October 25, 2016
Frame Of Mind
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Think Jesse Brown Makes A Good Point? That's Canada Goosesh*t

Jesse Brown Canada Chris Wattie / Reuters

The Canadaland founder is right to criticize his country. But he's wrong to fall back on scant evidence and cliches, and then pretend they didn't happen. But Brown's column is yet another sign of a mistake-prone media critic who is perilously short on self-reflection. And, as someone who considers himself the conscience of Canadian media, needs to do better if he wants to be taken seriously.

5 Reasons Belgium's Walloons Blocked Free Trade With Canada

Paul Magnette
Francois Lenoir / Reuters

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U.S. Drags Canada's Economy.. Cineplex Ticket Price Hike.. WestJet London Flights Grounded

Ontario Nurse Charged With Murder Of 8 Seniors From Care Homes

Elizabeth Tracey Mae Wettlaufer

Canada's Former Finance Minister Returning To Politics

Joe Oliver

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Teen Running For Tories.. Senator's Health Problems.. Protester Hits PM With Seeds

‘Employment Catastrophe' 4 Years Away As Driverless Truck Launched

Driverless Truck

Tory Says Trudeau Visit Actually Helped Him Win Alberta Byelection

Glen Motz
Rona Ambrose/Twitter

RBC Says Millennials Are Doing Great. It Missed A Few Things.

Millennials At Work
Reza Estakhrian via Getty Images

BoC Chief: Don't Sweat Deficits, Canada Can Handle It

Stephen Poloz
Bloomberg via Getty Images

Trudeau Speaks To EU Parliament President In Bid To Save CETA

Justin Trudeau Martin Schulz
Adrian Wyld/CP

Liberal MP Apologizes For Flippant 'Eat Less Fish' Quip

Nick Whalen

Calgary Police Subjected To Sex Assault, Bullying By Their Own: Report

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1,000 Oilpatch Hires.. Beautiful Gas Stop Bathroom.. Haunted Edmonton.. Lab's New Lease On Life

Flesh-Eating Bacteria Kills Man In 4 Days

Michael Funk
WJZ Baltimore/Screenshot

Shoppers Drug Mart Applies To Distribute Medical Marijuana

Shoppers Drug Mart Marijuana

Dozens Killed After Bombing At Pakistan Police Academy

Anadolu Agency via Getty Images

British Airways Plane Makes Emergency Landing In Vancouver

British Airways

More British Columbia
500 Deadly Overdoses In 9 Months.. Rogue Cheese Breaks Toddler's Leg: Lawsuit

Lab Trapped In Well For 27 Days Shows 'Strong Will To Live'

Bruno The Dog
Handout/The Canadian Press

Federal Carbon Tax Plan Dominates Yukon Election

Darrell Pasloski Justin Trudeau
Adrian Wyld/CP

BMO Assesses Impact Of U.S.'s 'Rocky Horror Election Show'

Trump Clinton
Carlos Barria / Reuters

99 Protesters Held By RCMP After Pipeline Protest On Parliament Hill

Trans Mountain Pipeline Burnaby

There's Still Hope For Canada-EU Trade Deal: Freeland

Freeland Trade Minister

Judges Told Child Not To Wear Girls Clothes In Public

Child Dressup
charlie schuck via Getty Images

CETA Challenged By Lawyer Who Thwarted Harper's Top Court Pick

Rocco Galati
Trevor Hagan/CP

Oil Spill Off B.C. Coast Called 'An Environmental Disaster'

Bella Bella Oil Spill
Heiltsuk First Nation

Bickering Oil-Producing Countries Drag Down The Loonie's Value

Canadian Loonie
Fred Greenslade / Reuters

B.C. Teen Killer Is Going To Be A Mom Behind Bars: Report

Kelly Ellard

Tory MP Suggests Trade Minister Needs 'Adult Supervision'

Chrystia Freeland
Adrian Wyld/CP

Former PM, Minister Defend 'Dynamic' Top Court Selection Process

Kim Campbell
Chris Wattie / Reuters

Canada Should Have 100 Million People By 2100, Liberal Advisors Say

Crowds Shopping Mall Toronto
Oleksiy Maksymenko via Getty Images

1,000 Hires Heading Back To Alberta Oilpatch

Precision Drilling
Bloomberg via Getty Images

Racist Angry Over B.C. Parking Ticket Hurls Slurs At Witness

Racist Abbotsford Video

Moody's Says Canadian Housing OK As It's Sued Over U.S. Bubble



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'Exemplary Canadian' Bus Driver Helps Senior Out In Viral Video

Guelph Bus Driver
Dan Kochkovski/YouTube

New SIDS Prevention Guidelines Include Keeping Babies In Our Rooms

Baby Sleep
Maskot via Getty Images

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Watch Britney Spears Handle Her Wardrobe Malfunctions Like A Pro

Britney Spears Wardrobe Malfunction
YouTube/Miss Delicious

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Harry Potter 'Dudeoir' Shoot.. Hijab Line For All Skin Tones.. High-Waisted Jeans..

This Is Why You Shouldn't Let Your Dog Lick Your Face

Dog Licking Face
Mother Daughter Press via Getty Images

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Dude Dressed Up As Tree Gets Arrested

Tree Man Arrested

Signs Your Teen Is Mentally Healthy

Teen Happy Mom
Thomas Barwick via Getty Images

Shannen Doherty On Cancer: 'Feels Like You Aren't Going To Make It'

Shannen Doherty

Miss Iceland Quits Pageant After Being 'Told To Lose Weight'

Miss Iceland

Nunavut Boy With Rare Illness Gets To Live Out Every Kid's Dream

Victor Uluadluak
Inside Edition/Screenshot

Many Canadian Parents Still Think Car Seats And Winter Coats Mix

Winter Car Seat
SbytovaMN via Getty Images

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Lululemon's New Leggings Will Cost You A Whopping $298


Teens Give Hilariously Honest Reviews Of '90s Boy Bands

90s Boy Bands

10 Lazy Parent Tricks That Are Actually Strokes Of Genius

Lazy Parents

How To Avoid Raising A Mean Girl

Mean Girl
Radius Images via Getty Images

Confirmed: Heidi Klum Is The Queen Of Halloween

Heidi Klum Halloween
Andrew Toth via Getty Images

Korea's Best-Selling Face Cream Is Now Available In Canada

Belif True Cream

Ontario Baby Jesus Statue's Missing Head Returned

Ontario Jesus Statue

The Best B&Bs In Ontario

Bed And Breakfast
Clyde Hall B&B

The Internet Just Found Kendall Jenner's Russian Twin

Kendall Jenner
Stefanie Keenan via Getty Images

Sophie Grégoire Trudeau Shares Paintings She Made Of Her Kids

Sophie Grgoire Trudeau
Sophie Grégoire Trudeau/Facebook

Brad And Angelina Are Already Selling Their Home

Brad Pitt Angelina Jolie

Forever 21's Latest Controversy Is A Case Of Copiers Copying Copiers

Forever 21 I Feel Like Pizza
Forever 21

'Exorcist' Child Star On Why She Received Death Threats

The Exorcist
Warner Brothers
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