October 7, 2015

The Tory Tip Line Will Turn Canadians Against Each Other

Kellie Leitch Bloomberg via Getty Images

The issue here is that such a tip line will do nothing but draw deeper lines in the ground between race, religion, and so on. We will notice that "barbaric cultural practices" is a purposefully vague descriptor that could encompass a plethora of different acts, yet Canadians are only left guessing as to what Kellie Leitch and her party would classify as such practices. This proposed tip line has already been compared by some to similar situations in place in interwar Germany and the Soviet Union.


Philippe Lopez
PHILIPPE LOPEZ via Getty Images

Russia Backs Syrian Forces In Major Assault On Insurgents

Athena Image

These Canadian Cities Are Foreign Investors' Next Real Estate Targets


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Kickstater Breaks Rules To Help Refugees.. GTA Home Prices Grow By $8,500/Mo.

'Renounce Your Heritage,' Tory Candidate Reportedly Tells Voter

Ubaka Ogbogu
Ubaka Ogbogu

Why It Could All Come Down To Ontario

Stephen Harper Justin Trudeau
The Canadian Press

Mulcair, Trudeau Condemn Proposed Niqab Ban For Civil Servants


Where The Battle For Change Hits Close To Home

Megan Leslie Andy Fillmore
The Canadian Press

Divisive Politics Led Vandals To Deface Signs, Liberal Candidate Says

Khalil Ramal

Aglukkaq Spent $140K To Address Near-Empty Room

Leona Aglukkaq

Why Canadians' Retirement Funds Won't Be As Large As Hoped


Tolls A Bigger Concern Than Niqabs, NDP Candidate Says

Hoang Mai

Tories Promise New Parental Benefits

Stephen Harper

Elections Canada Resending 5,600 Toronto Voter Cards

Ballot Box
Shutterstock / Sadik Gulec

Wynne Excludes Media From Events With Chinese Communist Party Officials

Kathleen Wynne

Aglukkaq Only Recently Learned Of Montreal Wastewater Plan

Leona Aglukkaq

CIBC Plans To Launch Disruptive Digital Banking Services

Roberto Machado Noa via Getty Images

Why America Won't Quit Guns

Athena Image

Airline Aims To Feed Passengers With Food Grown At Airport Farm


Boy Guilty Of Pushing Student To Death Under Bus

School Bus
Spaces Images via Getty Images

Huffington Post Employees In Talks To Unionize

Athena Image
Mike Pont via Getty Images

Now You Can Put A House On Your Credit Card

Buy Now Button
ferlistockphoto via Getty Images

Canadian Mine Shuts Down In Nicaragua Amid Violence

El Limon Mine Nicaragua

Man Dies Of Arrow To The Chest In Southern Ontario

No Inquiry Into Teen's Death While In Care

Alex Gervais Christy Clark

Record High Of Cars Abandoned At Edmonton Airport

Edmonton International Airport
George Rose via Getty Images

Oil Industry Could Cut Methane Emissions 45% Right Now: Report

Oil Rig Worker
Joel Sheagren via Getty Images

Quebec Premier Calls Provincial Byelections During Federal Campaign

Bloomberg via Getty Images

Canadian Oil Sands Fights Hostile Takeover With 'Poison Pill'

Suncor Voyageur Updgrader Oilsands

Volkswagen Lacks Lobbyists To Defend Itself On Capitol Hill

Michael Horn Volkswagen

Airbus' New Patent Might Put Us Off Flying Ever Again


Ground Can Absorb Oil Spills, Says Conservative Candidate

Sabrina Zuniga

B.C. Man Smoked Meth, Cocaine Before Pregnant Girlfriend Killed

Damien Taylor Cj Fowler
Handout/Kamloops This Week


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