April 19, 2015

Extremists Create a False Relationship Between Religion and Conflict

Isis John Moore via Getty Images

Horrific and murderous events in France and Nigeria have, once again, led us to examine the relationship between religion and violent conflict. But this framing, while commonplace, is simplistic and incorrect. The religious texts and teachings of spiritual leaders from any major religion are resolute in their condemnation of violence as a means to fulfilling objectives of any scale. When reviewing the source material one finds there is no rational relationship between religion and conflict. In fact, religion is a pretext for cooperation, not conflict.

Iraqi Officer Under Saddam Masterminded Rise Of ISIS: Report

Isis Fighters
AHMAD AL-RUBAYE via Getty Images

A Whole Lot Of Conservative MPs Leaned On Mike Duffy

Mike Duffy

More Politics
New Map Of Canada.. Harper Family Secrets Kept Private.. Horwath Gets Boot.. Grits Want Blair

ISIS Video Purports To Show Killing Of Ethiopian Christians In Libya


Canadian Miners Grapple With Security Risks In Mexico

Mining Mexico

More Business
EU vs. Google.. Hillary Blasts CEO Pay.. CEO Slashes Own Pay, Gives Workers $70K

Prentice Feeling The Squeeze By NDP, Wildrose

Alberta Election Leaders

'In Flanders Fields' Poet To Be Honoured With 2 Statues

John Mccrae Statue

'They Can't Just Be Expected To Sit And Suffer In Silence'

David Cooper via Getty Images

Ghomeshi Report Reinforces Need For Safe Workplaces: Experts

Former Foreign Affairs Minister Denies He Will Run For Tories

Lawrence Cannon

Megan Follows Confirms What We All Hoped About Jonathan Crombie

Jonathan Crombie Megan Follows
Sullivan Entertainment

DNA Links Ontario Suspect To 1995 Calgary Sex Assault

New B.C. Law Aims To End Service Dog Fraud

Service Dog
GK Hart/Vikki Hart via Getty Images

Police Ask Online Gamers For Clues In B.C. Slaying

Elmer Libertino

Jonathan Crombie, Actor Who Played Gilbert Blythe, Dead At 48

Jonathan Crombie Gilbert Blythe
Sullivan Entertainment

Oilers Win Chance To Pick Once-In-A-Generation Talent

Connor Mcdavid

'There's A Level Of Desperation There That Is Pretty Unfathomable'

Angie Robinson Robert

High-School Teachers To Strike In Toronto-Area Durham District

Teachers Strike

Anti-Uber Montreal Cabbies Target Taxi Two-Timers


Evicted and Abandoned: Inside The World Bank's Broken Promise To Protect The Poor

World Bank
Shane Shifflett / The Huffington Post

Anti-Immigrant Violence Spreads In South Africa


Suspected Speeders Drive Their New Cars Right Over B.C. Cliff

Clover Point
Google Maps

Lift 'Extreme' Secrecy Around RCMP Harassment Case: Lawyer


Aglukkaq: Letter To Provinces On Emissions Targets Wasn't An Attack

Leona Aglukkaq
Sean Kilpatrick/The Canadian Press

Toronto Raptors Fall To Washington Wizards In First Game Of Playoffs

Raptors Playoffs

These Canadian Tech Specs Just Beat Google Glass To Market

Recon Jet
Recon Instruments

More Business
EU vs. Google.. Hillary Blasts CEO Pay.. CEO Slashes Own Pay, Gives Workers $70K

Australia Arrests 5 Teens Suspected Of ISIS-Inspired Terror Plot

Australia Terror
WILLIAM WEST via Getty Images

Canadian Toy Testing Council Sells Off Remaining Toys Before Closing

Canadian Toy Testing Council

More Business
EU vs. Google.. Hillary Blasts CEO Pay.. CEO Slashes Own Pay, Gives Workers $70K

How The World Bank Is Financing Environmental Destruction

World Bank Peru Ifc
Ben Hallman / The Huffington Post

Ex-Tory MP: 'Real Conservatives Support Legal Marijuana'

Canada Marijuana

A Closer Look At The Startling Recovery Of Gordie Howe

Gordie Howe
Dave Sandford via Getty Images

Government To Stop Listing Numbers In Blue Pages Of Phone Books

Phone Book

Feds To Balance Budget A Year Early: Watchdog

Stephen Harper

OOPS! TD Bank Mistake Leads To Customer Wrongly ID'd As Thief

Td Bank
Bloomberg via Getty Images

Here's When The Rest Of The World Elected Their First Female Leaders

Margaret Thatcher Downing Street

Measles Outbreak Linked To Disneyland Is Officially Over

Disneyland Measles
FREDERIC J. BROWN via Getty Images

Key Iraqi Town In Danger Of Falling To ISIS



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Rolling Stones Mobile Studio Will Get New Life In Calgary

Rolling Stones Mighty Mobile
CantosMusic/ Wikimedia Commons

You've Gotta Try These Top Edmonton Bakeries

Duchess Bakery
Duchess Bakery/Facebook

WATCH: Adults Try Spelling Like Fifth Graders

Adult Thinking
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The Celeb Beauty Looks You Need To Try This Spring

Jessica Alba
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WATCH: The Evolution Of Facial Hair

Facial Hair

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Big Boobs
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Masai Ujiri Raptors

Katie Couric Reflects On Her Career And Proudest Achievement

Katie Couric

$4-Million House Built Into Boulders Is Way Nicer Than Flintstones Bungalow

Arizona Boulder House
Arizona Regional MLS

How I Met Your Mayor

Nenshi Nph
Naheed Nenshi/Twitter

28 Completely Different Guac Recipes To Get The Party Started

Guacamole Recipes
Nutrition Stripped

Ryan Reynolds, Vancouver Mayor Get Chummy

Ryan Reynolds Gregor Robertson
Van Mayor's Office Twitter

Couple Married For 73 Years Dies Only Minutes Apart In Separate Homes

Couple 73 Years Dies 2 Mins Apart

21 Canadian TV Shows That Are Overdue For A Comeback

Drew Carey Just Married The Entire 'Price Is Right' Audience

Price Is Right Wedding

Celeb Style Hits And Misses: Kate Kills It, But Kim K..


The Newest Pro-Vaccine Spokesperson Is Definitely The Cutest

Elmo Vaccines
YouTube/Daily Dot

WATCH: How Do You Buy Booze In Canada? Let Us Count The Ways

Getty Images

Victoria Beckham's '90s Ensembles Were Pure Perfection

Dave Hogan via Getty Images

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Spring Beauty Inspo.. Evolution Of Facial Hair.. Kim's 'Kanadian' Tuxedo

Amal Clooney Gets In The Spring Groove

Amal Clooney
Josiah Kamau via Getty Images

These Alternative 'Star Wars' Titles Are Far, Far More Accurate

Star Wars More Accurate Titles
HuffPost Comedy

Olivia Wilde Isn't Apologizing For That Photo Of Her Breastfeeding

Olivia Wilde

Michael Buble Responds To 'Body Shaming' Backlash

Michael Buble
Getty Images

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Spring Beauty Inspo.. Evolution Of Facial Hair.. Kim's 'Kanadian' Tuxedo

Couple Tricked Into Babysitting Kidnapped Toddler

Ronnie Tran

WATCH: Batman v Superman Trailer Is Here

Batman V Superman
Warner Bros.