April 24, 2014

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The Ukraine Crisis Is the Most Irritating Example of How NATO Has Eroded

Nato Ukraine ROBERT MICHAEL via Getty Images

The North Atlantic Treaty Organization was the most successful alliance in world history, as it contained the threat of Soviet imperialism and international communism in the West for 50 years, until the Soviet Union disintegrated, without an exchange of a single pistol shot between the two sides. Today, every two weeks or so, we see a new demonstration of the fruit of weakness and delusional misjudgment in the chancelleries of the West, where formerly, great, or at least consistent and sensible, statesmen ruled. One dares not ask where it will all end, for fear that the logical answer spring from the mists of the unthinkable and legitimize the antics of the Russian gangster-state.

Temporary Foreign Workers Program Moratorium Issued

Jason Kenney

Tory Nomination Battle Gets Nasty

Adams Lishchyna

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Wallin Regrets Paying Back Expenses

Pamela Wallin

LOOK: Gas Prices Have Gone UP

Gas Pump
Tom Merton via Getty Images

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Robocalls Investigation Killed Over Lack Of Evidence

Robocalls Scandal Complaints Canada

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Keystone Debate Summed In 1 Scene

Keystone Xl Protest
Mark Wilson via Getty Images

Nicholson 'Deeply Angered' Over New Military Sex Assault Claims

Rob Nicholson

Women-Designed Workplaces Will Make The World A Better Place

Arianna Huffington

Massive Iceberg Six Times The Size Of Manhattan Breaks Off Of Antarctica


Err.. About That Stagnant Middle Class

Justin Trudeau
JIM WATSON via Getty Images

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Still MIA, But Wants To Be Paid

Alison Redford

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Shutdown Ordered Across Canada

Grand And Toy

Canadians Can Bank On Low Interest

Stephen Poloz

'We Are Forced To React'


Military Drills Near Ukraine Border

CBC Changes Rules After Furor Over Mansbridge's Paid Oil Lobby Speech

Peter Mansbridge Capp Speech

Israel Suspends Peace Talks WIth Palestinians


Toronto Cop Facing Murder Charge Back At Work

James Forcillo

'Super Restricted Duties'

Saudi Arabia Reports 4 More Deaths

Saudi Arabia Mers

Amputated Limbs, Fetal Tissue From B.C. Powered Oregon Homes?

Covanta Marion
Marion County

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VICE Journalist Released Into Hands Of CBC In Ukraine

Simon Ostrovsky
J-Francois Belanger

Police Respond To Men Wielding Meat Cleavers, Axe In Separate Incidents

Meat Cleaver
DNY59 via Getty Images

Ottawa Unveils New 'Shared-Risk' Pension

Canada Money
Shutterstock / crellin

REPORT: Ontario Liberal Insiders Given Millions In Public Funds

Dalton Mcguinty Ontario Liberals

We Are 465 Academics Against the Fair Elections Act

Fair Elections Act Pierre

New York-Montreal Bagel War Truce?

Montreal Bagels New York
Black Seed Bakery/Facebook

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WATCH: How To Handle A Drunk Driver, Russian Style

Russian Drunk Driver

Justin Bieber Reportedly Questioned At LAX

Justin Bieber
Kevin Winter via Getty Images

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A Brief History Of White Guys Singing Songs Like This

5 Seconds Of Summer
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Your Big Penis Isn't Making Your Partner Happy

Big Penis Cheating
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This Majestic Mansion Just Can't Sell


Big Change For Final 'Hobbit' Film

Hobbit Press Image

Would You Like A Private Jet With Your Hotel Room?

Four Seasons Jet
Four Seasons

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Kate Middleton's Sombre Outfit

Kate Middleton
WPA Pool via Getty Images

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10 Things You Should Freaking Love About Cauliflower

Benefits Of Cauliflower
Inti St. Clair via Getty Images

B.C. Fir Officially Canada's 2nd Largest!

Big Lonely Doug
TJ Watt

Avril On Racism Claims: 'LOLOLOL!!!'

Avril Lavigne Hello Kitty
Avril Lavigne

Period-Friendly Panties Are A Thing

Thinx Underwear

Do You Think You're Canada's Smartest Person?

Canadas Smartest Person

'Garbage' Art Trashed In Saskatoon

Garbage Art Saskatoon

Vintage Babs Is STUNNING

Barbra Streisand
Getty Images

Hitting The Beach With His Girl

Splash News

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