August 20, 2014

Why I Oppose Anti-Semitism

Russell Brand Russell Brand

My support of the petition has been attacked as anti Semitic. I understand anti Semitism to be a hatred of Jews, the denial of the right for Jews to have a homeland, the denial of the horrors of the last century and the plight of the Jewish people throughout history. This is obviously not my position, anti Semitism, Islamaphobia and homophobia are all prejudices that I resolutely reject, like any right-minded person. In the context of the accusation that I face anti Semitism must be taken to mean opposing big businesses making profit from violence against Palestinian people.

Obama: There Is 'No Place' For ISIS This Century

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Liberals Thinking Really, Really Big For 2015 Election


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Man Killed In St. Louis Officer-Involved Shooting ID'd

Officer Involved Shooting St Louis

Tears For Sears

Sears Canada
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Tory Minister: Trudeau Comments 'Blind Rage-Inducing'

Michelle Rempel

Housing Market Will Cool Down If Interest Rates Rise In 2015: RBC

House For Sale

Ford Says OK To Drug, Alcohol Tests

Rob Ford

.. On One Condition

8 Retailers At Risk Of Disappearing From Canada

Trudeau's Liberals Bet Big On Alberta

Justin Trudeau

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Chow Campaign On Damage Control Over Racialized Remarks

'We Bit Off Way Too Much Too Early'

Target Canada

Nova Scotia Politician's Halal Hot Dog Prayer Cooks Up Controversy

Patricia Arab

'An Extraordinary Son'

James Foley

Horrifying Discovery Made In Texas

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Ferguson Police
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Slum Sealed Off To Stop Ebola

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Baird's Tweets Trigger Investigation

Baird 1

Armstrong Admits He Would Still Be Lying If His Cheating Wasn't Exposed

Lance Armstrong Yellow

Harper Has Big Plans For The North

Stephen Harper North

Canadians Prefer Him For Prime Minister: Poll

Justin Trudeau
Arthur Mola/Invision/AP

'Once You Step Over The Border, It Doesn't Matter Who You Are'

James Foley

Prof Accused Of Taping Students

James Rupert Ubc
Martin Dee/UBC

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Ontario Should Pulverize Its Monopoly On Booze Sales, Study Says

Lcbo Gift Cards Kids

North Korea Mocks John Kerry

John Kerry
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Israeli Airstrikes Kill 11, Including Hamas Leader's Wife And Son

Gaza War
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Man Jailed For HuffPost Blog Files Lawsuit Against Bureau Of Prisons

Daniel Mcgowan
Jenny Synan

Government Memo Criticized Top Biologist For Oilsands Comments

Canada Tar Sands

Why Elephant Poaching Is Rampant

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Pictures Reveal Incredible Devastation In Hiroshima After Deadly Landslide

JIJI PRESS via Getty Images

Mulcair: Tories Want To Cut Health Care, Politicize Pot Debate

Thomas Mulcair

Legendary Yoga Guru Dies

Bks Iyengar
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Daniel Radcliffe Loves Toronto More Than You

The F Word
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The Hottest Ice Bucket Challenge Yet

Nina Dobrev
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I Accept That My Husband Has Other Lovers

Husband Watch Football
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How Bryan Adams Really Feels About Gaza Crisis

Bryan Adams Twitter Gaza Crisis

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WATCH: The Internet Really Wants A Makeover For This Guy

Trivago Guy

Johnny Depp's Daughter Is Following In His Footsteps

Johnny Depp
Richard Shotwell/Invision/AP

Here's Why Harry Potter Erotica Is More Realistic Than Most Porn

Brenna Twohy
YouTube / Button Poetry

Every Stretching Exercise You'll Ever Need

Stretching Exercises
Sahra Esmonde-White

'Amazing Race Canada' Recap: French Toast (SPOILERS)

Amazing Race Canada Season 2 Episode 7

WATCH: Looking For Dinosaur Eggs In Alberta

Dinosaur Egg

This 1950s Photo Essay On Racism In America Is As Relevant As Ever


10 Make-Ahead Marvels For A Tasty Lunch

LOOK: What Models Actually Eat

Models Eat

The Most Important Thing You Can Do Before Going To Bed

Woman Going To Bed
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'It Feels Like It's Getting Worse And Very Nasty'

Jennifer Aniston
Doug Peters/Doug Peters

Watch Nicki Minaj Give Drake The Lapdance Of His Life (NSFW)

Nicki Minaj Anaconda Video

Denies Crimes At Beverly Hills Hotel

Singer Ray J
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All The Planets, Aligned In One Beautiful Picture


Teen 'Human Barbie' Claims She Doesn't Use Photoshop

Lolita Richi
Lolita Richi/VK

The Most Gorgeous University Campuses In Canada

Beautiful University Campus
Western University

This Is the Most Insane Motorcycle Crash Ever


When Menstruation Is a Dirty Word, Girls Lose Out

Girls Menstruation
AFP via Getty Images

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