deadline For Refugee Plan

John Mccallum
Sean Kilpatrick/CP

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Canada Will Help 'De-escalate' Russia-Turkey Tensions: Trudeau

Justin Trudeau

UBC Made A 'Mockery' Of Sex Assault: Women's Group


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Chicago Releases 'Chilling' Video Of Cop Shooting Teen 16 Times

Laquan Mcdonald
Cook County

Corruption In Quebec More Common Than Originally Thought: Report

France Charbonneau Commission

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Grits Cautious As Turkey Shoots Down Russian Jet

Harjit Sajjan
Fred Chartrand/The Canadian Press

Calgarians Welcome Syrian Refugees To Canada

Syrians Arrive In Calgary
Saima Jamal/Syrian Refugees Support Group Facebook

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Oil Companies Mull Climate Policy. Real Estate Dives In Fort Mac.. Alberta Relaxes Nudity Rules

Controversial Harper 'Nude Painting' For Sale Again

Stephen Harper Nude Painting
Lars Hagberg/The Canadian Press

B.C. Housing Affordability Worst For Single Moms, Immigrants: Study

Single Mom

Child Poverty A 'Chronic Nightmare' In This Province

Hungry Child
Hemera Technologies via Getty Images

CIBC CEO: Canada Churning Out The Wrong Kinds Of Graduates

Victor Dodig Cibc

Belgian Authorities Charge Fifth Suspect With Terror Offences

Athena Image
ERIC LALMAND via Getty Images

Tim Uppal Mourns 'Brother, Best Friend, Hero'

Tim Uppal Manmeet Bhullar
Tim S. Uppal/Facebook

12 Killed In Tunisia Bus Explosion

Athena Image

David Suzuki's Comparison Of Oilsands To Slavery Raises Eyebrows

David Suzuki

Turkey Shoots Down Russian Jet Near Syrian Border

Turkey Bayirbucak
Getty Images

Liberals 'Assessing' If They Can Remove Tory Appointments

Justin Trudeau

Trudeau Has Wind At Back En Route To Paris Talks

Justin Trudeau
Adrian Wyld/CP

Emails Reveal How Coca-Cola Controlled Anti-Obesity Group

Coca Cola Factory
Bloomberg via Getty Images

Raise Property Taxes Or Risk Rising Inequality, Stiglitz Tells Canada


Mysterious Voice Loss May Force MP To Withdraw House Speaker Bid

Mauril Blanger

Alberta MLA Killed After Stopping To Help In Highway Crash

Manmeet Bhullar
Manmeet Bhullar/Facebook

Survivor Says Giant Wave Capsized Tofino Whale-Watching Boat

Capsized Boat

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Free Schooling, Food For Refugees.. Winter Acts Of Kindness.. Glass Mansion For Sale

Russia Could Lose Olympic Medals After Athletes Caught Doping

Sergei Kirdyapkin

Refugee Plan Could Block Montrealer's Attempt To Reunite With Brother

Syrian Refugees Boat

Why Canada's Refugee Plan Is A Milestone For This Man

Faisal Alazem
Adrian Wyld/The Canadian Press

Alberta Carbon Tax Proceeds Could Become A Slush Fund: Opposition

Brian Jean

Boy Whose Clock Was Mistaken For A Bomb Sues For Compensation

Ahmed Mohamed
Taylor Hill via Getty Images

Climate Change Will Be Felt Differently In Canada, Premiers Told

Trudeau Premiers

Russia To Cut Off Gas Supplies To Ukraine 'Today Or Tomorrow'

Sasha Mordovets via Getty Images
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This B.C. Teen Wants Justin Trudeau To Be Her Prom Date

Kashlee Justin Trudeau
Twitter/Kashlee T P

Keurig Launches Machine For 'Fresh' Soft Drinks

Keurig Kold

People Are Petitioning Against 'Zoolander 2' For Being Transphobic

Zoolander 2 Petition Transphobic

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Why It's Important To Spend Time By Yourself In A Relationship

Leren Lu via Getty Images

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RCMP Warns Drivers About All That 'Ice, Ice, Baby'

Icy Roads Saskatchewan
Shane Hansen via Getty Images

Leafs Lose Title Of NHL's Most Valuable Team

Maple Leafs Fans

Man Writes Down All The Reasons His Wife Cries

Aaron Gillies Lex

Finance Guru: 3 Ways To Survive Credit Card Debt

Credit Card
kunertus via Getty Images

This Is The Most Popular Baby Name In Hollywood Right Now

Celebrity Baby Names

This Is When You Can Watch All Your Favourite Christmas Movies

Charlie Brown Christmas
ABC Photo Archives via Getty Images

How To Keep Your Copper Cookware Looking Beautiful

Copper Cookware
therry via Getty Images

Canada Is Facing A Possible Butter Shortage. Here's Why.

© Miss Snail All right reserved via Getty Images

3 Office Workouts That Won't Make You Look Ridiculous

Office Exercise
Robert Daly via Getty Images

Our Prime Minister Made It On Vogue's 'Sexiest Man Alive' List

Justin Trudeau
Todd Korol via Getty Images

Neil Young Says 'Canada Is Back,' Praises Notley On Carbon Tax

Neil Young

Hackers Blackmail Gigi Hadid Over Private Photos

Sonia Moskowitz via Getty Images

Glitter Beards Are Here Just In Time For The Holidays

Glitter Beards

Adele's Raw Vocals On SNL Are Even Better Than Regular Adele

NBC via Getty Images

Kim Kardashian's Push Present Costs The Same As A Toronto Home

Kim Kardashian
Jordan Strauss/Invision/AP

How To Talk To A Climate Change Denier

Climate Change
Huffington Post

JLo's AMAs Opening Number Was Flawless, Except For One Problem

Michael Tran via Getty Images

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Julia Child's French Villa On Sale For The Price Of A Toronto House

Julia Child House For Sale