July 22, 2014

Germ Warfare: How To Navigate The Washroom's Microbial Minefield [VIDEO]

Wash Hands Mike Kemp via Getty Images

The summer time means lemonade, beaches and more time in public bathrooms. But while the stall looks like sweet relief through beer goggles, it's actually a cesspool of germs. Nobody wants to waste sunny days in bed with a cold or flu, so we've asked The Germ Guy, a.k.a Jason Tetro, to arm you with the weapons to fight a microbial army.

MH17 Black Boxes Handed Over After Lengthy Negotiations

Mh17 Black Boxes
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Mom Kicked Out Of Concert For Nursing Her Baby

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WATCH: Navigating The Washroom's Microbial Minefield

Wash Hands
Mike Kemp via Getty Images

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