September 5, 2015

Refugees Like My Parents May Be the Best Investment Canada Makes

Syrian Conflict izustun via Getty Images

My family came here with only the belongings they could carry with them to give themselves and their children an opportunity to have a better life. Within one generation, I achieved a law degree. I have contributed, and continue to contribute, to the Canadian community. I am but one example of thousands, evidence that should easily persuade you to conclude that assistance to refugees is a solid investment in the future of our nation, and not simply an act of charity.

Alan Kurdi's Aunt Continues Fight To Bring Family To Canada

Tima Kurdi

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Yukon RCMP Politely Scold Tory Candidate For Citizen's Arrest

Ryan Leef

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Groups Urge Government To Step Up Efforts On Refugee Crisis

Syrian Refugees
BULENT KILIC via Getty Images

Here Are Canada's Highest-Paying Low-Stress Jobs

Jessica Holden Photography

Harper, Mulcair, Trudeau Need To Become Yankees Fans

Mulcair Trudeau Jays

You're Killing Us, Guys

John Kerry: Fate Of Iran Deal Is Sealed

Athena Image

Crown Wants B.C. Child Killer Declared High Risk

Allan Schoenborn

Ex-Laval Mayor To Face Jury Trial In Corruption Charges

Gilles Vaillancourtt

A Reminder That A Syrian Migrant's Son Gave Us The iPhone

Athena Image

Drowned Syrian Boys, Mother Buried In Hometown They Fled

Kurdi Syrian Boys Funeral

My Father Came to Canada as a Refugee and Created a Better Life

Hungarian Refugee

...And Stock Markets Tank Again

Dow Jones Stock Market
Spencer Platt via Getty Images

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Tories Proud Of Canada's Job Numbers, But May Not Be For Long

Tony Clement

Trump Pretends To Domesticate Himself

Athena Image

Ontario Federation Of Labour Urges Blanket Support For NDP

Sid Ryan

Hundreds Of Migrants And Refugees To Walk From Hungary To Austria

Athena Image

Harper, Mulcair Clash Over Canada's Role In Middle East

Harper Mulcair

U.N. Climate Pact Forming Before Global Warming Summit

Global Warming

At This Church, Muslim Refugees Converting To Christianity In Droves

Berlin Iranian Asylum

Canada's Military Has No Role To Play In Iraq, Syria: Mulcair

Thomas Mulcair

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'This Is The Canadian Way To Respond. With An Open Heart'

John Tory

John Tory Organizing Mayoral Push To Help Syrian Refugees

Questionable Refugee Mailouts From Tories Surface Amid Syria Crisis

Refugee Mailout
Twitter: carlyrhiannon

Laureen Harper May Have Endorsed Marijuana Decriminalization

Laureen Harper
Jhanjar TV/YouTube

Trudeau Says His Plan Will Bring Back Party That 'Lost Its Way'

Justin Trudeau

What YOU Can Do To Help Syrian Refugees Now

Syrian Refugee Children

Cyclist Survives Terrifying Ride Wedged Under Speeding Semi

Lada Cumpelik
Island Health/Facebook

Ecuadorean Villagers Taking On Chevron Can Fight It Out In Canada: Supreme Court

Chevron Ecuador
RODRIGO BUENDIA via Getty Images

Mulcair Lands Another Star Candidate

Thomas Mulcair Erin Selby

Green Party Delivers Cheeky Forecast In New Video

Claire Martin


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Good Boy! B.C. Police Dog Credited With Saving Missing Man

Duke Police Dog

Three Sisters Give Birth On The Same Day

Sisters Give Birth Same Day

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Autistic Boy With Service Dog Denied Whale-Watching Trip In B.C.

Adam Cotognini
Adelina Cotognini

They Got Engaged After 3 Weeks, And Just Celebrated Their 50th Anniversary.

Stan And Jackie
Jackie Whitley

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The New Hair Craze That Is Taking Over Your Instagram Feed

Opal Hair

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Ed Skrein Talks About His Favourite Scenes In New 'Transporter Refuelled' Movie

Ed Skrien Transporter Refuelled
HuffPost Canada

#DeadRaccoonTO Lives On As Butter Sculpture At The Ex

Dead Raccoon
Twitter/Jason Wagar

Billy Dee Williams Says Some Fans Still Haven't Forgiven Lando

Lando Calrissian
HuffPost Canada

Sharon And Bram's Memorial Plans For Lois Are Perfect

Sharon Lois Bram

Tess Holliday Stars In H&M's Sustainable Fashion Campaign

Tess Holliday Hm

Adorable Baby Cries Every Time His Book Ends

Baby Cries

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What Lady Gaga's Meat Dress Looks Like Now

Lady Gaga Mtv 2010
Gregg DeGuire via Getty Images

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Teachers Who Hilariously Outsmarted Their Students

Clever Teachers

Emily Ratajkowski Doesn't Want To Be That Girl From 'Blurred Lines' Anymore

Emily Ratajkowski
Steve Granitz via Getty Images

This Illustration Of The Drowned Syrian Boy Is Powerful And Heartbreaking

Aylan Kurdi

Study Says Millennials Don't Think Much Of Their Generation

nensuria via Getty Images

Smokers Get A Terrifying Glimpse Into The Future

Jupiterimages via Getty Images

Woman Gets Death Threats After Posting A Photo Of Her Period Online

Period Blood Instagram

Porcupine Gets The Better Of Leopard In Remarkable Video

Porcupine Escapes Leopard

10 Foods That Fight Inflammation

Foods For Inflammation
Monkey Business Images via Getty Images

They Dropped Everything To Travel -- Now They're Scrubbing Toilets

Couple Quit Their Jobs To Travel
Couple quit their jobs to travel

6 Things That Might Secretly Be Making You Miserable

Manon /500px