September 22, 2014

Doctors Shouldn't Charge Extra To Write Out a Prescription

Prescription Pad Wavebreakmedia Ltd via Getty Images

Current media reports have highlighted that doctors can legally demand a fee to fill out this form because it is not an insured service. But really, the difference between the medical document and a prescription is clearly one of semantics. By paying hundreds of dollars to have doctors fill out medical documents, we are inadvertently reinforcing the stigma surrounding cannabis for medical purposes -- the idea that there is something "illegitimate" about cannabis' therapeutic potential and the patients who use it.

The Story Behind His Abortion Policy

Justin Trudeau
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REPORT: Cops Using Pepper Spray On 'Flood Wall Street' Protesters

Pepper Spray

Over 800 Rounds Of Ammunition Found In White House Intruder's Car

White House
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Accused Pleads Guilty In High-Profile Child Pornography Case

Child Porn Payback
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Conservatives Announce New New Vehicle Emissions Standards

Leona Aglukkaq

'You Will Not Feel Secure Even In Your Bedrooms'


Canadians On ISIS' List

NDP MP Apologizes For Bizarre Fundraising Campaign Perk

Charmaine Borg

How ISIS Makes $3 Million A Day


Internet, Phone Costs Soar

Galaxy S5
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90 Per Cent Of Kids Who Died Last Flu Season In The U.S. Were Unvaccinated

Flu Season
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Ravens Deny Allegations Outlined In Damning ESPN Report

Ray Rice
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Missing Afghan Soldiers Apprehended Trying To Cross Border Into Canada

Canadian Flag
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FIFA Exec: 2022 World Cup Won't Be Held In Qatar

Qatar World Cup

New Brunswick Heads To The Polls

New Brunswick Election

ID Of Suspect In Surrey Teen's Killing Remains Protected

Serena Vermeersch

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Canada Missing Out On Green Energy Revolution: Report

Green Energy

It's A Done Deal

Stephen Harper

Ottawa Blocks Canadian From Getting Syrian Husband Out Of Danger

Erbil Citadel
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BlackBerry Undercuts Apple, Samsung With New Phone

Blackberry Passport

Liberals Deny Courting Former Deputy Premier Of Quebec

Nathalie Normandeau

Gridlocked Toronto Transit May Get Some Private Competition

Streetcar Toronto

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Return Of NHL Just What Canada's Economy Needs: Moody's

Stanley Cup
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Man Arrested In Canadian Businessman's Murder

Don Frigo

Obama Urged To Reject Canadian Plan For Nuke Disposal

Bruce Trail
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Threat To 'Precious Lakes'

Students' Finances Take A Hit From Mandatory Unpaid Work

College Classroom
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Kid Suspended For Selling Pop At School.. Takes Business To Sidewalk

Orange Soda
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Tories Revive Controversial Bill

Canada Senate

WATCH: 'F*** It. I Quit'

Charlo Greene

TV Anchor Makes Big Exit

'80s Rock Stars, Then And Now

Motley Crue 1984
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Emma Watson Feminism
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The Trick To Perfectly Cooked Scrambled Eggs

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Meet The Woman With Three Breasts

Woman With Three Boobs
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Pitt Meadows Farm

8 Food Myths I Learned at Nutrition School

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Drag Racing

You'll Never Believe These Crazy Uses For Pantyhose

I Refuse To Stop Spending My Own Money On My Classroom

Bc Classroom
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Win Butler
Pop Montreal

Fort McMurray Strikes Back at Hollywood



James Blunt
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'Mighty Ducks' Cast Sure Knows How To Stage A Reunion Photo

D2 Mighty Ducks
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Colin Farrell Joins On For 'True Detective' Season 2

Colin Farrell
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10 Things Only Your Childhood Best Friend Understands

Childhood Friends
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'South Park' Trolls Washington Redskins With In-Game Ad

South Park
Comedy Central

We Can't Stop Laughing At This Box Of Animal Cookies

Market Pantry Animal Cookies White Fudge

Black-And-White Portraits Shed Light On Bangladesh's Third Gender


German Shepherd Dog Helps Maltese Puppy To Escape From His Kennel

Dog Helps Puppy Escape Cage

The One Habit That Can Make You Richer, Thinner, Smarter And Happier