July 31, 2014

This Is Your Brain on Legal Drugs: Let's End the Drug War With a Minimum of Casualties by Following the Science

Marijuana Brain Adrian Assalve/CGinspiration via Getty Images

Human beings sometimes have a troubling inability to hold two thoughts in mind at the same time -- not only when the two thoughts contradict each other but even when they simply appear to be in conflict with each other but actually aren't. And nowhere is there a greater need for us to get past this tendency than when discussing the ongoing war on drugs. It should be possible to say that, as a first step toward ending this shameful chapter in our country's history, we should continue with the movement toward the decriminalization of marijuana. And we should also be able to say that as we decriminalize, we should take every step possible to minimize the harm, since there is scientific evidence of the dangers of pot on adolescents and young adults. So as we move toward legalization, let's put the science front and center.

UN Official Breaks Down Over Israeli Shelling Of Gaza School

Chris Gunness
Al Jazeera/ YouTube

Sticking With The Hard Line

Stephen Harper

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Toronto's Top Cop Out

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MacKay's Office: Government Won't Make Nadon Pay Back Salary

Peter Mackay Parents

Toronto Police Revive Missing Person Search, 29 Years Later

Nicole Morin Missing Toronto
CP, Handout

HUGE Gold, Copper Mine Approved

Ksm Gold Bc Mine
KSM Project

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Border Agency Uniforms Found In Vancouver Dumpster

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Stanley Q. Woodbine

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So Is Alberta Going To Win All The Big Lottery Prizes Or What?

Edmonton Lotto Win

Worth $10 Billion Now?


Yup, That's Canadian Tech In The Hands Of Iraqi Rebels

Night Vision Goggles

Wall Street Analysts Predict The Slow Demise Of Walmart And Target


Ex-Premier's 'Personal Air Limousines' Should Be Probed: Alberta Critics

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Man Charged With Rape At Keith Urban Concert Near Boston

Keith Urban Sean Murphy

Banned From Teaching After Child Porn Conviction

Sunset Elementary Port Mcneill
Google Street View

Detroit-Windsor Bridge Project To Be Overseen By U.S.-Canadian Panel

Detroit Windsor Bridge

Murderer Escapes Quebec Prison

Robert Gaudette
Surete du Quebec/Twitter

Facebook Sued For $123 Million Over 'Revenge Porn'

Facebook Headquarters
Stephen Lam via Getty Images

Israelis Chant 'There's No School In Gaza, There Are No More Kids Left'

Tel Aviv

Ukraine Official: Rebels Have Mined Area Around Crash Site

Malaysia Airlines Crash Site
BULENT KILIC via Getty Images

Russia Promises To Support Locals Hit By Western Sanctions


New Charges Laid In Shooting

Sammy Yatim

MAP: The Deadly Spread Of Ebola

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Are Mall Parking Lots Too Dangerous?

Addison Hall

Military Looks To Protect VIPs From Heat-Seeking Missiles

Stephen Harper Plane

GM Slammed With Huge Lawsuit

Gm Deaths

Prison Guards Not Trained To Handle Mentally Ill: Union Head

John Mcallister via Getty Images

'Sharknado 2' Creates Twitter GOLD

Sharknado 2

The 3 Easiest Ways To Age Backwards (No, Really)

Dimitri Otis via Getty Images

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Kelsey Grammer 'Forgives' Murdered Sister's Killer

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11 Ingredients You Need To Stop Over Using

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Emotional 'Batkid Begins' Trailer Shows How A 5-Year-Old 'Saved' A City

Batkid Crowds
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She Doesn't Look Like This Anymore!

Scarlett Johansson
FREDERIC J. BROWN via Getty Images

Freaking Cool Strollers Make Us All Want A Baby

Longboard Stroller

This Dog Stops Itself In A Very Unusual (And Adorable) Way

Stella Dog Stops Funny

Kim Kardashian's Hottest Moments Of 2014 (So Far)

Kim Kardashian

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Seinfeld-Netflix Deal Would Cost More Than 'Nothing'

Seinfeld Netflix
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FIRST LOOK: This Year's Incredible Burning Man Art

Burning Man 2014 Art
Courtesy of Matt Schultz

10 Cities Worldwide That Are Working To Win Their Wars Against Homelessness

San Francisco Skyline
Roberto Soncin Gerometta via Getty Images

Colour-Changing Ice Cream Is Here

Ice Cream
Kitchen daily

'Terry Fox Day' Is Coming Soon To This Province

Terry Fox Day

Marge Simpson Is Butt One Of Many Nicki Minaj Memes

Marge Nicki

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The Killing Season 4

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This What Happens When A Toddler Is Put In Charge At Summer Camp

Toddler Controls Camp
YouTube / RFamilyPage

'Her Death Still Doesn't Feel Real'

Natasha Richardson
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