March 31, 2015

If the Photo of My Period Made You Uncomfortable, Ask Yourself Why

Rupi Kaur Rupi Kaur

When Instagram repeatedly removes the photo of a sleeping girl with a period stain on her pajamas, this becomes more than a class project. We are content seeing sexualized bodies, but the moment we gaze upon something that does not serve our sexual egos we are offended. Highlighting the fact that the vagina is used for something other than sex is a direct attack on our idyllic conceptions of a manicured feminine identity. We are not outraged by blood. We see blood all the time. Blood is pervasive in movies, television, and video games. Yet, we are outraged by the fact that one openly discusses bleeding from an area that we try to claim ownership over.

Outrage Erupts Over Not Guilty Verdict In Aboriginal Woman's Death (GRAPHIC)

Cindy Gladue

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Desperate For A Deal


Leaders Of Indiana Companies 'Deeply Concerned' Over LGBT Discrimination Law

Mike Pence
Bill Clark via Getty Images

Coming Soon: All-Day Breakfast?

Mcdonalds Breakfast
Joe Raedle via Getty Images

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A Sign The Federal Budget Is Coming?

Joe Oliver
Bloomberg via Getty Images

Analysts Question Whether Canada Can Stomach 'War' Against ISIS

Isis Flag
YOUNIS AL-BAYATI via Getty Images

Tories Unveil Another One-Time Payout For Wounded Soldiers

Canada Veterans

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Baird Has Another New Gig

John Baird
MOHAMED EL-SHAHED via Getty Images

Ontario Spending Over Half A Billion To Fight Homelessness

Toronto Homeless
Vince Talotta via Getty Images

What Harper Giveth, The Provinces Taketh Away

Harper Oliver

Is A $1M Salary For Western University's President Is Appropriate?

Amit Chakma

Liberals Refuse To Answer

Quebec Calls On Harper To Reverse Decision To Destroy Long-Gun Data

Hemera Technologies via Getty Images

Heckler Takes On Cosby Over Rape Allegations

Bill Cosby

Bank Of Canada's Poloz Warns Of ‘Atrocious' Economic Growth

Stephen Poloz Bank Of Canada

► Vancouver Police Officer Smashes Car Window, Drags Driver Out

Vancouver Police Window Smashed

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Honda Canada To Export Vehicles To European Union

Honda Car
Geri Lavrov via Getty Images

Woman Arrested For Allegedly Punching WestJet Flight Attendant

Westjet Cancellations

NDP Questioned Over Alleged Improper Use Of Riding Offices

Peggy Nash Ndp Budget

Another Province Bans Tanning Beds For People Under 18

Tanning Beds
.shock via Getty Images

Ex-Hospital Chief Dying From Cancer In Panamanian Prison

Arthur Porter

UK Is 1st Country To Offer This Vaccine

Baby Vaccine
ballyscanlon via Getty Images

Amazon Testing Delivery Drones In Rural B.C.

Amazon Drones

Danielle Smith Sorry For Snark

Danielle Smith

How Amazon And Online Shopping Took Away Future Shop's Future

Future Shop

'My Big Breakthrough Was When I Was Allowed To Write For Men'

Barbara Walters

Halifax Plane Crash: What Happened?

U.S.-Mexico Climate Deal Signed, Canada Fiddles

Climate Change
Josef Friedhuber via Getty Images

One Dead After Driver Attempts To Ram NSA Gate

Fort Meade Shooting

First She Took Tear Gas To The Face. Then She Was Mocked Online

Quebec Protest
HuffPost Quebec


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Snoop Dogg Looked VERY Different In High School!

Snoop Dogg
Steve Granitz via Getty Images

Canada's Homeless Read 'Mean Tweets'

Homelessness Canada

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21 Facts You Never Knew About International Gender Inequality

Womens History Month

Celine Dion's Most Unique Outfits

Celine Dion Oscars
S. Granitz via Getty Images

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Jamie Foxx Accused Of Transphobia After Bruce Jenner Jokes

Jamie Foxx
Kevork Djansezian/NBC via Getty Images

'Roll Up The Rim' Winner Loses Because She Didn't Read Fine Print

Roll Up The Rim

Kylie Jenner Gifts Instagram Followers With More Bikini Shots

Kylie Jenner

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All The New Stuff You Should Watch On Netflix In April

Batman Returns
Warner Bros.

The Best Photos of History-Making Women Hanging Out Together

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Welcome To The Horror Show That Is Wedding Season

Wedding Season
by Sigi Kolbe via Getty Images

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Taydonna Are Our New Favourite Cross-Generation BFFs

Taylor Swift Madonna
Christopher Polk/NBC via Getty Images

Angelina Jolie Makes First Post-Surgery Appearance

Angelina Jolie

John Oliver: April Fool's Day Is 'Awful' And You Should Not Do It

John Oliver April Fool

This Is How Nuts Vancouver's Real Estate Market Has Become

East Vancouver House
Paul Eviston

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These Celebs Follow Latest Baby Name Trend

Kristen Dax
Axelle/Bauer-Griffin via Getty Images

15 Reasons To Add This Powerful Yellow Spice To Your Diet

Turmeric Benefits
Maximilian Stock Ltd. via Getty Images

Eva Mendes' First Red Carpet Dress Cost How Much?!

Eva Mendes
Angela Weiss via Getty Images

The Most Unbelievable Rink For The Most Unforgettable Game

Molson Ice Rink
Molson Canadian

The 5 Most European Cities Not In Europe

David Madison via Getty Images

Controversial Gay Jesus Attacked and Labeled as Blasphemy

Doug Blanchard

Here's Your First Look At 'Fear The Walking Dead'