February 14, 2016

The Conservatives' Rhetoric On Pipelines Is A Blast From The Past

Rona Ambrose Adrian Wyld/The Canadian Press

Rather than engaging in a robust post-election rebuilding process and seeking to broaden its base, the Conservative party has decided to retreat into their comfort zone of regional grievance politics. Under the leadership of Rona Ambrose, the Conservatives appear to be abandoning any attempt to repair the national coalition that swept them to power in 2006. Indeed, today they look more like the Canadian Alliance of the early 2000s than the governing Conservatives of the last 10 years. The latest and most obvious example of this is the party's recent opposition day motion on the Energy East pipeline.

Japan Says It Wasn't Excluding Canada From TPP Side Talks

Fumio Kishida

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Canada's First Transgender Judge Sworn In

Kael Mckenzie

The Stakes Of The U.S. Election Just Got Higher

Athena Image
Manuel Balce Ceneta/Associated Press

It's REALLY Cold Outside

Frozen Face
Bloomberg via Getty Images

Police Ignore Missing Native Women, Ministers Hear Ahead Of Inquiry

Carolyn Bennett
Adrian Wyld/The Canadian Press

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B.C. Teens Rescue Mountie From Mangled Cruiser

PETER MCCABE via Getty Images

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Surgeries In Newfoundland Postponed Over Sterilization Concerns

Surgical Equipment
Getty Images

Supreme Court Justice Antonin Scalia Dies At 79

Chip Somodevilla via Getty Images

B.C. Metis Toddler Banned From Cultural Event In Her Honour

Baby In Kitchen
Ron Chapple Stock via Getty Images

Ontario First Nation Risks Losing Its Link To The Outside World

Bill Morneau

Ban Ki-Moon Praises Montreal's Anti-Radicalization Efforts

Denis Coderre Ban Ki Moon

HIV And Hepatitis C Rates Are 10 To 30 Times Higher In Prisons

Drug Addicts Hand
wissanu01 via Getty Images

Trudeau Boasts Spending To Help Economy Amid Weak Outlook

CHRIS ROUSSAKIS via Getty Images

How Native Do Native People Have To Be?

Native Canadian Indigenous Festival Aboriginal
Mohd Samsul Mohd Said via Getty Images

Canada Won't Meet UN Aid Goal, Despite Ban Ki-Moon's Urging

Trudeau Ban Ki Moon
CHRIS ROUSSAKIS via Getty Images

B.C. Just Made A Massive Affordable Housing Investment

Christy Clark

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Transport Canada Beefs Up Nissan SUV Recall

Nissan Logo

UN Secretary General Lauds Canada's Response To Refugee Crisis

Ban Kimoon
Fred Chartrand/CP

Oil Soars 12% In One Day

Oil Prices

Bennett Hears Familiar Tale From Families Of Murdered Women

Carolyn Bennett
Adrian Wyld/CP

Oil Price Pain Is Spreading To Other Sectors


Liberals Try To Sum Up First 100 Days In About 3 Minutes

Justin Trudeau La Loche
Jonathan Hayward/CP

PM Takes Questions On Twitter

NAFTA Countries Sign Deal On Green Energy

Jim Carr

Teachers To Return To La Loche School 1 Month After Shooting

Trudeau La Loche
Jonathan Hayward/CP

Trudeau Announces 'Massive' Boost To Summer Jobs Program

Justin Trudeau
Aaron Vincent Elkaim/CP

Canada ‘Most Likely Candidate' For Negative Interest Rates

Stephen Poloz Economic Recovery

Democratic Primary Is A Fight Over Wall Street And Obama's Legacy

Athena Image
Andrew Renneisen via Getty Images

2 Teens Shot Dead At Arizona High School, Cops Say

Google Maps

7-Year-Old Dramatically Saves Classmate From Fall Off Ski Lift

Ski Lifts Reopen

► 1 Cougar Is Scary. 3 Cougars Are Terrifying.


Spanish Civil Servant Skipped Work For 6 Years, Got Paid Anyway

Paycheck Paycheque Pay Cheque
AndreyPopov via Getty Images


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